60 Species of Game on World-Class Ranch Texas #292

60 Species of Game on World-Class Ranch Texas #292

dsc02721-600x400-300x200  This ranch is and has been a premier hunting ranch for over 50 years. It sits on the edge of the Texas Hill Country about an hour west of San Antonio. Over all those years, the ranch has strives to constantly improve genetics and add new species rarely found in other places. The result is that many other game ranches come to this ranch to buy game and breeding stock for their own facilities! So when you hunt here, you are hunting with the very best bloodlines and trophy quality. In fact they have over 60 species of game from around 80 countries! If you want record book quality- look no further- the competition buys their premiere animals here!!


One of our favorites is the Nilgai- big blue bulls that are tough to put down but provide succulent table fare in vast quantities when taken. Fill the freezer with a blue bull- then shoot some fun stuff!

And if world class hunting were not enough- the lodging and the atmosphere is much like an African safari. They have 8 private lodge cabins plus a main Lodge. In the main lodge there is gourmet dining, an open bar and a wonderful lounge replete with numerous trophies form all over the world.

ted_alain_0641-600x400-300x200  Ted Nugent says of his many trips here:
“Quality of life pivots upon quality people, places and adventures. My American Dream has always been the pursuit of ultimate quality in everything I do and my hunting experiences here with the owner and crew is world class hunting every time. Everything about the operation is the best of the best. Professional, knowledgeable, experienced and attentive guides and staff, great food and accommodations and just an overall real McCoy hunting camp atmosphere. Breathtaking trophy big game seems to be everywhere!”

Species seen here run from A (addax) to Z (Zebra) and everywhere in between. Bison, Aoudad, Oryx of various species, Bongo, Cape Buffalo, blackbuck, various gazelles, Axis, Fallow, Barasingha, Red sheep, kudu, Markhor – the list of species is like a trip around the world, but without the days of travelling!
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You pay a separate fee for the guiding, meals and lodging. That fee is a per hunter fee of $400 per person for 1×1 hunting and single occupancy, or $300 per person for 2×1 hunting and double occupancy. Non-hunting observers are $175/night. So a 3-day, 2 night stay for two hunters would be $1200, plus the trophy fees below. The privilege is you will see game species you may never ever again see in your entire lifetime – a real treat just to see them!

Addax $6,500              Himalayan Tahr $5,000
Alpine Ibex $20,000       Hog Deer $3,500
American Bison Bull $8,500      Impala $5,500
American Bison Cow N/A       Iranian Red Sheep $2,500
Aoudad Ram $3,500           Kudu $10,000
Arabian Oryx $6,500           Markhor $12,500
Armenian Mouflon $2,750           Muntjac $3,500
Axis Buck $3,000            Nile Lechwe $10,000
Axis Doe $500            Nilgai $4,500
Barasingha $4,500             Nubian Ibex $12,000
Blackbuck $3,000           Nyala $10,000
Blesbok $5,500            Pere David’s Deer $7,500
Bongo $35,000                Red Stag Deer $5,000-$15,000
Cape Buffalo $50,000            Roan $15,000
Catalina Goat $750             Rusa Deer $3,500
Common Lechwe $5,000            Sable $12,500
Corsican Ram $1,500              Scimitar Horned Oryx $5,000
Dama Gazelle $8,500           Springbok $5,000
Dybowski Sika $5,000              Sika Deer $2,750
Eland $6,500            Sitatunga $10,000
Eld’s Deer $7,500            Texas Dall Ram $1,500
Elk Bull $6,000-$8,500               Thomson Gazelle $5,500
European Mouflon $3,500              Transcaspian Urial Ram $10,000
Fallow Buck $5,000             Waterbuck $5,000
Fallow Doe $500              Water Buffalo Bull $4,500
Four Horn Ram $2,000          Water Buffalo Cow $1,250
Gemsbok $6,500         Wildebeest $5,000
Grant’s Gazelle $7,500          Watusi $3,500
Hawaiian Black Ram $1,500          Zebra $4,000
Whitetail Buck $2,000-$15,500      Whitetail Doe $200

2020 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received)


$400 per person, per night for 1×1 hunting and single occupancy, or $300 per person per night for 2×1 hunting and double occupancy. Includes guiding, meals, lodging and airport pickup. Trophy fees for animals harvested is extra. Caping/skinning, processing of meat, shipping, and taxidermy are not included in the trophy fee. Wounded game, as determined by the guide, is charged the same as a kill. Observers are $175/night. Children are $75-$125/night depending upon age. A minimum of a 3-day/2-night trip is recommended on all exotics hunts.


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