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Big-brownie-300x200  This outfitter can offer you a once in a lifetime hunt in Alaska for one species or for several species.  He has spring and fall grizzly hunts and has been 100% successful.  He does most of the guiding himself. Fair chase hunts are extremely important to this outfitter.  You’ll stay in a modern house with a log furnace, slate floors, hot showers and private baths. Very nice and Lake Clark is right nearby.

Hunters have taken moose well over 60”and reaching up to 77”!  A reasonable expectation would be 60-65” and better. He receives a fixed allocation of tags and the client would not need to draw. He recently took the all time #3 moose B&C.

They can offer excellent  logistics with flights arriving into Base Camp and then by Argo, Super Cub or Boat into spike camps. Some hunts can be considered boat hunts or Argo hunts and they take special requests such as this quite often for older hunter or handicapped hunters. They can even arrange staying in heated cabins.

They will retrieve your Moose by any means possible, such as Super Cub, Argo, raft, boat, canoe, or by foot and with pack dogs. A harvested moose can come to a final resting spot in any terrain and they have the abilities to efficiently transport it back to camp.

It’s a great idea to ask your spouse, son or hunting friend to come along on this trip and either hunt or stay back at the lodge in Lake Clark for outdoor activities planned there. Also a good combination is to add a few days of fishing to the hunt before or after the hunt. One of their camps also has some saltwater fishing available during the hunt.

Moose hunts are conducted in September and they put great effort into all aspects of your moose hunt, from gear and equipment to planning and scouting. You are able to combine fishing, duck hunting, bear hunting and some Alaskan sight seeing to fill in the total experience.

 Alaskan weather can be harsh to say the least so their tents are extremely durable and heated as needed.  Cabin sites are very comfortable and add a welcome respite between tent camping.

Their Peninsula camp allows the Argo to be used and it is a great form of transportation as it floats  and crawls through almost anything. They  use both calling and spot and stalk methods and most of the moose season has open dates that open just as the bulls are beginning to rut.










Calling a large Alaskan bull moose right in close on a hunt is an extraordinary experience made even more so by the grilling of a moose back strap after the hunt. Many hunter feel moose is the finest wild meat there is.

Home cooked meals are delectable with breathtaking views of the lake from the cabins. You may well see abundant wildlife with the caribou wandering through on their migration and bears eating berries nearby. Hunts include: accommodations, meals, guides, skinning, trophy care, transportation of meat and antlers and capes from the hunting area to base.  Not included: license and tags, gratuities and personal gear. 

“All in all I rate the hunt exceptional; preparation by the outfitter was unparalleled, exceptionally organized, and everything went smoothly. I’ve never completed a hunt in the first hour of the first day. I enjoyed my guide Joe B. and would hunt again with him any time as I would with any of the outfitters guides. I recommend their services as exceptional.  I killed an excellent moose, my companions killed an exceptional moose, and all hunters in camp got a moose. I booked the hunt 2 years prior and was contacted regularly and kept up to date on equipment. There were no problems due to proper planning, organization, and hard work. I have hunted around the world and there was no hunt better than this.” – Jim E.   

“When I arrived at the moose camp it was just as described it… a nice tent location just below a hill, with only a short distance to walk for a sweeping view of the country for miles. The morning came quickly, but we were up and ready well before it was light enough to see. After glassing  the east slope produced nothing, we went to the other side of the hill. It wasn’t but two minutes before we spotted a cow moose and then out of nowhere he appeared, and even from a mile away he looked big. We watched for only a few moments, and already my heart started thumping He was apart from his cow so he was on the move up the draw after her. We dropped back behind the ridge and basically ran to cut them off. It took about thirty minutes, but we finally reached a little rise across the creek from their last location.  We spotted his horns above the alders but didn’t have a clear shot, so I called and he came right out of the brush. Ranging him, he was still 400 yards away, too far.. Just as he was getting ready to be gone for good, we took the only shot he would give us. Slowly, the bull started to sway like a tree in the wind. It seemed like an eternity before he finally crumpled. The outfitter flew in with extra help and also found a closer  landing spot. We taped him at 67”.  Micah N. 



Spike Tent Camp                                 $25,500 (8 days)

                                                                    $26,500 (10 days)


Bear Hunt with small cabin               $26,500 (8days)

                                                                       $27,500 (10 days)


Pacific Bay Bear Lodge                        $28,500 (8 days)

Cabin, Argo &boat Hunt                      $29,500 (10 days)


Fall hunts are odd years (2015, 2017, 2019) 9/30-10/9, 10/4-10/15, 10/9-10/20

Spring hunts are even years (2016, 2018, 2020) 5/9-5/20, 5/11-5/20, 5/20-5/31


Peninsula Bear Stonewood Lodge    $17,500 (8 days)

Swiftwater Camp (inland)                   $16,500 (8 days)

Fall dates 8/19-28, 8/26-9/4

 Non-Hunter fee                                        $6,500

If hunting wolf and fishing                  $8,500


Additional  Fees

Air Charter                                 About $1850 R/T

US Resident              Hunting Licenses $85, Bear Tag $500

Non US Resident     Hunting Licenses $300, Bear Tag 650

Fishing Licenses                 $20 to $80  

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Brooks Range Dall Sheep     8/8-8/17, 8/17-8/24  $21,500 (add Caribou $5,000, Grizzly $6,000)

Alaska Range Camp Dall Sheep 8/24-9/2    $21,500 (add Grizzly $3,00, Black Bear $1,500, Moose $8,500)  

Canadian /Fannin   8/1-8/10, 8/12-8/21         $21,500 (add Caribou $5,500, Grizzly $6,000)

Caribou 2X1                                                      $11,000

Grizzly Bear                                                      $15,500

All Spices 20 days                                           $39,500 (Moose Trophy Fee $3,000)


Additional Fees

Non-hunter                                                     $6,500

Charter split among all hunters about       $1,800 R/T

 US Resident              Hunting Licenses $85, Bear Tag $500, sheep $245, Caribou $325, Moose $500, Wolf $30

Non US Resident     Hunting Licenses $300, Bear Tag 650, Sheep $550, Caribou $425, Moose $500, Wolf $50


                                          MOOSE HUNT PRICES LIST

Swift Water Camp      Sept. 4-16                      $23,500 (Trophy Fees Moose (Float Plane, Jet Boat, raft, canoe)   $3,000, Bear $7,000) 11 Day Hunt   

Peninsula Moose         Sept. 17-26                    $26,500 (Trophy Fee $3,000) 9 Days (foot, and Argo)

Horseback Moose        Aug. 30 to Sept. 10     $21,500 (add caribou $5,500, Grizzly $8,000) 9 Day Hunt    

Canadian Moose          Sept. 25- Oct. 10         $21,500 (add caribou $5,500, Horseback Grizzly $8,000) 9 Day Hunt

Wolf Hunt                     Sept. 26- Oct 4              $11,5000

All Species                       20 Day hunt                $39,500 (Moose Trophy Fee $3,000) 


Charter split among all hunters about       $1,800 R/T

 US Resident              Hunting Licenses $85, Bear Tag $500, sheep $245

                                        Caribou $325, Moose $500, Wolf $30

Non US Resident     Hunting Licenses $300, Bear Tag 650, Sheep $550

                                        Caribou $425, Moose $500, Wolf $50



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