When we started doing our research to investigate this outfitter’s track record, we were extremely impressed by the overwhelming positive feedback from previous clients, especially ones that were hunting the West for the very first time. And considering he has over 30 years of experience as an outfitter, and has countless thousands of acres to hunt (mostly private land), we think our clients will be equally impressed.
“This was my first Western hunting trip. I selected this outfitter because during my 12 months of researching, guides he was the most interested in talking and communicating with me about a potential hunt. Everyone else just shared prices and that was it. He also showed a lot of patience to my ignorance by offering tons of advice and what to expect. I booked a two-person antelope hunt and we were 100% successful”. – Jon P.

Although they have a lot of land to hunt already, they are constantly searching for more quality leases, and all of their hunts have a limited number of hunters so they can concentrate more on quality than quantity and strive to harvest the largest animals possible. They do not run any hunts or camps with 10 to 15 hunters present, as that isn’t what they consider a quality, personalized experience. All of their Wyoming hunts are strictly fair-chase and in accordance with the laws and rules of not just the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, but also the Boone & Crockett and Pope & Young Clubs. All are also very high success.
Hunting lands are scouted thoroughly to determine what areas have the best trophy potential, and all of their guides will hunt hard every day, from the first minute of the first day to the last minute of the last day, providing you the highest quality service to help you harvest your trophy.
“During my antelope hunt we could have tagged out on the first day. However, the guide kept saying “that one’s a weenie, we can do better.” To us, all antelope looked the same, and he could have easily taken advantage of that and made an easy trip for himself. He however kept us hunting for the full three days until we each had a trophy to be proud of.” – Jon P.
“I planned and booked my second Wyoming hunt with him two years ago. I followed his advice from my first hunt and concentrated on a single species: antelope. I had a buck and doe tag. I filled both in one day. I saw close to 300 antelope in that single day. I cannot say enough positive things about this entire experience. The guides were superb and provided several nice antelope from which to select. I took a very nice buck with a single shot at 300 yards. The guides made sure that I was satisfied with the target and said we could keep looking if I was not. I had passed on one earlier in the morning. The care of the antelope and the trophy portions was excellent. I had some excellent tasting meat when I got home.” – Clyde K.
There’s no better place in the world to hunt pronghorn antelope than Wyoming, and this outfitter hunts areas that have no shortage of “speed goats”. He hunts Areas 8, 9, 11, 22, 29, 34, 61, 75, 76 and 103 in eastern and central Wyoming. Hunts are conducted mainly on large private ranches, but he also offers hunts in the famed “Red Desert” in Carbon County, which is renowned for its trophy antelope. He offers hunts with both archery and rifle, with success rates running about 100%, and bucks averaging 13”-14.5” (perhaps a bit bigger on the Red Desert hunts).

On archery antelope hunts, they position hunters for the day in blinds or stands overlooking waterholes and then sit back and let nature take its course. If weather conditions are good, the antelope will come to the waterhole. Some bowhunters comment that the guides don’t do that much work on these hunts, but that’s because most of the work, research and set up is done BEFORE the actual hunt. The hunters do not see or sometimes understand how many hours and how much research goes into setting a hunter up on the right waterhole.

Gun hunts are by spot & stalk, and hunters are strongly encouraged to practice shooting from both prone and sitting positions, as about 90% of shots are taken that way. A fore-end mounted bi-pod (Harris makes a great one) can be a wise addition to your rig.

One of the nice things about hunting antelope in Wyoming is that the abundance of animals allows hunters who can’t get around as well as they once could to still have a good chance of success. This outfitter is especially sensitive to this, and can in some areas provide physically challenged hunters with a good, quality hunt. They will use ground blinds, stands, and plywood “shooting shacks” in areas that have a lot of animal traffic. In this situation the animals are coming to or passing by you, so you have to be patient and have a “stick to it” attitude. The hunter can have a guide sit with them, or they can sit by themselves. We suggest that hunters with mobility problems be reasonable about what they expect to harvest, but this outfitter will do his best to accommodate you.


This outfitter also offers both archery and rifle hunts for trophy whitetails, with success close to 100% on 130”-150” bucks (Wyoming is a sleeper for whitetails!). These hunts take place on private land in Regions B, C and J in the eastern half of the State. Hunting is mainly from blinds/stands, but maybe also some spot & stalk. Rifle hunters are again encouraged to practice shooting prone and sitting, and to always make good use of a rest.

This outfitter also offers a VERY limited number (he took only 5 hunters last year) of quality bull elk hunts in General License Areas, as well as in super-low quota Area 118 (takes 7-8 preference points to draw). He offers both archery (September 1-30) and rifle hunts (September 1-November 30). These hunts mainly utilize blinds and stands over waterholes and wallows, but they do some spot & stalk and calling as well. All 5 General License hunters tagged good bulls in 2017, and they averaged around 300”, with the biggest going 350”! Again, these elk hunts are hard to come by, so speak to us very early if interested.

2022 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received; meals and lodging NOT included)


  • Private Land Archery (August 15 to September 30) – $2,195 for 5 days
  • Private Land Firearms (September 10 to October 31) – $1,995 for 3 days
  • “Big Country” Firearms Hunt (October 1-15) – $2,195 for 3 days

Limited to 12 hunters on 110,000 private acres, and 1 buck taken for every 13 square miles (and easier draw)

  • Red Desert Unit 61 Archery (August 15 to September 6) – $2,495 for 5 days; $2,995 for 6 days
  • Red Desert Unit 61 Firearms (September 7 to October 31) – $2,495 for 3 days

(In some areas a doe may be added for $100. Preference Points will be needed to draw most hunts) 


  • Private Land Firearms Whitetail Deer (October 1 to November 30) – $3,995 for 4 days

Add an antelope for $1,495. Add a Merriam’s turkey for $750


  • Private Land Archery (September 1-30) – $6,495 for 6 days
  • Private Land Firearms (October 1 to November 30) – $6,495 for 5 days

Add an antelope for $1,495, a Merriam’s turkey for $750, or a deer (price varies)

Pure Merriam’s Turkey:

  • Private Land Semi-Guided Firearms or Archery (April 1 to May 20) – $1,095 for 3 days (1 bird)

License is over-the-counter (success is usually 100%).

Prairie Dog:

  • Private Land (June 1 to July 31) – $250/day per person (2 days recommended; bring lots of ammo!)

No license required

ALL PRICES BASED ON 2×1 GUIDING, except archery antelope which may be 3×1; $150/day extra for 1×1 guiding. There is no charge for non-hunters/observers (which is very rare), but realize that the hunt and the hunter are the priority, so don’t expect the hunting guide to play tour guide for non-hunters.
Guiding, all land access fees, in-field transportation, field-dressing of game, quick breakfast, lunch in the field.
Accommodations, dinners, license fees, meat processing/donation fees, taxidermy, travel to/from home, gratuities.
A 50% deposit is required upon booking, payable to Hunt Nation. The balance is due upon arrival (no personal checks). THERE IS NO REFUND OR PRICE ADJUSTMENT FOR LATE ARRIVALS, EARLY DEPARTURES, CANCELLATIONS, OR “NO SHOWS” FOR ANY TRIP.
Nearly all Wyoming big game licenses are by draw. Most of the hunts offered by this outfitter are a guaranteed draw or require just a single preference point or less (when averaged in a group application) to draw. This outfitter knows the Wyoming draw system intimately, and he prefers to personally submit the applications on behalf of his clients to ensure they are done properly and to maximize the chances of drawing. We, however, always suggest purchasing Wyoming preference points each year. They only cost $31-$52, are available online through Wyoming Game and Fish each year from July 1 to October 31, and they can really give you a lot of flexibility in planning future hunts.
Elk applications are due by January 31 of each year, and antelope and deer by May 31 of each year. If you are unsuccessful in the license drawings, you have the option of: having your deposit(s) returned to you, OR apply your deposit to another available current season hunt or a hunt for next year at this season’s price. If you have booked a combination hunt and you only draw one species, you have the option of either applying all of your deposit monies to the hunt for the one species, OR requesting the return of your full deposit amount. Keep in mind that all refunds of license fees for unsuccessful applications are issued by the Wyoming Game and Fish, and neither Hunt Nation nor the outfitter can issue refunds for that.
As with many Western hunts, these are all “town” hunts, with hunters staying at a motel close to where you will be hunting, at your own expense. The outfitter provides a quick Continental breakfast (breakfast burritos, bananas, donuts and other stuff that can be heated quickly) and a hearty lunch “bucket” in the field, but dinner is your responsibility. The outfitter has negotiated special rates for clients with a number of local motels. Be sure to ask for a list, and it is up to you to make your own reservations.
Drive or fly to Denver and drive to the designated location in Wyoming from there, or fly into the Wyoming airport nearest to your hunting area and the outfitter will pick you up from there for free.