Australia Buffalo Hunt #174

Australia Buffalo Hunt #174

This long time New Zealand guiding operation has recently expanded into Australia, with a strong emphasis on water buffalo; banteng, rusa and sambar. They also have scrub bulls (fun) some huge boar and more. They have just purchased a huge ranch- something over 350,000 acres!! It is in the fabled Northern Territory several hours from Katherine. Several of the top 10 SCI buff have been taken here in the past. A new lodge was built, suitable for both hunters and non-hunters. To get there, fly to Darwin. Season runs from May to September (their seasons are 6months reversed from ours). We think being among the first to hunt this ranch will pay you dividends size wise.


We like the fact that they are long established outfitters in New Zealand, with a solid track record–and we like that they will personally be involved for several months (June/July) of the season, while their foreman will handle the operation at other times. The northern Territory is and has been the place to hunt buff for some time and has been written about repeatedly. What you do is fly into Sydney (in the extreme south of Australia) or fly into Brisbane, and from there fly up to Darwin in the North, where you overnight at your cost. Because they do laundry daily, much like Africa, you need only a two sets of African style bush clothing, and you are ready to go. As to firearms, we think a .375 Mag is best; anything smaller is not in our opinion adequate. For the deer type species, the normal 30-06 type deer or elk rifle will do just fine. We have an equipment list- just ask us for it!


1X1 guided Buffalo hunt $10,000 Price includes daily rates (5 days hunting /2days travling) 2X1 guided Buffalo hunt $9,000 Price includes daily rates(5 days hunting/2 days travling)
Second Buffalo- ONLY $4,000!!

COMBO HUNT: buff, scrub bull and boar— 2X1– only $10,00!! 1X1 only $11,000!!
Wild scrub bull $1000; Trophy boar $850; Banteng $8500; Rusa $4500; Sambar $5000; Javan or Moluccan Rusa $3000; Axis deer $2500; Hog deer $5000.

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