Big Mountain Lions Nevada #308

Big Mountain Lions Nevada #308

NV-308-big-tom-225x300  The Nevada Department of Wildlife records reflect that this outfitter consistently harvests more trophy mountain lions than any other guide service in the State, and they are renowned as one of the most successful mountain lion guides in the world.

These affordable mountain lion hunts are personalized to each individual client’s needs and desires, and the guides are professional and personable in every way. This outfitter takes a select number of serious sportsmen and women each year. Their goal is to keep each hunt 1×1 (1 guide per hunter) or 2×1 (2 guides per hunter) and to make each hunt as memorable and as successful as possible.

NV-308-what-a-cat-225x300  One of the most notable things about mountain lion hunting in Nevada is they can hunt at NIGHT! Yes, if this outfitter cuts a good track at 4 in the morning or 5 at night, they will let the dogs out on him. No waiting for daylight or the next morning like in other states!

For most mountain lion guide services, mountain lion hunting is a part-time occupation to go along with their deer, elk, sheep and other big game hunts. But this outfitter chooses to master the art of high-success mountain lion hunting, versus trying to be a jack-of-all-trades. It’s all they do!

This is what you can expect on one of these hunts:

The day typically starts by waking up at 4:00 AM and leaving camp or town by 5:00 AM. Each client has his or her own guide with a pack of 10-12 seasoned hounds fitted with GPS tracking collars, horses/mules and/or side-by-side 4×4 truck equipped with 2-way UHF radios for communication. The guide will begin looking for lion tracks that have crossed two-track trails, ranching and mining roads, or horse and game trails that cross-cut the large mountain ranges that these large predators call home. Once the guide or the hounds find the track, the guide will determine age of track and size and sex of the animal and will decide if it’s an animal you should pursue or not. Most weeks there are two hunters in camp for the week, possibly three hunters.

After the first animal is harvested, all efforts of the guides and their hounds, horses and equipment will be focused on getting the second hunter an animal. This becomes a team effort and allows them to harvest large numbers of exceptional lions over the decades of hunting they have under their belts.

NV-308-another-big-lion-225x300  Whether it be snow or dry-ground conditions, they are consistent in harvesting large numbers of trophy toms, even in the most difficult conditions. This is due to the thousands of hours afield they invest in pursuit of these animals; exceptionally driven and talented dogs that have been selectively bred for to conquer even the most difficult scenting conditions and terrain with ease; and the guides’ ability to handle any situation that may arise, earned through years of experience in pursuit of these incredibly tough animals.

Snow hunts typically run from November 15-March 31, and dry ground hunts can be conducted year-round.

2019 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received)

7-day hunts are $6,500 per person 1×1. A 50% deposit is required to secure a booking.

All hunts are one on one, so you always have your own professional mountain lion guide equipped with 4×4 pickup truck, pack of hounds, side-by-side and or horses/mules, and you never have to share a guide. FOR HUNTERS BORN AFTER 1960, A HUNTER SAFETY OR HUNTER EDUCATION CERTIFICATE IS REQUIRED.


• Non-Resident Hunting License (approx. $155) and Non-Resident Mountain Lion Tag (approx. $104)
• Meals
• Accommodations

NV-308-huge-lion-225x300  Hunters will be responsible for motel accommodations in the nearest town, and most meals. The towns will range from the Idaho border to north of Las Vegas, depending on the weather conditions and amount of lions they are finding. The three most common locales are Wells, Ely, and Pioche, Nevada.

2019/2020 DATES:
There are scattered openings from mid-November 2019 through to the end of March, 2020. Please ask for update to date availability. Short-notice hunts and last minute hunts are also possible. Just ask us for openings.