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Eastern Saskatchewan Whitetails #15

Eastern Saskatchewan Whitetails #15

The new owner bought this outfit – (2015) from an outfitter that we had done business with for 15 years. Nothing will change — it will still be the same great hunt for quality whitetail deer and outstanding Black Bear. The new owner is a quality person and will continue to run this outfit as a small, family operation with good home-cooked meals with an emphasis on quality over quantity hunting. The outfitter will have 24 baited deer stands at any given time, but only takes five to six deer hunters per week. This insures that there are plenty of active stands for each group of hunters. They scout (using trail cams) and replenishing the baits while you are hunting. If you’re not seeing game, the outfitter will move you to an active, hot stand. Very low hunting pressure combined with plenty of agriculture in the area means there’s all the ingredients to produce big animals.

The camp is a modern log lodge where meals and bull sessions take place. There’s no smoking inside of any of the buildings, thereby insuring a scent-free environment. The outfitter hunts Zones 49 and 59 located Quality hunting and fishing trips in the U.S., Alaska, Russia, Canada, Africa, Mongolia, China, South America northeast of Saskatoon, not far from the Manitoba border and the famed Carrot River. This area differs from far northern Saskatchewan, because here you are on the fringe of the boreal forest, with plenty of agriculture around, providing great deer and bear habitat and hunting. This is about the only area in Saskatchewan where Americans can hunt near agriculture! About 1200 acres is their own private ground, managed for deer and agriculture; while the rest (16,000 acres) is crown land for their exclusive hunting concession. This is a plus as the private agricultural ground helps attract and hold deer, bear and waterfowl all year round. They transport you by Truck, ATV and Snowmobiles into the area, and then they will walk you into your stand. All during your hunt they will continue to scout for new hot spots, plus they monitor all their trail cams and their other stand locations, all while keeping their Prime locations pre-baited and in great shape. They have some enclosed and heated stands for your comfort. (Heat is used when needed)(Heat is not available with the stands in the Provincial forest.) We like the fact that they are in a One Deer Zone- helping the age structure to stay good and beneficial to growing older deer. Hunts start around Nov 1 and run into first week of December covering the entire rutting period. Everyone has their own theory of best times to hunt the rut. Some like pre-rut on the theory bucks are easier to pattern then. Others like the rut for the wide-ranging buck movements. Some savvy hunters prefer the post-rut for bucks still looking for does. And many others feel Thanksgiving usually marks the peak breeding and chasing time. The late hunts occur when most does have been bred, forcing bucks to move a lot. One thing that everyone does agree on is the colder the better. When it gets cold bucks must chow down on the bait piles; and they also are moving around more. Temperatures above zero seem to generally retard movements. These deer have heavy, heavy coats. You want those sub-zero temperatures! Bow hunting is in its infancy and should be awesome.





Rifle – DEER HUNTS This outfitter’s hunts are very reasonably priced at $3,600. You’ll find that most quality SK hunts are much more, but you’re not likely to find any better. This outfitter really wants hunters to be able to hunt for a modest sum. They have told us that. Your package includes your license and the Canadian GST (goods and service tax). This is one of the best deals in Saskatchewan! The outfitter will field dress and skin your game for you. Monster bucks in the 170- to 180-inch range are taken every year. The kill rate typically averages in the 75% range, but about 70% of their business is return customers looking for Mr. Big so some guys choose go home empty handed holding out for a true giant. Bucks in the 135- to 155-inch class are average and a few lucky hunters will tag much larger bucks. Warm weather will retard deer movement, but expect cold temperatures, deer on the move and big bucks. Archery Deer Hunts – $2850 -6 days fully guided meals and Lodging. Archery Deer Hunts – $2850 -6days fully guided meals and Lodging.   

2017: Black Bear Hunts: The outfitter offers exceptional spring bear hunting for better-than-average bruins. A few years ago a client took a 544-pound boar with a bow! Plenty of color- phase bruins including chocolate, cinnamon, and blonde. The outfitter takes a very limited number of bear hunters. Combine that with the fact the bear population is high, add to that the fact that size is well above average, add in nearly 100% opportunity to harvest a mature bear and you have the ingredients of an outstanding hunt. NOW- Add to this the fact that the price is a very reasonable $2,400 and that includes your license and the GST tax! We like this hunt and this outfitter’s operation a lot! May/June is good for bear. Everyone we have sent here over the last dozen years has killed a good bear. The trail cams prove that there are plenty of bears to choose from. They run a Six Day Guided Black Bear Hunt (Monday – Saturday). They take a maximum of 5 Bear Hunters a week; and often only 1 or 2 are in camp! Spring Bear Hunting Season runs the months of May & June. You will hunt black bear on a specially allocated outfitting area (Approx. 12000 acres) in the Forest and Fringe area.

Sask-15-Big-Bear-Pix-209x300  INCLUDED: The black bear hunting guided package includes guiding to and from well placed baited stands, home cooked meals, accommodations, all license fees, all taxes, and complementary capeing of your trophies. Not included: Flight costs, transportation to and from camp to airport, gun/bow, ammunition, hunting cloths, personal items (such as soap, etc..). To secure your black bear guided hunting bookings, please contact us as early as possible. Booking will be   confirmed by your deposit. A 50% deposit is due at time of booking, plus the remainder is due on arrival in camp (non-refundable). All deposits are non-refundable. Certified checks, money order, or cash only. MISC. INFO: You must fly or drive to Saskatoon and rent a car. Budget is a good rental choice, BUT CALL THEIR LOCAL OFFICE TO GET BEST PRICES FOR HUNTERS. Drive about three hours to the camp. Outfitter will supply a detailed map. No Sunday hunting in Saskatchewan, so arrive on a Sunday and leave on a Quality hunting and fishing trips in the U.S., Alaska, Russia, Canada, Africa, Mongolia, China, South America IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you have a DUI, a domestic restraining order for violence, or a criminal record, you may be denied entry into Canada with a firearm. There is an agency we use who regularly deals with these issues, and if you are up front about the problem they often can obtain permission. Don’t procrastinate. Talk to us here at Hunt Nation and we will assist you and you can discuss it privately. You currently need this documentation to enter Canada:  A current passport;  A US Customs form 4457 for your gun (A simple form easily obtained- ask us.)  A firearms application (we can supply it).


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