Executive Hunting Lodge in Tennessee #242

Executive Hunting Lodge in Tennessee #242

This is a very unique resort and lodge situated on 2,000 acres in the southeastern portion of the US, in Tennessee. They have a ten bedroom and ten bathroom main lodge, and a huge luxury cabin with 6 bedrooms and 6.5 baths and two kitchens. What is really of interest here are both the amenities and the hunting. They have some awesome boar hunting, plus have deer, elk, buffalo, red stag, rams, goats and more, but all of it done in style and with class.

The so called “cabin” is over 3600 sq.ft. of Southern Comfort – Six luxurious bedrooms sleeping 18-22 – Six and a half bathrooms with Italian Tile & Exotic Granite – Two full stainless steel kitchens with gas ranges – Two complete living rooms – Covered pavilion with full outdoor kitchen – and you can choose a 2, 4 or 6 bedroom option – or try their ten bedroom, ten bathroom lodge.

This is a perfect setting for a rustic, yet well manicured lodge which you can call home throughout your stay. While you are here you will want to browse among the outstanding trophy room, Indian artifacts, and antique gun collection. The high beamed “Hunters Hall” features a massive rustic stone fireplace for swapping hunting stories or you can relax in the “Liars Hall” before retiring to your room, each with a private bath and shower. They pride themselves in down home Southern cooking.

They serve two all-u-can eat Tennessee home cooked meals, a big breakfast to start your day and a late lunch to keep you going. At the outside pavilion you can picnic or grill out for your evening meal, or you can venture to town (about 15 minutes) and dine at one of many restaurants.

Located in an ideal hunting location, but easily accessible, in the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee, this hunting Lodge has several thousand acres of excellent hunting territory. It may well be one of the oldest family owned hunting lodges in America. You may reach it with ease from the North or South via Highway 127, or the East and West by I-40 (Exit 311) or Highway 70. They are about 75 miles west of Knoxville and 100 miles east of Nashville, meaning many opportunities for entertainment exist here. And world class golf courses abound nearby!

For commercial flights you may choose either the Nashville (BNA) or the Knoxville (TYS) airports, which are only about an hour, or less, drive from us. There is also a nearby airport for special charters for large groups.

They have an archery range and a rifle range on the property. You can expect to do spot and stalk, hunt from stands or chase hogs with dogs- your choice and you will consult with your guides on what is best. You must have an orange vest and hat worn while hunting. They also have several small private lakes on the property stocked with bluegills and bass for your enjoyment.

One thing we really appreciate is that they offer butchering, skinning, quartering, or full cut and labeled and sealed for your freezer. When you leave it goes straight you’re your freezer! Taxidermy can also be arranged- making it a very easy place to leave with no worries!

All hunts carry a TN sales tax of 9.75% payable directly to outfitter.

The wild hog is a mixture of the Russian wild boar and the famed southern “razorback”, mixing two ornery temperaments into one creature. Price $1095 and includes: lodging and food for 2 days and nights, guides, a boar suitable for mounting, license and kill tag, dogs, jeep transportation.
Also offered is a Day Hunt for $875 and includes: day hunt only, a boar, license and kill tag, guides, dogs and jeep transportation.

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If you want to hold a corporate meet or rewards session, this place will work just fine. We would suggest that for a group of say 7 or more, you consider booking their deluxe cabin- which is anything but a cabin. Look at the pictures that follow to understand what is offered. The nice thing is that you would have the cabin all to yourselves, no one walking by during your meetings.

This ram was crossbred with English longwools and Spanish rams, this breed touts larger bodies and is noted for thicker wool. The horns are impressive with a general curl to 1 ½ inch curl on average.
Price is $1075 and includes: lodging and food for 2 days and nights, license and kill tag, and guides.
For a Day Hunt only, the price $925.
After each successful hunt, your animal is field dressed and hauled from the woods to the walk-in cooler by your guide. Meat processing and taxidermy services are available at an additional fee.

The Black Hawaiian ram is more rare than other species of sheep. They are very similar in size and horn shape to the Texas Dall. However, they are black in color and appear to have reddish wool due to sun exposure.
Price for this hunt is $1075 and includes: lodging and food for 2 days and nights, license and kill tag, guides and jeep transportation.
Price for a day hunt only is $925.


The Texas dall sheep originated in Texas in the 1960’s. It’s a hybrid sheep with a magnificent set of horns. A large ram weighs about 125 to 145 pounds. Rams are generally white or off-white and can also have a beard.
Price for this hunt is $1075 and includes: lodging and food for 2 days and nights, license and tag, guides, and jeep transportation.
Price for a Day Hunt is $925.

The Angora is a goat from the Angora Region in Anatolia, near present day Ankara, Turkey. It was brought to North America in 1849 and has thrived well in the southwest. Their hair is long and curly, called mohair. It’s long horns make an excellent trophy.
Price is $1075 for 2 days and nights or $925 for a Day Hunt.

Hearing an elk bugle while stalking it in the early morning is an experience that every hunter should have. A large-framed animal, elk can stand as tall as 5 feet at the shoulder and average around 800 pounds. Elk antlers can grow up to 60 inches long.
Price for this hunt is $6500+. Call us for specific packages and prices.

The Red Stag is a cousin to the North American elk. They weigh around 500 pounds and have a reddish-brown coloring. The antlers of a red stag feature numerous tines on both sides and a mature stag will have three or more points on the tip of the antler signifying a “crown”
Price is $7500+. Please ask for info on packages and pricing.

Known as the American bison, the buffalo originated in Eurasia. It is now the largest “native” mammal in North America. Bison can tower upwards of 6 feet tall and 10 fee long, with an average weight of 100 0 to 1500 pounds. The head and front quarter are massive and both the male and female have curved horns with sharp points for fighting. They are valued for their hide and delicious meat, which is very healthy with lower fat and cholesterol than beef.
Price for this hunt is $3500+. Please contact us for packages and pricing details.

Fallow deer have three main colors: solid white, chocolate or the more common brown with white spots. Mature bucks have palmated horns.
Price is $3500 with 2 days and nights of lodging and food, license and tag, guides and jeep transportation. A Day Hunt is $3350


The sika deer has antlers similar in shape to an elk, but smaller in rack and body size. These deer are well known for being one of the finest and most flavorful of all game meats.
Price is $3500 for 2 days and 2 nights or $3375 for a Day Hunt Only.

The Axis deer is from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. It’s coat is reddish brown and has white spots. They shed their antlers annually on their birthday, which is different from most other deer species. They make an outstanding trophy.
Price is $3500 for 2 days and 2 nights of lodging and food, license and tag, guides and jeep transport.
A Day Hunt is $3350.


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