Hungary Giant Fallow Deer, Stag, Boar Hunt #171

Hungary Giant Fallow Deer, Stag, Boar Hunt #171

Hungary is about the size of Indiana, and its language is of course Hungarian. It is in central Europe, and its’ capital is Budapest. It borders Austria on the west and Romania on the east. Very fertile rolling plains abound. It is a democracy with a high general income. About 10 million people tour it yearly. Both the Danube and Tisza Rivers dominate, splitting the country into 3 parts. The high point is only 2,894 feet. The biggest Fallow deer, arguably in the world, come from Hungary, including the world record.
The forestry area in northeastern Hungary called GUTH/ NYIRERDÖ – and is famous for it’s excellent game, especially huge fallow deer. This area produces some true giants and many have made SCI record books. In addition, there are Red Deer, Roe deer and Wild Boar. To hunt in the area known as Guth is a special experience, where quality is paramount. Very high success- usually 100%.

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•HUNTING AREA: Approx. 11.500 hectares (about 25,000 acres)
• NATURAL FEATURES: 67 % woodland
• ACCOMMODATION: is in three different lodges.
Hunting lodge Zöldhaz Kl. I – 5 double room & 2 apt.
Hunting lodge Kajcárhegyi Kl. I – 5 dble room & 2 apt. Hunting lodge Tüzörzöhegy Kl. II – 4 double room
Hunting lodge Zöldhaz
NOTE: Currently the Euro (Aug 2016) is approx equal to $1.12 US. You simply translate the prices shown into US currency by multiply the number of Euros by $1.12US/–, but at final settlement you will square up using then current Euro values. The Euro has been slipping against our dollar. WOUNDING COUNTS AS YOUR KILL- you can continue by paying the appropriate trophy fee.
NOTE: We can put together a more exact quote, once you advise on sizes, length of hunt etc. Below is the list of trophy fees; the lodging costs, the food costs, and the extras. Add them together to get a rough idea. But we will get you an exact quote.

PRICING: Appears below for the various species.
FALLOW DEER: SEASON: October 1 to December 31.
Chargeable weight: Skull without lower jaw 24 hours after boiling.

Trophy fees Antler weight in kg Price in EUR EUR / 10 g
Fallow Buck Up to 1,19 EUR 143
From 1,20 – 2,00 EUR 176,–
From 2,00 – 3,00 EUR 176,– + EUR 8.14 / 10 g
From 3,00 – 3,50 EUR 990,– + EUR 13.2, / 10 g
From 3,50 – 4,00 EUR 1.650,– + EUR 28.60,/10g10g /10g 10 g
From 4,00 – 4,50 EUR 3,080,– + EUR 55,– / 10 g
From 4,50 – 5,00 EUR 5.830,– + EUR 104.50, /10 g
From 5,00 – 5,50 EUR 11,055,– + EUR121,– / 10 g
From 5,50 EUR 17,105 + EUR134,– / 10 g
Hind / Hind Calf EUR 130,–
Calf EUR 90,–
• Wounded Fallow Buck: 50 % of trophy fee for trophy weight estimated by professional hunter
• Wounded Hind, Hind Calf, Calf: 50 % of the trophy fee

OTHER DEER: If you wished to shoot other fallow such as females then this is the schedule:
Trophy fee female Red & Fallow Deer Hind EUR 143,- / piece
Hind Calf, Calf EUR 99,-/ piece
Male Calf EUR 200,-/ piece


Accommodation costs Night / day / person
Cl. I – Hunting lodge Zöldhaz, Kajcárhegyi double room EUR 70,–
apartement EUR 100,–
single supplement double room EUR 15,–
single supplement apartement EUR 20,–
Cl. II – Hunting lodge Tüzörzöhegy double room EUR 40,–
single supplement double room EUR 10,–

Catering costs Day / person
Breakfast EUR 20,– / portion
Lunch or dinner EUR 33,– / portion
Full board EUR 70,– / day

Additional costs:
Hungarian Hunting license EU 71.50 / hunter
Organization fee for Hungary EUR 180,– / person
Hunt guidance per Hunter EUR 16.5,– / day
Trophy assessment Red Stag, Fallow Buck EUR 38.5,– / piece
Trophy assessment Roebuck, Tusker EUR 20,– / piece
Medal supplement EUR 11,– / piece
ATV- per km. EUR 1,65 / km
Bus- per km. EUR 2,– / km
Micro bus- per km EUR 1,50 / km
Horse cart- usually used only a few days- and about 8 hours per day. EUR 22,– / h
Boat EUR 20,– / h
Transfer airport – area – airport On request

ASSUME you book for Oct 20-25, 2016. That is prime time. Here is detailed pricing as follows:
1 Hungarian hunting license $71.50 E
1 Organization fee $180 E
5 days lodging with half board in Lodge Zoldhaz $742.50E
5 hunt guidance days $82.50E
5 days rifle hire $137.50E
Trophy assessment for fallow $38.50E
Medal supplement $11/ E
horse cart/hr $22./hr
ATV 1.65/km
Airport transfer round trIp $690E. (2 to 3 people)
trophy shipment $88e
in CURRENT US FUNDS this is about = $2198.62 usd Then add trophy fee.
All in all, quite reasonable as with a good fallow, all in, about $3900US.

Please note:
After the hunt you need to sign the hunting protocol in the game reserve. This protocol lists all game harvested and all services provided to you. Please note that you will confirm the correctness of these by your signature. SUBSEQUENT CLAIMS ON THIS SUBJECT ARE NOT ACCEPTED.

General conditions of hunting in Hungary:
The hunter is obliged to only use the guides furnished to him. They are local Hungarian hunting guides living in Hungary. The hunting guest must strictly follow the instructions of the hunting guide and can only bag the game identified and permitted to be shot by the hunting guide. The guide is the judge.
The harvested trophies have to be presented to the official Trophy Assessment Commission after the hunt and cannot be taken along by the hunter. The trophies will later be sent to the stated address.

The chargeable weight of the horns needs to be entered into the hunting protocol by the game reserve. If the weight has not been determined in the game reserve, you should be present at the trophy assessment. (meaning the weighing). In case this is not possible, you are obliged to accept and pay the weight of the horns as determined by the Trophy Assessment Commission.
The basis of invoicing is the trophy weight that has been officially determined by the Trophy Assessment Commission 24 hours after boiling. If the trophy is assessed more than 24 hours after boiling (different opening hours of the Assessment offices), a computerized weight (drying of skull bone) is added.
The harvested and paid trophy is the property of the hunter, except for the game meat, which can be acquired by the hunting guest at an extra charge. The same applies to coats.
The final invoice is based on the completed and mutually signed shooting list according to the respective price list. The tolerance of 15 % for trophy weight estimation by the hunting guide has to be accepted by the hunting guest. For wounded game 50% of estimated trophy weight and/or harvest fee is charged. The necessary documents, such as shooting list and hunting license, are sent to the game reserve prior to the hunt.
The hunting guest must possess a hunting license valid in the home country and a European Firearms Pass in which the firearm carried along by the hunter is mentioned. Additionally, the hunting guest is obliged to pay for potential damage caused by him or her. If a trophy is harvested that is declared a new world record by the Trophy Assessment Commission, the original trophy must not be exported from Hungary. In this case the hunting guest receives a replica trophy and has to pay only 50 % of the harvest fee.
Hunting regulations:
Before the start of the hunt each hunting guest needs to purchase a hunting license for the respective state. Our contacts will take care of that for you..
• All hunting guests are requested to present a valid hunting license before the start of the hunt. HUNTING INFORMATION NECESSARY for HUNGARY
• Name & Address
• Passport data
• Valid domestic hunting license number
• Valid European Firearms Pass number, with registered firearm that is taken to the hunt
• Carrying semi-automatic weapons is illegal in Hungary.

Terms of payment:
Upon booking a 50% deposit installment is paid to us on behalf of the outfitter. .
Entry requirements
Hungary is a party to the Schengen Agreement. Your U.S passport should be valid for at least three months beyond your planned date of departure. U.S. citizens may enter Hungary for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa. You need sufficient funds and a return airline ticket though.
Vaccination requirements:
Please note the vaccination requirements can be obtained through the CDC (center for Disease Contol in the US) and by speaking with your physician. We cannot offer medical advice.

The outfitter can offer you a variety of options in terms of other game. One is the Wild boar, bit, aggressive and a wonderful trophy. You can hunt by stands, by driving and by stalking. There are large numbers typically, although big boars can hang by themselves.
Assessment: Average tusk length, measured along the outside curve of tusks, will be done after kills.


Trophy fees (prices are 2014) Tusk length in cm Price in EUR EUR / mm
Tusker Up to 12,00 EUR 350,–
From 12,00 – 14,00 EUR 350,– + EUR 11,– / mm
From 14,00 – 16,00 EUR 570,– + EUR 18,– / mm
From 16,00 – 18,00 EUR 930,– + EUR 23,– / mm
From 18,00 – 20,00 EUR 1.390,– + EUR 35,– / mm
From 20,00 – 22,00 EUR 2.090,– + EUR 45,– / mm
From 22,00 – 24,00 EUR 2.990,– + EUR 65,– / mm
From 24,00 EUR 4.290,– + EUR 85,– / mm
Sow (gutted above 80 kg) EUR 800,–
Sow (gutted 50 – 79 kg) EUR 350,–
Yearling, Piglet (gutted up to 50 kg) EUR 145,–
• Wounded Tusker: 25 % of trophy fee for trophy weight estimated by professional hunter
• Wounded Sow, Yearling and Piglet are not charged.
Group Wild Boar Hunt
Driven Sow Hunt: Driven hunt with hounds and beaters, group size max. 25 hunters. Wild Boar and Fox is hunted
Small Driven Hunt: Driven hunt with beaters, but without hounds, group size max. 25 hunters. Wild Boar, Doe and Fox are hunted. Does, that is Hind, Hind Calf and Calf, as well as with special permit Roe Deer are included in the daily bag, trophy fees are charged according to Individual Hunt prices.
Daily rate: EUR 300,– / day / hunter

Trophy fees (Prices are 2014) Tusk length in cm Price in EUR EUR / mm
Tusker Up to 12,00 EUR 360,–
From 12,00 – 15,00 EUR 360,– + EUR 10,– / mm
From 15,00 – 17,00 EUR 660,– + EUR 27,– / mm
From 17,00 – 20,00 EUR 1.200,– + EUR 30,– / mm
From 20,00 – 22,00 EUR 2.100,– + EUR 40,– / mm
From 22,00 – 24,00 EUR 2.900,– + EUR 50,– / mm
From 24,00 EUR 3.900,– + EUR 65,– / mm
Sow (gutted above 80 kg) EUR 800,–
Sow (gutted 50 – 79 kg) EUR 350,–
Yearling, Piglet (gutted up to 50 kg) EUR 180,–
Assessment: Average tusk length, measured along the outside curve of tusks



It is also possible to add on a variety of other European game. .Some examples include the diminutive but fascinating Roe deer; and of course Red Deer if those species are of interest to you.
TROPHY SIZES: Since most of us are unfamiliar with the weights of skulls with horns, we have shown below some pictures to give you a general idea of what you want to spend for a given size.

3.7 KG

4.25 KG

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