Idaho Archery Elk & Mule Deer #218

Idaho Archery Elk & Mule Deer #218

This outfitter does only ARCHERY ELK– no rifle Elk hunts, on his Idaho unit 76 hunt. He also does rifle mule deer hunts, which is described further down in this writeup.
His client reports on these bow elk hunts have been well beyond our expectations!! The efforts by this outfit provided smiles to the many happy clients who had a great experience! This south-east Idaho outfit does a great job – and at a dirt cheap price! And he busts his butt to produce! Price for 2016 is $2995 for a fully guided horseback elk hunt with meals, and 2X1 guiding!! 1X1 $5000 Outfitter supplies wall tents, cots, heat, food, horses and guiding (2 hunters per guide). NOTE: If you want to book only yourself on a 2X1 hunt- no problem. He or we will fill in the other missing hunter. NO worries! You can combo with a deer tag for no extra charge.
This is a great chance to hunt some wild country with bow and to encounter a slobbering, swaggering rut-crazed bull! And you can do it for less then half of most comparable hunts on public lands. Hunters need to realize that the rut is an on and off thing and it can be very unpredictable. You might get two or three days where they scream all day then-nothing. The start of 2009 was slow with very little bugling and on the last day the bulls just went nuts. The previous owner of the outfit called five bulls in, in just a single afternoon for a single hunter and the hunter ran out of arrows shooting at all the bulls! Bugle hunts are often very misleading on TV, in that you never see the times when there is no action! Be patient; elk are never easy!
TRAVEL: For the archery hunt in Idaho either fly into Idaho Falls or Salt Lake City and then rent a car and drive from there to camp near Montpelier Idaho. Idaho Falls is the closest at about 140 miles and Salt Lake at about 160 miles away. They are both about 2 and 1/2 hour drives. Most people fly into SLC as it’s usually a little cheaper and there are more fights available.
ID #218 bull elk 2011 bowHere are some remarks from very happy September clients:
Butch: The accommodations were fine, we slept in tents with small wood stoves. The food was filling and good. We hunted extremely hard, starting the day at 0300 and getting back to camp each night at 2100. This made for a long day, however we were into a bunch of Elk. I was at full draw three different times on large bulls. The first 2- 1/2 days, we did not have 20 minutes between bugles. The Elk sensed it and got a little more cautious, although day 3 resulted in a miss from my partner and day 4 resulted in a close encounter with a nice 5×5 for me. With a gun, this hunt would have been a slam dunk. The guide knew how to find Elk, although his calling needed a little work. Great horsemanship from him though and we covered lots of ground and had a great time. I would recommend this camp to anyone, although they need to have realistic expectations and be physically and mentally prepared for the hunt. Pete Suss.
MORE CLIENT REPORTS: September archery elk hunt: The guys and gals at this outfitters camp were a lot of fun and great to hunt with. I did not harvest a bull but there were a lot of elk . Just not in MY bow range! Saw more elk here than on any of my prior hunts in Colorado . I would say best elk hunt I have ever been on. I would tell you clients’ to book early for this outfitter — once word gets out may be hard to get a spot next year. Thanks for the email on this hunt. Look forward to more great hunt opportunities like these in the years to come. Keith Tate
Butch, My son and I had an elk hunt booked through you in Idaho. Our tent was clean, full of wood, had cots set up when we arrived. In the evenings, game plans were discussed between the guides and the outfitter to prepare for the next day’s activities. The team would be up early every morning, readying the horses, preparing breakfast. Some days this would be as early as 1:30am in the morning to insure we were all fed, had food for the day and were in place in the field before or by day light. The food and accommodations were excellent. Our tent stayed dry and intact through a little wind and wet weather. My son shot a 3 by 3 elk by 11:30am the first day. Several other elk were seen on the first day but couldn’t get close enough for a shot. I had an opportunity to shoot at a small bull the second day but elected to wait for a larger bull due to all the sign and big bulls being seen in the area. Unfortunately I didn’t get another opportunity to shoot at another elk but I did see more sign and more animals during my hunt than anywhere else I have hunted.
The outfitter is striving to make it a top-notch outfit. He’s fun to be around,, is willing to go the extra mile to make his clients happy. This was an elk hunt but we could purchase bear or deer/bear/mountain lion tags also and could shoot them during our elk hunt. My son really wanted the opportunity to shoot a bear. So after he killed his elk the outfitter put him in a very good place to kill a bear. They worked this bear for 3 days and the bear did come in but never offered a good opportunity for a shot. The effort the outfitter and his crew put in on this bear hunt was above and beyond what was expected – being that we paid only for an elk hunt. Thanks for the great job in hooking us up, Dustin and Rick
Here is one ELK REPORT– in the outfitters own words:We hosted 34 archery elk hunters during the 2011 season. The warm weather this year made things challenging but of the 34 hunters, 33 of them either had shot opportunities or close encounters with bull elk. We recorded 6 kills, including 3 decent 5×5’s, and 2 6×6’s. We also had 3 hunters stick bulls that were unrecoverable, one of which was a 330 class bull. One hunter had a 17 yard shot at a 350 class bull but couldn’t make the downhill shot and the arrow went over his back. Another lady bow hunter had a heated 320 class bull at 23 yards but she was so awe struck she just couldn’t shoot. Ten out of the 33 hunters should have had kills for a 30% kill rate. Several hunters passed on smaller bulls and cows earlier in their hunts that are not included in this percentage. One of our “new” guides we hired for this year, has hunted this area for big bulls for the last 8 years. He called in 40 bulls in the first 2 weeks !! He will be guiding for us for a long time! Where else can you buy a bull elk tag over the counter and have the opportunity to harvest 300 class bulls?”
ID #218 bull elk 2012 bowHERE IS A BOW HUNTERS REPORT:
Butch, I just wanted to make sure I shared with you how great this outfitter and his whole team was during our archery elk hunt this last season in Idaho. This was my first trip out West, and it lived up to all of my expectations. Although I did not harvest an elk, we were on elk every day – saw 12 bulls plus what we heard bugling, including three bulls over 300. The food was amazing, the guides were great, and the hunt was very budget friendly. I would highly recommend this hunt to anyone looking for a great hunt at an economical price, but still have an opportunity at a trophy elk. Thank you for turning me onto this hunt!
Best regards, Jason Munz

2016 Bow Elk pricing

All hunts will be priced at $2950 and are 2 x 1 horse hunts with full tent camp accommodations. A 50% down payment is needed to book. Final balance will be due BEFORE August 1st.
All elk archery tags are available over the counter. Five day hunts, arrive day before. Verify departure date and time with the outfitter.
A 1 on 1 bow elk is $3700. All hunts are 5 full days with hunters arriving in camp on Sunday afternoon around 3:00 PM. Begin hunting on Monday, and departing Saturday morning after breakfast. You can combo with a deer tag for no extra charge.
Licenses: The Archery elk tag is available over the counter for Bow. (Elk- $416.75). You also need a Hunting license at $154.75. And you need a $20 Archery permit. ARCHERY PERMIT $20. (To obtain this you must have a valid hunting license and show proof of either passing an approved bowhunter education class- or proof of a prior archery-only permit from another state; or else sign an affidavit swearing you held such a license.) They also charge a 3% service fee, plus $5.50.
Tags and License fees are the responsibility of the hunter to obtain. If you need help, ask us.
Apply thru outfitter or on line, or by paper application. Get the info on the unit etc. from the outfitter, but he will assist. Deer tags –either bow or rifle are over the counter, with a number cap.
NOTE: Idaho in 2011, outlawed the use of ATV’s and motorized cycles on many of the trails so this unit will continue to improve its elk hunting! You may encounter other hunters on this public land, but with horses he can get you very remote from the competition, and into areas where bulls are likely to be taken.
Here are some comments:
Butch: Had a great hunt. He had lots of game, but this was not a canned hunt. We all hunted VERY hard and we killed 1 bull elk and 5 mulie bucks. The one my 12 year old son harvested scored 165 6/8. (see picture below) My bull was average, but I shot the wrong bull in the heat of the moment. John actually called the bull in and we thought it was the big boy we had been working. I have no regrets with the size of the bull because the hunt for it was priceless. I would highly recommend this outfit for those willing to hunt hard and push themselves. It is a comfortable camp, good food, and professional guides. I want to thank BMOA for setting everything up, and I’ll be in touch in the future. Kevin Shaw
ANOTHER thing to be aware of : your deer tag can be used for a mulie buck; OR for a lion or for a bear (one animal of course). So if a big Bear or Lion comes along – you can fill your deer tag with one of those! But then it is filled of course.


ID #218 Young Hunter with Muledeer 2010Hunt mature Mule Deer from this drive to tent camp. Camp is very comfortable and has great chow and very good horses and guides. The hunt takes place near Montpelier in Southeast Idaho.
You will be up early, and on the trail with your mule, or well trained mountain horse well before sunup.
This is public land, but there is no motorized access, so you will leave the locals behind by the time you travel the first half an hour by horse. The plan is to reach the high ground before the sun comes up, and start glassing for Mule Deer. Once a good deer is located, the stalk is on.
DATES 10/120-10/15 OR 10/18 -10/22
These are Monday thru Friday hunts arrive on Sunday evening and depart Saturday morning. 2 hunters per guide $2995 1X1 price $5000
BONUS: a deer tag can be used for a mule deer buck; OR for a lion or for a bear (one animal of course). So if a big Bear or Lion comes along – you can fill your deer tag with one of those! But then it is filled of course.
This area is one of the major migration routes for mule deer, out of the mountains and down towards the Cokeville area of Wyoming, where many deer over winter. This migration route is well documented and has been going on for several lifetimes- probably back into the 1800’s. Many of the record book deer in SW Wyoming and SE Idaho have come off those migrations, but be aware migration times vary greatly. Hit it and it can be awesome, miss it and you will still be into deer, but will work harder. There was a die off in 2010, but it has improved greatly since then. We think deer in the 155- to 175 range is a reasonable expectation, but this country has produced many giants over 200! And you will see deer.
ID #218 mulie taken by 2011 clientThis is not easy country, but horses relieve much of the effort. It still helps to be able to walk a mile or more though. Once on top of the mountains, the area is relatively open terrain, and you have the advantage of being above the game early in the day. You will ride and then walk and then glass for your bull. They will do their best to adapt to your physical needs- but miracles are hard to come by if you are really not capable. If in doubt, call us and we will put you into phone contact with the outfitter.
AGAIN, please realize that these very modestly priced hunts take place on public land, and there is normally pressure from other hunters, although most of it is confined to roads and the first mile or so from those roads. Get in past 2 miles, and you often have it mostly to yourself! Just do not book this hunt expecting to see animals jumping out all over- you will need to work hard . This country can and has produced B&C book animals, but it is never a sure thing.
TRANSPORT: If flying, use either Salt Lake City, UT or Idaho Falls, ID. Rent a car, or Outfitter can pickup for R/T for $250.


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