Western Kansas are some huge whitetails along with some very handsome prairie country with majestic sunsets and landscapes. Add to that Buffalo, Turkey, Pheasant, Chukar and Quail, and you have the makings of a fine hunting trip!  And some pretty great draw odds too. And if you buy a preference point the year before you apply, your odds become very high- perhaps over 90% depending on unit applied for. ON units 3 and 7 for this outfitter, your odds are probably pushing 90% with one point, and still very high with no points. Probably over 80%. April deadline.

This area of western Kansas is mostly farm land, where deer are fat and healthy and have the nutrition and genetics to grow large antlers. Bucks can easily gross anywhere from the 120’s to 180’s, with 140 and up being the goal for most hunters. . Butch and Brian test hunted here a couple years ago and had a great turkey hunt while reviewing their deer and bird operation. We made a number of suggestion and these guys have really stepped up.

They bought a restaurant and are revamping it into a very nice lodge for 2017 hunters; with multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, a game room, pool tables, Wi-Fi and much more. They have added more ground and are at about 3,000 acres, all located in northern KS in Unit 3. Nice thing with Unit 3 is that you can apply for a second choice Unit 7, and if you do not draw 3 you likely will draw 7 and can hunt. Draw odds then are around 70-80%.

IMG_8301-225x300  trail cam
Here is a nugget of wisdom you really need to pay attention to! Whether you hunt Kansas this year or not, buy the $27.50 preference point. With one point you are almost certain to draw in 2018! And you have good odds for 2017 if you apply with no points- just list Area 7 as second choice with 3 as first choice. Draw odds then rise to about 70% or more! . Deer License is $332.50 and a hunt license is about $97, but do not buy hunt licenses until you draw. APPLICATIONS MUST BE FILED by April 28- NOW!

The outfitter had a bad draw last year and only handled 5 clients, 3 bow and 2 rifle. So plenty of big deer survived! And they place stands so that normally no-one else is hunting the same deer. They average about 1 to 2 stands per hundred acres, but with only 4 to 6 guys hunting on 3,000 acres, the pressure stays low. Hunt bow or rifle or muzzleloader. Early Muzzleloader – while very warm at times, can produce huge bucks who do not know the guns are out there!

These guys expect you to take deer in the 140 to mid 150 range, with a chance at much bigger. You can reasonably expect to see about 20 to 40 deer per day, barring poor weather. They use primarily ladder stands. Stands are situated at pinch points, routes to and from bedding areas, over standing crops (soy beans, food plots) and feeders and corn fields and alfalfa. Terrain is rolling ground with crops, cedars, water, plum thickets and more. They prefer no more then 4 to 6 guys at one time, but can handle larger groups.

They supply guiding, meals and lodging, game retrieval and cleaning. You may hunt bow, muzzleloader or rifle. All deer are 100% free range.
Kansas whitetail hunts are a draw. Applications are due between April 1 and April 28. There are reduced fee permits for youth turkey and deer. (Under age 15). Check with us before applying, but you will apply fer for Unit 3 and for 7 as your second choice. Draw one of them and you can hunt both of them. (BUT check with us!)

2018 PRICING: THESE ARE THE REMAINING OPENINGS AS OF 4/23/17. Arrive day before hunt, leave day after.
Archery – Early Season (Sept.-Oct.) or Late Season (Dec.) – $2,800
Archery – Rut (Nov.) – $3,400
Rifle – (1st 2 weeks of Dec.) – $3,600

This outfitter has a wonderful controlled shooting farm for hunting Pheasant, Quail, and Chukar. Many of the birds will be wild Pheasants and Quail, plus there will be plenty of farm raised birds. You will run into actual wild birds that flourish on the controlled shooting ground.

The 1/2 day hunts follow State limits. On hunts that consist of 1 day or more, the bird limits will be doubled. So if you booked a full day Pheasant hunt then your per person limit will be 8 for that day, not 4. Extra birds can be added on full day or longer hunts. Daily bird limits per person: Pheasant: 8; Quail: 16; Chukar: 12

Birds, birds, and more birds! Wild or liberated your choice. They have been building their wild bird numbers for years now and the efforts have proven to be a great success. They also do release birds throughout the seasons to insure we do not harm the wild populations. They will not just turn out birds the day you hunt. You actually have to put the work in, get the dogs out, and find these birds. Since they run a Controlled Shooting area, their season starts in Sept. and ends in March. You come hunt with them for a full day or more; you can harvest double of what the KS limit is if you just hunted public land. Want to work your own dogs? Want to hunt with no guide? Or do you need a guide and want us to use our dogs? Well they offer all of that. You choose what and how and we make it happen.

They have 1,000 acres of controlled shooting as well as another 2,000 acres of non controlled shooting acres. All prices above are based on 1 day hunt prices. Book more days, prices go down. To figure prices for 2 or more days just take 15% off of original 1 day hunting fee. Example: 2 guys 3 day pheasant hunt: $325 x 3 days x 2 hunters =$1950 x .85 = $1657.50. All prices include: Transportation during the hunt, meals, guiding, bird dogs, lodging, and bird cleaning. Not included: Licenses and ammo. 

What to bring: Blaze orange vest (required) lots of ammo, your gun of choice, and your Kansas hunting license. Your hunting dogs are more than welcome to join you on your hunt! Season runs September 1st through March 31st.

Waterfowl $275 1 Day (Minimum of 3)
Pheasant $325 1 Day (2 Hunts, 8 Birds)                                Bobwhite Quail $285 1 Day (2 Hunts, 8 Birds)
Chukar $300 1 Day (2 Hunts, 12 Birds)                                 Pheasant and Quail $550 1 Day (2 Hunts, 12 Birds)
Chukar and Quail $575 1 Day (2 Hunts, 20 Birds)              Pheasant and Chukar $575 1 Day (2 Hunts, 10 Birds)
Pheasant, Quail, and Chukar $825 1 Day (2 Hunts, 18 Birds)

*Upland Hunts (wild & liberated birds) can be arranged for 1 to 5 day hunts.
*Take 15% off of upland hunts for each day added from 1-day price above (Total Bill)

TURKEY HUNTS: Butch and Brian did turkey with these guys- Butch got his two! Brian was just never in the right place- he came close though and both were in birds daily. Wild Rio Grande Turkey hunts consist of a two bird hunt for two days.
All turkey hunts consist of spot and stalk, or they will be in a ground blind. Required equipment will be shotgun or archery.
Camo is highly recommended since turkeys have amazing eye sight and hearing.
Season runs from April 1st to May 31st.

2018: Rio Grande Turkey $900 1st Bird (3 days ) Additional 2nd Bird: $200 

All hunts include: Nights of stay, meals, transportation, full or semi – guiding, game cleaning, bird dogs, blinds – tree stands, and tow truck rental (Bison hunts).
*NOT INCLUDED: Ammo, weapon of choice, and tags or licenses.
*50% Deposit due at time of dates being confirmed. *Deposit is non-returnable, but transferable for up to 1-year max.