Missouri Whitetails Hunt #70

Missouri Whitetails Hunt #70

This is a young outfitter that seems to be doing everything right. You can tell by the trail cam pix and the harvest photos. He knows the deer on his property and grows them big.


Here is what a couple of his clients have to say about his operation.
“Hi Brian,
I’ve been hunting with him the past two years. Both years have been exceptionally good. First year I killed a 245lb deer 142″ and last year I saw a ton of great deer but never got a shot. In my opinion, every aspect of the hunting trip both years have been spot on. Meals are great with him and his family. The lodging has all the amenities us hunters need. He knows every acre of their land and knows every deer that shows up from year to year. I’m often amazed at how well he can tell them apart from year to year. Every deer I have seen harvested from their land has been great quality as far as body mass and bone mass. He places stands in great locations that have great cover and allow you to see every direction in order to make the best shot on a trophy.
There really isn’t a bad stand location on their property. Each stand has the ability to harvest a monster. Going back again SOON.” Marcus H.

And another quote from a fellow named Hunter M. :
“I’ve hunted with him the past two years in a row and was extremely satisfied with my hunting both years. The lodging was great, he is an excellent cook, and is a really nice guy that does everything he can to take care of his clients. He has excellent stand locations and runs a lot of trail cameras to make sure that the stands are perfectly placed. He is very familiar with the deer that he has on his place and is honest and open about what you can expect to kill. The first year I hunted with him I saw more deer in one week than I ever have in my life. I saw several extremely nice bucks and got a shot at one. The outfitter looked for my deer the last two days of my hunt as well as on into the season before getting him on camera and determining he was still alive. This past year I was able to go again and killed a very nice 8 point during the archery season in November. His level of excitement when his client kills is what shows you that he really does care about the client and the experience they have hunting with him. I know for sure that when I can afford to go on another paid hunt this will without a doubt be my first call.”

I have found this outfitter 3 years ago, I will hunt with him as long as he will have me. He has the Mack daddy deer. He is one of the best I’ve ever seen. He knows his deer (I get photos from the game cameras throughout the year so I know what I’m looking for when I get there), Eddie S

2016-deer-2-225x300  He is hunting 1600 acres of private land leases. He is a honey hole of an area In the Northeast corner of Missouri close to the Illinois and Iowa borders. Talk about great whitetail genes!! His land includes crop fields and food plots, with plenty of cover. He has excellent bottom land for the deer to bed up in during the day. In other words he has everything that you need to grow these big bucks that they are shooting every year.

All properties have box blinds, ladder stands, and a few hang on stands. He has well thought out stand sites and shooting lanes are carefully cut. He also has additional hangers available to toss up if a new stand location is needed in a hurry. And he uses trail cameras extensively, to monitor the deer.

He has been hunting these properties from the time he was about 7 years old, and he has now been outfitting for the last 8 years. So he knows the herd intimately including bedding, feeding and travel areas and corridors.

This is a trophy hunt, and he only wants deer scoring over 130” to be harvested, He will assess a fine of up to $500 for shooting or wounding a deer that gross scores less than 125”. There may be some exceptions — like if they show you a photo of a cull they would like to have harvested.  Largest buck to date harvested by a client is a 185 ½” deer. But three larger have been harvested by his father in past years before they started outfitting– one being 196”. There are one or two 200” deer harvested in the area every year.

You will see a bunch of deer, so take your time. This is a 5 day hunt, and they have plenty of ground, and blinds to move you around to. So please be selective. Success – meaning dead on the ground – has been around 65 to 70%. That’s real good considering that a lot of the hunters are passing on 140 inch deer knowing that there is a possibility for a true monster on this hunt.

PRICES 2018 (subject to change without notice until deposit received)

Sept. 14-19 $2,000 (this hunts are discounted because they are very weather-dependent)
Oct. 13-17 $2,700
Oct. 19-23 $2,700
Oct. 25-29 $2,700
Oct. 31-Nov. 4 $2,700
Nov. 6-10 $2,700
Late-season bowhunts also available until January 15!

Nov. 12-16 $3,300 (If you don’t tag out, you can come back during the muzzleloader season for just $1,000 to cover your room and meals. The tag is good for both seasons.)

5-days around Christmas $2,500 (This is a real sleeper! Big deer coming to corn but no one is hunting them.)


MEALS: The outfitter provides the evening meal, and prepares enough to have leftovers for the next day’s noon meal. There will be snack food around through the day, and for breakfast. If you like a big breakfast we suggest you pick up some breakfast sandwiches, that you can toss in the microwave quickly in the morning, and maybe a couple of frozen pizzas to get you through lunch, if your not a leftover guy.
TRAVEL: Plan to arrive early the day before your hunt. He likes to take that afternoon, to show you around, and do some scouting with you. The outfitter will send you driving directions, but you will be near Kahoka MO. If flying Kirksville, or Burlington.
Airport pick up can be arranged through the outfitter; generally all he asks for is enough to cover his gas round trip- call it $50.

PH: 1-307-637-5495 email: info@hunt-nation.com