Mongolia Altai or Gobi Sheep or Ibex Hunts #41

Mongolia Altai or Gobi Sheep or Ibex Hunts #41


Mongolia is a story book country, wreathed in the legends of one of the worlds greatest generals, Ghengis Khan. It makes our list of the top 5 adventure hunts in the world today. Besides having three species of the worlds biggest sheep (Argali’s), it also has two of the worlds largest Ibex, and one of the world’s largest salmonoids– Taimen. It is still a land that time forgot. There are no suburbs here, only a vast wilderness of Steppes and mountains and sweeping plains and forests. The population is 90% nomadic sheep and yak herders!! There are maybe 50 miles of paved roads!! The population is sparse out in the countryside. Yet these are warm-hearted friendly people who routinely invite you into their yurts and into their hearts! They spend their lives on the steppes, following their flocks and fighting off the hard winters and the predators (wolves and bears)-that threaten their flocks, the loss of which means death by starvation to a nomad! You step 1,000 years back in time- it is glorious! Nowhere else in the world can you experience this incredible adventure, and the memories will be some of your favorites for years to come.


Ibex hunting is normally 100% successful or awfully close. Butch hosted a group of five a few years ago and they took Seven Altai Ibex in 1½ days, with all making SCI book! Butch took one that green scored as #39, with 45” horns, while another client, John C. took one slightly shorter but heavier, that green scored #34. This is a great adventure with warm friendly people to welcome you. We have been 100% successful for many years!! However, in 2005 we had a lady fail to score, and we had one hunter in August 2006 fail to score. On the other hand we took a 48” Ibex, which should be well up into the top 10 all time SCI! We had another 48” – a possible SCI top 5 !!

The photo of Butch with his Ibex above, gives you a good idea of the typical terrain and also gives you an idea of the size and appearance of this fine animal.
The ARGALI SHEEP is the premiere big game animal in the country and perhaps in the world. They grow to very large sizes physically, and Mongolia is the core of their natural range. There are 3 species of Argali, the biggest being the Altai (or Altay as some now spell it); and then the Hangai and the Gobi Argali. Tags are relatively restricted, and booking very early is usually necessary. Success is quite high, probably over 90%, assuming the hunter is fit, shoots well, and that the weather is relatively normal.

Mongolia is a stable democracy, although its economy is struggling terribly. Fortunately the Mongolians are a resilient race, good humored, happy and always thrilled to meet a real “American”. Besides world-class hunting, Mongolia also offers a cultural experience unique in the entire world. Two-thirds of its’ sparse population are traveling nomads, tending sheep, following their flocks, fighting off wolves who threaten their herds and even their very existence. It is a country where roads are virtually non-existent; where stopping at a remote yurt (ger) to ask directions is apt to get you invited for dinner or to perhaps name a newly born child as happened to Butch! Imagine there is a poor kid in Mongolia who is named Jacqueline!

Butch, who has hunted all over the world, still feels Mongolia is probably his favorite hunt in the world! Super people, an incredible land that time forgot; wonderful animals, modest costs, plus an excellent track record-and then throw in the fact that you will experience an adventure you will never, never forget!
In our opinion this is one of the worlds greatest sheep/ibex type hunts and it is also a relative bargain compared to many other Ibex hunts. Remember, this is a fully guided mountain hunt in an incredibly exotic location with virtually 100% success on a species not found in many trophy rooms!

 Mongolia-41-Norwegian-client-of-ours-2008-300x225  NOW- be aware that the occasional nasty winter will result in the loss of a number of animals, especially on Altai Argali, but also somewhat on the Ibex herds. IN our opinion that is not a reason to postpone as the availability of this specie down the road is certainly in doubt due to a continuing influence being exerted by “greenies. We would expect our clients to have to work a bit harder but honestly that is an educated guess. Extra days will help guarantee success. Don’t be put off by this, but we prefer to be candid, rather then overly optimistic. We continue to believe that success will still push 100%, but efforts may be higher. We do still expect booked clients to all be successful, but probably working harder to do it. We also think the time to go is right now. We still feel success in the 90% range for fit hunters that can shoot well, is a reasonable assumption. And often it may be even higher, but we prefer to be conservative.

Mongolian Ibex in the High Altai or Ibex in the Gobi desert or the combo of BOTH- for now-is the single best bargain in the sheep/goat hunting world today! Also, it is a grand adventure in a country full of history. Mongolia is a name a newborn infant! (We did just that!). Where else can you hunt a remote mountain range such as the famed High Altai, for wild and free ranging ibex which average 37” to 45” and can reach into the mid to high 40 inch range.
Argali Sheep hunts are also often done as a combo hunt, with Ibex or Gazelle often included, and with a chance for their wolves, which can be huge!
Now, all that being said, you MUST understand that you are going to a backward nomadic culture; one not used to dealing with westerners who expect things well organized and punctual. If you insist on that – DO NOT BOOK THIS HUNT! You will be aggravated at times, annoyed and frustrated at times, but you will have an experience you will never forget and that you will be telling stories about for many years!! These are good people– and if you stay calm and go with the flow you will be richly rewarded!

This is not the “perfect” hunt. BUT- it is a high success hunt; it is a totally unique adventure; it takes place in an incredible place and you will go where few have been! WE consider this an adventure hunt- not simply a hunt. You will need to be patient; calm, willing to deal with problems. But they always seem to come through, and a vast majority of clients come back happy. Interestingly, talk to one of them a year afterwards and virtually all the clients will rate the trip one of their finest! You forget the little adversities and realize you have done something few have attempted! We love Mongolia!! Besides- how cool is it to say you hunted Outer Mongolia?!
For example, a recent client had their convoy of vehicles get lost (there are no road signs and almost no roads exist!) He was upset that he lost a day of hunting and that was understandable, but while this was a bit unusual, it is par for the course. He still got his ibex though. We hope that in hindsight he will view it as part of a great adventure. You must understand you are stepping back in time hundreds of years! Clocks mean nothing; plans change, stuff happens- relax and enjoy it!!



In terms of success, two of our groups totaling 14 hunters – took a combined total of 19 ibex a few years ago! Most were eligible for the SCI book-and 20% would be in the top 40! We work very closely with our Mongolian outfitter, and they offer us their best hunt in Mongolia. Butch started with them over 20 years ago, and our people there are well connected politically, so they get the largest quota of Ibex to hunt, plus the premiere areas. Also available are all of the Argali sheep (from $65,000 to $100,000!). There is also forest game. Butch hunted Mongolia twice with our Mongols, and rates it among his top two favorite destinations. Success on sheep is normally 100%, with absolute maximum efforts put in for your success. Some of these Argali sheep species will exceed 60 inches! On the Gobi Argali hunt (the least expensive) – you may see 300-500 sheep.

We almost always have a number of clients who have expressed serious interest in hunting Mongolian Ibex, every year. One client recently said to Butch, “even if I never saw an Ibex, the whole adventure alone would have been worth the price!” That is exactly the state of mind you need!
The Mongols can also assist you in booking your flights too! Please do this through them as we recently had clients book their own flights into Seoul, not realizing that there are no daily flights into Ulaan Batar. The result was cancellation charges for their own bookings, and some unhappiness. PLEASE, make sure that at the very least – all flights are coordinated thru us and the Mongolian travel agency we use. We get nothing for doing this- except we try to smooth things along! Be aware however, the Mongols do not value time like we do- so ticketing can stretch your patience- but they always get it done!

ELK: Elk hunting I (properly called Maral Stag) s currently available. It can be done alone or in combo with Altai Ibex. Understand however, that while Ibex has been virtually 100% for many years, elk was probably closer to 80% or a bit more-still an excellent elk hunt average! Butch has taken 3 elk over there himself. Their elk are “our” elk-and by that we mean that their elk crossed the Asian land bridge back in ice age days, coming to America from Asia!! So “our” elk are really their elk!. Their elk look identical, except that their bodies are enormous and their horns tend to be very massive, but perhaps a bit shorter in tine length then ours. However the mass makes up for all or most of that! A 300 class in the past has been a reasonable expectation. Butch’s 2 best were taken on 2 trips, a 297 and a 327-and Butch has seen some that would push into 350 plus range. This would be a hunt during bugle season, if you want to do the combo. So try to hunt in Sept/Oct.

SHEEP:  Mongolia has been for almost 20 years the place to go for the worlds’ biggest sheep. It has 3 species of Argali, including the King of Kings- the Altai Argali.
The ALTAI ARGALI is considered by SCI to be the largest wild sheep in the world, having the largest and the most massive horns. Rowland Ward’s record book reports the biggest as being nearly 72”!! you may see this sheep at their Hunter’s Museum. That is double the typical N. American sheep!! Bases of horns on the Altai Argali typically are 18” to 21” in circumference, and the skull, cape and horns will often weigh over 100 pounds green. Weights push 450 to 550 pounds. Typical horn sizes in recent times have averaged in the mid fifty to almost 60 inch range, with the occasional 60”. SCI scores typically range from 260 points to 220 points- so these are big sheep!! They are found almost exclusively in the Altai Mountains of western Mongolia, and our Company outfitter has been operating there for many years. Our Mongolian team gets more quota for these sheep than anyone else! And they have put more sheep in the book than anyone else-period! Adya Tundev is a legendary name in sheep circles. It has been said by James Clark that if a really big ram is the finest trophy of all, then the Altai Argali is the “king of kings”! So if you want to experience the hunt for the KING OF KINGS- than this is the best sheep hunt available anywhere! One note of importance to you- based on our inspection trips to Mongolia, we have come to believe that the quotas on these animals will likely be reduced in the near future. Poaching is a factor, and the wise hunter will make it a point to not delay if you want the best trophy. We urge you to book now. Also note there are two other species of Argali, the Hangai Argali and the Gobi Argali. The holy grail is to take all three, a feat rarely accomplished.

The HANGAI ARGALI category is relatively new (1997). Formerly these sheep were considered to be “mid-altai argali’s”, averaging bit smaller than the western Altai Argali. Eventually, because this population seemed separate and distinct, for record keeping purposes this category was created. Most of the sheep taken have been in the 45” to 55” range, with some pushing close to 60”. Horn bases are 17-20”! SCI scores range from 243 to 209, so while these are smaller than the Altai Argali, they are still giants among the sheep clan! And of course they are still a bargain among argali’s. They are also among the harder species to obtain as their numbers are not as great. Clients tend to work harder to get this specie. This would suggest to us that if you want this specie, it should be done now! With a restricted area they live and with smaller numbers, it is just a matter of time until prices jump upward.

The third category of the Argali’s is the GOBI ARGALI. This is the sheep that we consider to be the best bargain on Mongolian Argali’s in the world today. Again they have the same massive horns of the other two argali’s but overall they average smaller, although a large specimen can exceed the average sized Altai in horn size. They are taken in the mountains of the Gobi desert, which makes for a unique locale for a true world class adventure. Horn sizes recently tend to run in the 40” to 45” range. Some to over 50” have been taken. Horn bases average 16-17”. SCI scores run from 180 to 222 points, so even this desert dweller is a true king among sheep. If you want a Gobi ibex, they average 33” to 40”, with a rare few over 41”. The whitetailed gazelle (Mongolian Gazelle for SCI purposes ) is also available for very modest cost as an add-on! The whitetail gazelle is light colored with 9-11” horns- a beautiful animal. And a truly unique hunt!! In terms of success, it is very high. Indeed one of our people reported seeing 250 sheep in just two days a fewyears back. We think this Gobi sheep hunt is one of the last relative bargains in Argali hunting left in the world today.

Fishing:  The international angling community has recognized that the pristine, unspoiled waters of Mongolia offer some of the most exciting fishing in the world. The ferocious taimen (hucho taimen) is one of the premiere game fish to be found anywhere. It is a member of the salmonidae family that can reach 75 inches in length and weigh up to 75 pounds. The average catch is 35 to 40 inches, with taimen up to 50 inches not uncommon. Many of our anglers have landed fish larger than this. When Butch first fished Mongolia over 20 years ago, his interpreter told him he believed Butch was the first Westerner in modern times to catch taimen. Local shot lemmings and used them whole for bait! You need heavy tackle for this species and we suggest using the same tackle you would use for King Salmon!

You’ll also find the lenok, a cousin of the North American trout, to be widespread throughout Mongolia. This beautifully colored, pugnacious species reaches 35 inches in length and up to 11 pounds in weight. For these smaller species, the recommended tackle is a 4 to 6 weight rod and some hoppers for catching lenok that average 18 to 20 inches, often much larger.

Your catch may also include grayling (up to 16 inches), pike, burbot (averaging 35 to 38 inches), perch, sockeye, omul, Amur pike and Uskuch trout,Mongolia’s equivalent to the silver salmon. If you’re itching for some great fishing, we have the cure.

We here at HUNT-NATION ( formerly Butch Manasse Outdoor Adventures) have sent many, many people to this fine country and we think we know how to minimize costs and avoid hassles. Certain agents always route their clients thru China, adding a number of days and about $1900 to the cost-we do not! (It is good for their commissions- -however we try to save clients unnecessary expense where possible!) However, if you have the time, do consider the China add on- it is a great experience to see the Great Wall, Tomb of the Emperors and other sights. A great add on for observers to enjoy. Butch has done it- had an incredible time, and even found a shooting range where you could for a fee, fire anti aircraft guns and shoulder fired laser aimed, guided missles!! How long this will be available is anyone’s guess.

In terms of extra costs, you can figure that licenses, CITES and the in-country domestic Mongolian flights will add about $800 or a bit more to your cost, assuming one specie, one ibex. (Varies with international currency). They arrange it all and collect that from you in country the morning after you arrive.
Flights to Mongolia are available from most major US airports thru Seoul and on into Ulan Bataar. A rough average cost is in the $1700 to $2000 range. Delta, United and Korean Air all connect with Miat into Ulan Bataar.
We do think purchasing emergency medical insurance or Emergency Evac insurance from us is a wise idea on any international or remote hunts these days, and you want coverage that would include medical emergency evacuations. But PLEASE-buy it at the time you purchase the hunt in order to get the maximum coverage. Figure that insuring the trip and the flights and licenses etc will cost you about $350. If you want to only purchase Medical evacuation insurance by itself – it is a bargain at around $200 for a full years coverage!! In this vein, we had a dear friend and client pass away on a very remote hunt, in September of 2006. Realizing how remote and far away you are, you can imagine transporting him back home was a problem. Unfortunately, he did not heed the advice above, and the family at one point was asked to front $18,000 for a charter flight to get his body home. Diligent efforts reduced that, but the point is, a very healthy guy in good condition, did not anticipate a heart attack! So please, spend the extra couple hundred of dollars and save your family some grief.
Once you arrive you will want to buy some of the fine cashmere sweaters and the local artwork to bring home- it is dirt cheap-a $300 cashmere sweater might cost you $40! Artist sketches and water colors of typical Mongolia scenes are under $75- bargain a bit! Butch has bought several water colors of Mongolian scenes- handsome indeed.

These hunts are less physical than most sheep hunts, but being in good condition is always a good idea. Consider it a 7 to 8 on a 10 scale of effort. Not a couch potato hunt- you need to prepare. Elevations are modest- 6-8,000 feet at most normally. But never forget this is a rough mountain hunt! Some areas are reached mainly by 4 wheel drive jeeps, others on horses. There are many different terrains and areas they hunt from. Most of it is moderate to exertive- if you have a problem please let us know and we can probably adapt your hunt to a more easily accessible area in Mongolia.
We truly believe this is a must do hunt for any hunter interested in International hunting; or who wants a real adventure! An Asian Ibex from Outer Mongolia in a full leaping mount in your game room-is a guaranteed eye-popper. We know-we have them!! And a full mount of a massive 500 pound Argali is a sure jaw dropper! This is probably Butch’s all time number 1 favorite place! The adventure itself is an awesome experience-the people very friendly and peaceful-just a wonderful experience! And the pricing is just too good to pass up!! Any other foreign Ibex hunt is double or triple the price!
We have gotten some information that this hunt is very likely to continue its recent increases in costs in the near future!. Once you book, please ask for our equipment list and suggestions- that is only given however to hunters who have actually booked!!
This is of course a mountain hunt, for a mountain specie. Obviously, some areas in each mountain range are easier, some harder, but all of it requires you to be in good condition. We do not know which part of the mountains you will be in, so get in shape to enjoy yourself. Elevations are 6,000 to 8,500 feet. Some areas

can be very rough going, while others are modestly exertive. Be prepared for either! On average we think the exertion level on a scale of 1 to 10, is about a 6 to an 8, depending of where you hunt. If you are concerned, talk to us, and we will try to arrange for easier areas- there are some over there.

PRICING 2017/2018
Altai Argali – 16 day itinerary $100,000
Non-hunter $5,500

Hangai Argali
14 day itinerary $85,000
Non-hunter $4,550

Gobi Argali
14 day itinerary $80,000
Non-hunter $4,550
Season for all argali hunts: July 1- October 1


Altai Ibex & Gobi Ibex
14 days itinerary 1×1 $22,500
Non-hunter $4,000
Season: July 15-October 15

Altai Ibex & Maral Stag
14 days itinerary 1×1 $24,500
Non-hunter $4,000
Season: August 25- October 15

Gobi Ibex & White Gazelle
10 day itinerary 1×1 $15,000(any size)
Non-hunter $3,500
Season: September 1 – October 15

Altai Ibex
9 day itinerary, 5 day hunt
1×1 $11,500(any size)
2×1 $11,100(any size)
Non-hunter $2,400
Season: July 15 – October 15

Gobi Desert Ibex
9 day itinerary, 5 day hunt
1×1 $11,400(any size)
2×1 $10,950(any size)
Non-hunter $2,400
Season: July 15 – October 15

9 day itinerary, 5 day hunt
1×1 $12,500(any size)
2×1 $11,500(any size)
Non-hunter $2,400
Season: September 1 – October 1

18 days itinerary from Ulaanbaatar 1×1 $15,000
Non-hunter $5,100
Trophy fees (subject to change by the Government):
Wild boar $550
Roe deer $1,200
Altai Ibex $4,000 (any size)
Gobi Ibex $3,960 (any size)
Maral Stag $5,000 (any size)
White gazelle $800
Free: One gray wolf, if taken during the hunt.
Season: July 15 – October 30

Waterfowl hunt
8 day itinerary 2 hunters $5,000
3 or more hunters $4,500
Non-hunter $2,100
The package includes up to 160 birds including:
Shelducks: ruddy & common
Mergansers: Eurasian goosander, red-breasted, smew
Pochards: red-crested, common, tufted, greater scaup
Teals: Eurasian greed windged, garganey
Puddle ducks: mallard, northern pintail, Eurasian wigeon, gadwall
Geese: swan, bar-headed, graylag
Seasons: April 1- April 19 & September 1-October 19

Upland Bird Hunts
8 day itinerary 2 hunters $4,000
3 or more hunters $3,500
Non-hunter $2,100
Trophy fees: Capercaille $300
Black grouse $250
Hazel grouse $20
Daurian partridge $20
Chucker partridge $20
Button (common) quail $20
Sandgrouse $20
Surcharge for solo hunter $500
Season: November 15-March 15

8 day itinerary 1×1 $4,200
2×1 $4,000
3 and more $3,800
Non-hunter $2,100
Trophy fish: Taimen; rainbow trout; arctic grayling; grayling lenok, pike; skin carp;
sturgeon; dolly warden; Mongolian grayling.
Taimen fishing is offered on catch and release bases only.
Season: June 16-October 1

Day 1 Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Meet your guide-interpreter at the airport in Ulaanbaatar. Transfer to the hotel. Optional tour in the city with visits to the Hunting Trophy Museum and Museum of Natural History. Overnight at hotel. (B/L/D)

Day 2 Flight or driving to the Gobi hunting area depending on season and camp selection. Transport to the hunting camp. (B/L/D)

DayS 3-12 Hunting days for Gobi Argali & Ibex. (B/L/D)

Day 13 Return flight or driving to Ulaanbaatar city. Overnight at hotel. (B/L/D)

Day 14 Transfer to the airport for departure. (B)

B-breakfast, L-lunch, D-Dinner

Price includes:
– One Gobi Argali and one Ibex trophy fees;
– All accommodation in Mongolia;
– Daily three course meal;
– All hunting services;
– Guide-interpreter and local guide service fees in Mongolia;
– Trophy field preparation fee;

Price does not include:
– International airfare to/from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
– Visa fees
– Excess luggage fees;
– Airport taxes;
– Travel and medical insurance;
– Food and beverages not included in the package, including alcoholic beverages;
– Items of personal nature, including laundry and telephone calls;
– Photography and video fees;
– $300 documentation fee (hunting license, Mongolian gun permit, local administrative taxes, trophy export papers) payable upon arrival in Mongolia;
– $250 for Mongolia domestic transportation cost
– Trips and gratuities

TROPHY FEES (Subject to change by the Government)

Ibex(Altai) $4,000
Ibex(Gobi) $3,940
Gazelle(white) $800
Gazelle (blacktail) $1,200
Roe-deer $1,200
Wild boar $550
Wolf $550
Capercaille $300
Black grouse $250


(Edelweiss hotel, meals, sightseeing) $200/day per person
5 star hotels- room only $280/room/night
(Shangri-La, Kempinski, Tuushin)
4 star hotels- room only $180/room/night
(Bayangol, Ulaanbaatar, Chingis Khan)
3 star hotels- room only $100/room/night

West Altai $750 Gobi Desert $650
Forest area $500
Hangai area $550
Add-on gazelle hunt transportation $500

1. Group hunters (2-6 persons) will be provided with one local guides each, one interpreter, one vehicle per every 2 (two) hunters or individual horses.
2. Camp accommodation in traditional Mongolian ger based on maximum of 4 persons per ger. Tents & sleeping bags are provided if hunts need flyer camping.
3. Wounding an animal requires imperative finding the game. Otherwise the hunt is considered to be completed and should be paid in full.
4. Accidental shooting of female or baby animals of the indicated species in the pricelist requires penalty charge in the amount of the trophy fee of the same game.
5. Included in the rate: All land transportation, accommodation at the hunting/fishing camp, meals, guide, interpreter, and field care of the trophies.
6. Not included in the rate: Accommodation and meals in Ulaanbaatar, rifle & ammunition; visa fee; extra trophies; Mongolia domestic transportation charges; excess luggage of over 33 pounds per hunter for domestic flights; $550 documentation fee for Government hunting or fishing license; state veterinary certificate & export documentation & rifle permit; $1,650 Mongolian export CITES fee (argali & wolf hunters); insurance and gratuities.
7. Payment : AN INITIAL DEPOSIT OF $3,500US ON MOST HUNTS- ($20,000US for argali hunts, $2000 for non hunting companions) non-refundable deposit should be paid upon reservations. Installment payments of $5000 per/hunt, per/person, per/year due March 1 each following year for argali bookings. Balance is due 90 days before hunt start date for all bookings.
8. Cancellations: No name changes allowed on argali bookings. You cannot re-sell your hunt as license is issued in your name only.Initial deposits, less $500 administrative charge, are refundable if no USFWS argali import permits were granted to hunter. 50% of initial deposit will be refunded if cancellation was made two years or more before the hunting year. Non hunter companion deposits fully refundable if canceled 90 days before the hunt starts. All other cancellation cases would be non refundable
9. All hunts are strictly fair chase and the species are wild animals roaming on the huge territory. The Outfitter, hereinafter referred to as Company, will make every effort to ensure a successful hunt.
Limited responsibility: The Company acts only as a limited representative for clients or their agents in engaging the services of companies or other persons to provide transportation, lodging, tours, guides, and other travel services. The Company and its employees are not principals, partners, agents, or operators of any airline, carrier, hotel, tour company, guide service, outfitter, or any other provider of travel services, and no provider should be considered to be an agent, employee, principal, or partner of the Company.
Neither the Company nor its employees, officers, directors, agents, or affiliates will be responsible or liable for any loss, injury, death, or damage to any person or property (i) arising out of arrangements made on behalf of any person by the Company or (ii) caused by or arising out of travel or other activities undertaken as a result of such arrangements. Each person who participates in travel or other activities arranged by the Company or its employees or agents does so at his or her own risk and assumes complete responsibility for the inherent risks and dangers associated with the travel and other activities. Risks and dangers may be present at any time during a person’s participation in the travel or other activities arranged by the Company and include, without limitation: (a) adverse weather conditions and other hazards of nature; (b) strenuous physical activity; (c) accidents, whether related to travel, hunting, or other activities; (d) disease or other physical ailments; (e) contact with dangerous animals and insects; and (f) political or civil unrest.

We cannot even begin to describe all that this country has to offer. From visits to nomads homes, tours of Buddhist centers, viewing the Natural History museum, visits to the Gobi desert, exploring the animals of the desert, the flaming cliffs, fossilized dinosaur eggs, Lake Hagyn Har, prehistoric rock pictures, helicopter flights, the Bogd Gegen Palace- the list is endless. How about a camel Caravan in the Gobi?? Horseback trekking in the Altai Mountains?-Or a motorcycle trip thru the vast steppes? Throw is some great taimen fishing, see Lake Baikal in Siberia, take a train ride across Siberia,- all these and more can be arranged for you. Most will require a 5 to 8 day extra stay, although sometimes we can work a 3 day tour. Prices range from about $1800 up to about $4000 per person, with shorter trips or special side trips very easily arranged. Another possibility is the Golden Naadam Festival. Main events of the festival are horse racing, wrestling and archery !! Just let us know your wishes and we will get you information and pricing.



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