May 2015:   A couple important facts to know. First, there are a substantial number of left over Big Game Combo’s (deer and elk) that are available right now for Montana. The cost for the elk, deer and fishing combo is $996. We can assist you. First come first served and about 1,250 license remain.

Second important fact to know is that a true elk/deer combo is hard to find. We know- we have booked thousands of hunts! Usually success is only fair on one specie, or you run short of time to take both. Not with this outfitter. You can take either a mulie or a whitetail, plus your bull, and many clients here take both. Also many clients hunt here 7, 8 and even 12 or more years in a row! That tells you a lot! And the more experienced hunters regularly pass on numbers of shootable bulls and bucks, holding out for the “big one”.

2014-ELK-PIC-2   This outfitter is located in the Big Belt Mountain Range of central Montana, hunting district 446. The hunting area consists of 76,000 acres of beautiful, mountainous, private ranchlands. Hunters have averaged 70% success on five and six point bull elk and 60% success on four and five point mule and whitetail deer over the last 32 years. The antelope they are harvesting average 14″ in horn length.

These private ranches include seven major drainages and the ridges and south slopes are covered with scattered timber and have numerous basins and meadows and some dark timber. Elevations vary from 4,700 ft. to 7,200 ft. The tops of these ridges offer miles of open parks and benches, where much of your hunting will take place. The north slopes are steep with heavy red fir, lodge pole pine, and quaking aspen timber for cover.

You hunt from 2 modern camps during the week you are there. Both camps consist of clean, comfortable cook houses, propane heated cabins (2 people per cabin), and hot showers. From these camps, you will travel by 4×4 vehicles to different areas and drainages and ranches. This enables you to access much of the area and harvest the best animals available during yourr hunt. They also can accommodate people of mixed ages and physical abilities, and with the use of 4WD they can normally get you into game. They  offer both 2 hunters per 1 guide, and 1 hunter per 1 guide rates.

They provide the camps, equipment, food, guides and accommodations while you are hunting. You will need to bring your personal effects, including a warm sleeping bag, binoculars, ammunition, boots and clothing. You are also responsible for your own license fees, taxidermy fees, meat processing & shipping. WE here at BMOA will assist you in applying for your licenses.

This Outfit has some superb bow hunting for better then average bulls and bucks (both whitetails and mule deer. Opportunity is extremely high on these combo hunts, and contact with animals happens nearly daily if not more often. Their archery combo hunts fill very quickly, due to the many long time repeat clients, some of whom have been 7 to 12 or more times! Bow starts in early September and runs through the first week of October, currently. To get a bow hunt here, you realistically must book at LEAST 18 months in advance!


Their Rifle combo hunts are even more successful of course, due to the use of rifles. In 2014, on the early November combo hunt, 6 hunters, in just about 1 and ½ days took a big 6×6 on the way into camp; next day missed a big 6×6 at 120 yards; passed on three more 6×6’s hoping for a monster; took a 5X5 bull, took a nice 4X4 whitetail and passed on 4 mulie bucks!! And the balance of the hunt was similar!

On the later rifle hunts you get into the mulie and whitetails ruts, and snow often heps pinpoint where the biggest bulls are. Success is pretty consistent no matter when you go, and it has been so for over 30 years!! We feel this hunt is probably the single best combo hunt we offer in Montana! The problem is getting into it, but a few cancellations have opened some hunts for 2015.




There are cheaper combo hunts, but this is PROBABLY the best combo hunt we know of in Montana, and it has  been proving itself for many years. Very tough to even get into this place, but some folks backed out last minute. This is what is available for this year.

  • A single (1)  one on one hunt – November 1-6 (actual hunting days) for $8600. per person (not including licensing or travel)
  • THREE  two on one hunts – November 22-27 (actual hunting days) for  $7400. per person (not including licensing or travel) ( two of these could be sold as one on one hunts at the one on one price) .


You will fly to Helena, MT. From there you can either rent a car, or you can arrange airport pickup with the outfitter. Most clients prefer their own vehicle if they tag out early and want to do some sight seeing or leave early. Camp is a 90 minute drive.

One client had this to say:

I would like to thank you for a spectacular elk hunt with you this September. I understand now why you have few openings. I have hunted elk all over the West and have taken over 25 bulls with a bow. I must commend you on a first class outfit. Your guides, equipment, accommodations, food and location are first rate. Garrett was an exceptional guide. The number of elk, including 330 plus bulls in the single day I hunted was unbelievable. It was exciting to have 200 elk file by within 60 yards for over an hour. Paul P.



PH: 307-637-5495


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