The Himalayan tahr has to be one of the most majestic animals to hunt in New Zealand.

This operator specializes in
free range fair chase hunting for tahr on the West Coast of the South Island. Many like to hunt during their rut which is May-July in general on the West Coast of the South Island and tends to be year round on the East Coast of the South Island.



You will use a helicopter to access the remote camp sites within the Southern Alps. You will find the flight to be truly spectacular; and it contributes greatly to the entire adventure. You then set up camp and go hunting.  Most of the hunting is within  a 1 to2 hour walk from camp and it is followed by  a lot of time spent glassing for big mature Bulls.  This means if your fitness levels are not quite what they used to be – you will have time to recover before doing any stalks. For anyone who makes an effort to get in shape, there should be no problem. Allow 6 days.


Wilderness Tahr Hunt price $4150  

Tahr package includes:  Helicopter access, transport, airport transfers, accommodation, preparation of trophies, food & beverages. There are no trophy fees on these public land tahr hunts, so that helps hold your costs down, making this one of the most reasonably priced tahr hunts in New Zealand. Success is normally close to 100%, assuming good shooting and a reasonable degree of fitness.

Package Excludes: Airfares and expediting of trophies to your home.



We have arranged with this outfitter to provide you with guiding and access to a top free range private land tahr hunt, up into the beautiful Rangitata Valley.  If you would like a hunt that is a little easier on the body or you are pressed for time then this is a great place to hunt.  After your day out on the hill you will head back to the homestead for a lovely meal and a good nights rest ready for the next adventure. Allow: 1-3 days.                 

  Tahr Hunt Private Land price $4150 US  

Tahr Hunt Private Land includes:  The Trophy fee, transport, airport transfers, accommodation, preparation of trophies, food & beverages.

Package Excludes:  Airfares and expediting and ship of trophies

NOTICE: Please enquire for price if 2 or more persons wish to hunt tahr as we can often do this for a discounted rate. Decide if you want to hunt together or separately, however. 
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Chamois Hunt

Chamois, which were liberated in NZ in about 1907, have found the Westland mountains to their liking with plenty of feed and good numbers. This outfitter is harvesting some phenomenal bucks!!

Because he specializes in free range fair chase hunting for chamois on the West Coast of the South Island, you get great pricing!! And you can hunt these animals year round, though the best time with their capes at their best is in NZ’s full summer or full winter (6 months reverse of our seasons!).  Chamois rut May-July which is winter there. Allow: 6 days


Once again the helicopter is used to transport you to the lower mountains of the Southern Alps.  There you set up camp and go hunting with your guide.  Most chamois are within a 1-2 hour walk from camp; then sit and glass. This helps if you are not as fit as you would like to be.                       

      Wilderness Chamois hunt price $3650  A Steal!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Chamois package includes:  Helicopter access, transport, airport transfers, preparation of trophies, DOC concession fees, accommodation, food & beverages. There are NO trophy fees on all the public land hunts.

Excludes:  Airfares and expediting and shipping of trophies to your home.

Please enquire if 2 or more person wish to hunt chamois as we can do this for a discounted price.

 Tahr and Chamois Combination Hunt $6550!!

The tahr and chamois combo is a popular option for hunters at a discounted price. We believe our agency is offering you the best deal in New Zealand on this combo!!

Combo package includes

All helicopter access, transport, airport transfers, preparation of trophies, DOC concessions fees, accommodation, food & beverages


 Excludes:  Airfares and expediting and shipping of trophies home.

Red Stag Hunts

P1010750-1  Free-range hunts are generally recommended to be done in March – April to coincide with the rut. Roaring is exciting, and contributes greatly to the experience and to the success of the hunt. These animals are genuine free range red stags. In Butch’s experience, many clients have seen the carefully staged photos of Estate type NZ stags. They look monstrous, dwarfing the hunters! NOT TRUE! Butch has seen the 500 class trophies –  and horns are normally around 40” to 44” in length, but with great mass and many points. A good US elk in the 400 class will have beams at least a foot longer than that!! Free Range red stags will honestly be hard pressed to exceed 300 points. Most will be considerably less, but typically will have 6X6 and even 7X7 racks. But they are not pen fed and pen raised like the estate stags, so they do not have the genetic breeding and the feed to produce giant horns. DO NOT CONFUSE AN ESTATE HUNT WITH A FREE RANGE HUNT!! 

We have secured access to a 23,000 acre working merino station up the stunning Awatere Valley, Marlborough where there are plenty of free range red deer, pigs and goats.  You will drive in by 4×4 to a back country hut where you unload your gear and go hunting. 

Since Red stag are very wily, and are one of the hardest free range trophies to secure – we can make no guarantees on size. But you will see plenty of wild deer. Be patient, enjoy the hunt and you will not be disappointed. Again, the better your condition, the bigger the likely trophy!   Allow 6 days.

 Wilderness Red Stag Hunt price $3650  1X1 !!!

Private land Stag package includes : Transport, Airport transfers, trophy fee (only if stag taken), preparation of trophies, accommodation, food and beverages. Inquire for 2X1!

Excludes: Airfares and expediting and shipping of trophies home.

Fallow Deer

This outfitter has the exclusive right to hunt New Zealand’s very best free-range fallow.  A number of NZ records have been taken from this property.

They prefer to do these free range fair chase hunts for fallow during their rut in April-May and then again in late winter and early spring (Aug-Oct.). To ensure trophy quality there are only limited hunts available. If you want an outstanding fallow and the chance to secure a record there is arguably no better place to hunt.

A number of bucks over 240 Douglas score have been harvested off this property!!


Arapawa Rams

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