Quebec Caribou Hunt #105

Quebec Caribou Hunt #105


Hunt-Nation  has worked with this very fine outfitter for nearly 14 years, and they have been in business for over 20 years. Each year their success is some of the highest in Quebec, and we put them in the top 10% of Quebec outfitters. They have experienced and English speaking guides. There are no hidden costs either, and packages take you from Montreal to camp and back with your meat and trophies.

From Montreal to Caniapiscau (Lake PAU) Quebec, you will be flying a Convair 580 Turbo prop owned and operated by Nolinor Avaition. It carries 32 hunters at a time. So, don’t worry about the way you dress for the flight, this is strictly a hunter’s flight. Then an Otter flies you to your camp!

You will also have the chance to fish for Atlantic salmon, lake trout, brook trout and more! Brookies can reach 5 pounds and are aggressive. Lakers to 10 pounds and Atlantic salmon to 20 pounds. Comfortable lodging; good food, good boats, good guides and an area well known for high success! Just get yourself to Montreal- then the package takes over.

If you have been paying close attention to the status of the caribou hunts in Quebec over the years from 2009 to 2013, you know the populations have fallen off a cliff- some say the various herds were around 700,000 animals, and now are more like 70,000! Success has fallen, sizes have fallen and more clients go home less then thrilled with their hunts. The George River herd has been the worst hit, while the Leaf River herd is doing pretty well. This hunt is for the Leaf River herd. We have put some further info at the bottom of this writeup. Read it carefully. (Butch).

NOTE: Your caribou licenses are not included and average about $363. A black bear license is worthwhile as many do get taken incidental to the caribou hunt. $160.71.
HUNTS INCLUDE TWO CARIBOU- but only one trophy bull under new regulations.
OPENINGS left as of 3/10/16:
1 Spot 1×2 for Trophy week September 29th to October 5th @ 9495$
5 spots Semi guided 1X3 in week August 30th to September 5th @ 7495$
9 spots Semi guided 1X3 in week September 5th to September 11th @ 7495$
The semi guided are good dates for early hunters that don’t mind the velvet !! Usually good amount of caribou, weather is good, black bears are feeding…excellent hunt before school starts.
The trophy week date is for a serious hunter, could be easy or could be hard but very rewarding because of the quality of animals. The weather is cold but great for getting the big bulls moving !!!

PACKAGE #1 American Plan with superior accommodations:

Basic cost $8,495 Per hunter.2 x 1 Guiding

7 Days and 6 Nights

Hunt takes place of various lakes.

One trophy bull and one management bull or cow + black bear at NO Extra Charge!!

Federal tax 5 %  
Provincial tax 7.5%

PACKAGE # 2 SEMI-GUIDED PACKAGE–same as above but 3 x 1.

TWO CARIBOU LIMIT PER HUNTER  – 7 Days, 6 Nights  Cost: $7,495

One Trophy Bull & One Management Bull or Cow CARIBOU LIMIT PER HUNTER Hunters can also take a Black Bear at no extra charge



          Late September – $9495.00,  2 x 1 Guiding

          7 days/6 nights

One Trophy Bull & One Management Bull or Cow CARIBOU LIMIT PER HUNTER Hunters can also take a Black Bear at no extra charge


1 guide for 2 hunters (Package #1)

1 guide for 4 hunters (Package #2)

2 clients per cabin (Package #1 )

6 clients per cabin (Package #2)

7 day trip, 5 days of hunting

Federal and Provincial taxes

Nutritious home-cooked meals

Experienced guides

Shuttles from airport to hotel, hotel to airport

Free parking with 24-hour surveillance in Montreal

Clients met at hotel in Mont., and in Lake Pau base camp, by a outfitters representative

Air transportation from Montreal to Lake Pau and return

Air transportation from Lake Pau base camp to hunting site and return

Free lodging in Lake Pau

Permanent cabins with oil or propane heating

Hot water showers and flushing toilets

Preparation and transportation of meat and antlers (1 full rack 1 split rack)

Way in and way out: weight allowance of 70 pounds per person

Way out: transportation of 3 meat boxes weighting 70 pounds each

Boats, Motors, and fuel

All terrain vehicles

Satellite telephone communications

Screen storage house for game

Transfer of hunting site if there is no caribou in your area

Cold storage for game in Lake Pau and Montreal.



Hunting equipment

Alcoholic beverages


Caribou license $363

Black Bear license $160 optional

Small Game license $92.00 optional


License prices are in Canadian funds, and are subject to change

All prices indicated are effective from the publication date. However, since prices are printed in advance, they are subject to change after invoicing in accordance with increases to the following;

Gas prices, Air transportation, Devaluation of the US$ currency.


PHONE: 307-637-5495   e-mail: 

Two positive reports :

Haig Kassouni hunted in late September while Mike Daley hunted a week later in early October. Both give the outfit across-the-board excellent ratings. “This is my third trip with them,” says Kassouni “and I plan on going back again perhaps this year. One major reason is that the camp is spotless, has plenty of hot water, Wi-Fi (Skype worked perfectly), and every meal is essentially cooked from scratch — I gain weight every visit despite sometimes walking 15 miles in a day. Owner is always in camp making sure things go well. The camp, staff and management are focused on making sure you have a great hunt, but you need to have patience with things like weather.”

Daley echoed the praise: “This was one of the finest wilderness camps I have ever stayed in. They even had Wi-Fi in the main cabins. The owner has really put together an exceptional hunt, and it was worth every dime paid. Nice heaters in the cabins, hot showers every day and some fantastic food to boot! This really was an exceptional hunt!”

As to the hunting, Kassouni reports:

“I took two trophy caribou this trip both approximately 50-inches wide with double shovels, good bez palms and palmated antlers. My caribou were not the biggest or best taken in camp, but I was pleased enough with the animals that I am having both mounted.” Daley says he also took two good bulls on his hunt. “I had dreamed of seeing huge herds of caribou as they migrated. It was above and beyond my wildest dream starting the first day. First thing, we spotted 300 to 400 caribou swimming across the Leaf River. I must have seen 2,000 caribou the first day and took a nice bull in the afternoon. The guy I was hunting with shot both his caribou the first day. I tagged out the second day. There were 14 hunters in camp and by the end of the third day, only two guys needed one caribou each. Six other hunters flew in the first day at noon and had all tagged out by 9:30 the next morning and left camp. There were caribou everywhere we looked. The most difficult part was choosing which bull to shoot! The only concern was that the caribou were crossing the river going north instead of south at this late time of the year.”