Romania #329 Carpathian Chamois

Romania #329 Carpathian Chamois

An under-appreciated trophy to many American mountain hunters is the chamois. A European native, these small, nimble goats are found as far west as northern Spain and as far east as the Greater Caucasus Mountains of Azerbaijan. Although very similar in appearance, more than half a dozen subspecies are available for trophy collectors pursuing Capra world slams. The largest of these subspecies, the Carpathian, is found only in Romania. Hunt Nation has paired with a fantastic new outfitter that has access to some of Romania’s best private hunting territories that consistently produce trophy-class animals and near-perfect success rates for clients who are in reasonably good physical condition. Hunt Nation’s Derek Amadio recently returned from this new destination and took an old, gold medal trophy on the first day of his hunt!

The Hunt

A two-and-a-half-hour drive from the capital city of Bucharest takes you to the private hunting territory in the Fagaras Mountains, widely known as Romania’s best chamois hunting for both numbers of animals and high scoring trophies. These “Transylvanian Alps” are the highest in Romania surpassing 8,000 feet at the highest points. A comfortable hotel lodge at the base of the mountain will serve as the accommodations for the duration of the hunt. From here hunters will depart and return each day with their local guide, allowing them to enjoy a hot meal, warm shower, and a nice comfortable bed daily with no spiking out necessary. Early morning departures with a 45-minute drive in the dark are needed to reach the top of the mountains where the roads deteriorate, and the hiking and hunting begins. The hunts are conducted on foot and by spot and stalk with one hunter and one guide. Expect to stay in the field all day while packing a lunch, returning in the late evening or after harvesting your trophy. We strongly recommend packing as light as possible and to avoid taking anything unnecessary (including a spotting scope) as the guides are exceptional at what they do including trophy assessment, despite speaking little to no English. The guides will also carry what they can on behalf of the client and will only walk as fast or as slow as the ability of the client.

This outfitter has a chamois success rate very close to 100% including a client over the age of 80 during the 2021 season. Most clients will get an opportunity in a single day if the weather cooperates, however anyone considering this hunt should be in good physical condition and expect to climb each day of the hunt. Trophy quality is excellent with most hunters taking medal-class chamois. With this hunt there are no additional fees for exceptional heads.

Rifle rental is available for those who chose not to travel with a firearm although we strongly encourage all clients to take their own rifle when hunting chamois. It is very important to have a familiar rifle when hunting these small animals which only weigh about 100 to 130 pounds on the hoof. Shot distances are usually less than 350 yards and steep shot angles are common. Importing bolt-action rifles into Romania is relatively easy. Permits are included in the hunt cost and arranged by the outfitter. A Letter of Invitation will be sent in advance and clients are allowed a maximum of 30 rounds of ammunition.


The chamois season in Romania begins September 1st and ends December 15th.

Early season chamois hunts are ideal for combination hunts with red and roe deer and offer beautiful weather and favorable mountain conditions for spotting and climbing. During periods of warm weather chamois are found at higher elevations and can be physical more difficult to hunt as more climbing is often required. Hair quality is not as thick, and the coloration is not as dark in early September with light brown coloration showing through on the body.

As the season progresses and the temperatures decrease the chamois males begin the early stages of the rut by the first October. The weather is generally favorable with freezing temperatures at night and minimal snow accumulation. Hair quality will thicken and become darker by this time. From mid-October through the middle of November the chamois rut will be in full swing, and the highest numbers of hunters will generally be in the field in pursuit.

Late season hunts after the rut are the ideal time to find chamois at lower elevations at the base of the alpine. Snow should be expected, and poor weather is a risk. The trade off with a late season hunt is very minimal climbing.

PRICING FOR 2022: 3 Day/4 Night Package with 1 Chamois (Any Size) $4,500
Package includes airport reception, all ground transfers, firearm import permit, all necessary hunting licenses, trophy fee for one chamois of any size, all meals and accommodations during the hunt, 1×1 guiding and field preparation of trophies.

Ask about combination options with red deer, roe deer, wild boar or fallow deer.

Not included in package: optional rifle rental @ 50 Euros per day; alcoholic beverages; and trophy shipping and expediting.


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