Scotland- Hunt The Moors for Red Stag Hunt #76

Scotland- Hunt The Moors for Red Stag Hunt #76

If there is such a thing as the perfect hunt to take your spouse or significant other on –than this is it! Indeed, this hunt actually makes a real effort to specially cater to the non-hunters. He has in his employ a professionally licensed tour guide-who takes the non-hunters every day for various adventures. Meanwhile, us poor suffering hunters have to get along by staggering around chasing the King’s deer- the wild and free ranging Hill stags.
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It is important to stop and consider that this is a true entry into the world of Scottish stalking in the Highlands, for the highly regarded “Hill Stag”- the so called King’s deer. Tradition is extremely important here, and you need to immerse yourself into that culture to fully appreciate and enjoy what is being offered to you.
The same goes for you spouse or significant other- drink deeply of the culture, taste the adventure and relish the memories.

Know also that this outfitter hunts extensively in England on numerous estates for all the usual Europen trophies such as stag, hog etc- but he also hunts some very exotic species such as Muntjac, Chinese Water Deer and more! ENGLAND info appears at the end of this writeup in a separate Section.

SCOTLAND: Hill stags at his estate
Typically everyone (hunters and tourists alike) have a breakfast, depart for their various forays, then return at night for a hot bath, cocktails, (plenty of Scotch is available!) stories
and jokes, then a magnificent dinner. Coffee in the lounge or a few sips of an after dinner drink, then retire to relative luxury to pass the evening and night away. These are 4 star accommodations, and a special effort is made to insure you are happy and contented.

Of course the stags are not so courteous, and they must be earned. Normally many stags will be seen each day, and you will typically be guided out of an Argo (a 6 or 8 wheeled ATV), and often may be picked up right at the door of the estate where you will be staying. Off to the moors and a’stalking you will go. This are hill stags-not the giant pen raised stags you see in various ads. You must adjust your expectations, but having done so, this hunt, we hasten to tell you–is an absolutely wonderful experience. Our outfitter has been at this for many years, has handled hundreds of US hunters, and knows what is needed. This is a first class hunt-but done royally, if you will. And there is also wild brown trout fishing available, and some sea runs also!

If you prefer, he can also hunt you on various fenced private estates in England for a huge variety of game, including stags that will rival anything you might find in Bulgaria or New Zealand, but for less money! (See the ENGLAND section below).Other animals available include boar, Manchurian Sika, Reeves muntjac, Axis, hog deer, Fallow deer, Pere David Deer, European roe deer, aoudad, feral goat, Japanese sika deer, European red deer, Water deer, Barasingha deer and others.

Just tell us your needs. He can help you with 9 of the Trophy Animals of Europe; with 9 of the Grand Slam of Deer; with 3 of the Red deer of the World, and with 13 of the Antlered Game.

Our personal favorite however is the Scottish hill stag- he roars out his defiance, you hear him, you smile, then with your stalker you are off across the moors to hunt him. You may crawl in damp mud, hike up and own the moors, ride across salmon streams in ARGO’s- all great fun. It is the type of hunt we all love-spot and stalk on free –ranging animals, lots of opportunities, and then total comfort at the end of a day. This is truly the sport of King’s!! And if you take a non-hunter, they will also treasure the experience! Unlimited touring possibilities and fishing too, and much more can be arranged.


Roe Deer- a huge one!

The traditional Red Hill Stag hunting begins in early September and runs until the middle of October. It is a 7 night stay/5 day hunt, with you arriving on a Sunday and departing the following Sunday. It takes place on a hunting estate of 35,000 acres, and while all hunting for Scottish Red Hill Stags in Scotland is free ranging, he will endeavor greatly to get you good representations of the breed. The expectation is 8 points and above in total with 10 and 12 possible. Please review the photos below to get a true feel for the size of the specie.

For 2 stags and accommodation, all meals and round trip transport from Edinburgh airport etc.- the price IS $5,950.00 per hunter and $3,850.00 per non-hunter, making a total price per couple of $9,800.00. This is a 2 on 1 hunt to the hunting area and then a 1 x 1 for the final stalk. Included in the price – plenty of Brown Trout fishing on the estate in river and lake, and clients can borrow spinning rods if they don’t wish to bring their own. We strongly urge you to add on a Sika deer at the bargain price of $1400 if done in conjunction with stag. A truly fun animal and a neat mount!

This hunt does require a reasonable level of fitness, probably about a 5 or 6 on a 10 scale. All prices are in U.S. dollars.


(Please speak to us here at Hunt Nation before booking your flights)

Also included is field preparation of the antler trophies, which is boiling the heads to museum standard as required by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Dept., and packing so they can be taken back on the plane as baggage.
Not included in the above price – if the hunters require the capes of their trophies there is an extra charge by the hunting estate of $100.00 per cape (because since the recent Foot & Mouth disease outbreak new regulations say the front half of the carcass will be condemned by the Ministry of Agriculture inspector on arrival at the processing plant if it is without the cape), and for return to the U.S. the capes must be flint dried by a taxidermist as per U.S. Dept. of Agriculture regulations, and the charge for this is not included in the price of the hunt and is paid direct to the taxidermist by the client.

Also not included in the hunt price is hard liquor, tips and gratuities to the staff and international and internal flights.

Sika Stag may be available as an extra from $1,400.00 per animal if the client is staying at the hunting lodge and it is taken during their Scottish hill stag hunt. WE here at Hunt Nation strongly urge you to hunt these wonderful trophies!

OTHER SPECIES: Fallow can be added by about a 2.5 hour drive to a high fenced estate for an extra $3125. Boar, driven birds, roe deer and others can be made available also.. Please inquire for pricing and availability. ALSO SEE THE SECTION ON ENGLAND THAT FOLLOWS BELOW.
A limited number of special trophy Red Stags may be available. These animals are in a large fenced area of between 1,000 and 2,000 acres in size and will be in excess of 14 points. Prices start at $3,500.00 per stag. All prices include the 20% government tax.

Hunting clients wishing to bring their own rifles will need a Visitors’ Firearm Permit issued by our Police. The outfitter can arrange this for you at a cost of $80.00 per permit and he will send information about the paperwork you will need to fill out, if bringing your own rifle. Clients not wishing to apply are welcome to borrow one of the Outfitters own rifles. Very convenient for traveling and touring. There is no charge but we ask our clients to contribute a fee of $30.00 to cover the ammunition. DO NOT bring ammunition over without a license

It is now mandatory in Britain for all hunters to carry Limited Liability insurance for $10 million, and the easiest way to provide this is for you to request the outfitter to enroll you into one of their Scottish hunting organizations at a cost of $100.00 per year. The insurance is part of the membership package and makes you legal to hunt in the U.K. and the hunter must then reimburse the outfitter at the end of the hunt.


TOURING: Non-hunting companions will have a full sight-seeing program arranged for them every day. A professional tour guide and touring vehicle will take them to places of interest which include historical castles; a 12th century cathedral; stately homes; Fort William; Pitlochry; Blair Atholl; the amazing Cawdor Castle and of course Loch Ness (to see Nessie?) — and of course shopping for antiques and cashmere, and on the Saturday morning a whisky distillery. They will leave the Lodge after breakfast and have a full day touring, returning late afternoon. On one evening during the week they will be driven up the valley to hopefully see the stags coming down from the mountains just before dusk. When the hunters are finished they are welcome to join the tours or go fishing.
OTHER OPTIONS: Sika, Salmon, brown trout, red grouse, fallow and more. Be aware that if you want variety, then the timing is everything. The Scottish Red Stag season runs for the whole month of September and into October. But pheasants don’t come into season until 1st of October but a lot of the estates don’t start shooting them until 1st November. Also he has no Fallow deer on his Scottish estate – but what we do have is free ranging Japanese Sika. The Scottish Red Stag season finishes on 20th October. Sika are a wonderfully wily quarry.
He has 6 miles of the River Spey and there are salmon in it, but he is on the upper reaches of the river and the salmon will start to run mid-August but don’t usually get to the upper reaches until late September, so that is the time for them. He does however have a lot of Scottish Brown Trout available most of the time. Also you can consider a Red Grouse hunt or a driven pheasant hunt.
One suggested trip would be to do the Stag hunt in the latter part of October, start with a couple of days on a salmon river – preferably in the Scottish Borders where the outfitter lives, then a day or so on one of the big pheasant shoots – again in the same area, and then you could drive down to the south of England to do a trophy Red Stag there and trophy Fallow Buck.

BUTCH’s note: I have hunted Scotland. I loved hunting the free range Hill stags, taking two of them and then chasing the wily Sika. Sika are tough –and they love to whistle when they spot you – alerting all other game. They remind me of whitetails in their natural wary state- except these critters have whistles! You should consider them. Also, note that there are two kinds of stags- the so called Hill Stag- free ranging and I have hunted them as well. Much smaller in body and rack then an estate stag, but crawling in the mud and slogging around in Argo’s chasing the King’s deer –was an adventure.


England has much more to offer then most hunters realize. This is due primarily to a number of very large estates that have carefully groomed their huge estates for decades and sometimes for centuries! It is of course all high fenced, but with vast acreage the hunts are real hunts. And the list of species has a number of them you have never heard of. A list is provided below.

We normally have clients do the Scottish 2 Hill stag package, add on a Sika deer, then move on to England to add other species, if seasons allow. Spring however is for Muntjac, Chinese water deer and others. But you can simply elect to hunt only England. So look over the list below, and we will then put together a quote for you expedition. Of course touring is available and if you wish to do that, please inquire of us. Below is a list of trophies, and the separate daily guiding fee must be added on
as well as lodging. But just give us species and we will lay everything out for you in a detailed proposal.

These are outfitter prices for hunting Trophy animals in 2016. These prices are for good representation of the breeds shown below, but larger trophies are available, PO.R.

Pere David Deer .. .. . .. .. .. $ 8000
European Red Stag 12 – 14 points .. .. $ 4365
Scottish Red Stagin Scotland .. .. $1885 can be added to an English hunt
Scottish Red Stag, Estate 12 – 14 points .. $4365 can be added to an English hunt
English Red Stag, estate – 12 – 14 points $4365 can be added to an English hunt
Manchurian Sika .. $4250
Japanese Sika $4250
Fallow Deer $4250
Axis Deer (when available) $6725
Roe Deer $2360
Muntjac Deer $1770
Chinese Water Deer .. $3300
Hog Deer (when available) $6845
European Wapiti (when available) $6845
Soay Sheep $1770
Wild Boar .. price on request
Wild Goat . $2125

Daily Outing fees – minimum of 4 days. 1 x 1 .. $885 per day

All hunting days booked must be paid for and there is no price reduction if hunt finishes before estimated time. Extra days may be necessary for travelling between hunting areas and will be charged at the normal daily rate.

Hotel Accommodations are not included in the above prices and should be paid in £ Sterling or by credit card direct to the hotel by the client.

If a hunt is cancelled or rolled over, a fee will be charged and will be the total cost of the hunting days booked. Hunts can be rolled over for 1 year only.

DETAILS: in Spring – Roe Buck, Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer are available, but this combination can only be done in the last week of March/first week of April because Roe buck aren’t in season until 1st April, and Chinese season ends on the last day of March. Muntjac start casting their antlers around mid-April.
Availability for this Fall – I still have 2 vacancies this year on the Scottish Red Stags for the weeks of 11 – 18 September and 18 – 25 September.

For the English trophy hunts this Fall, I am fully booked until 12 November but after that until the middle of December I am fairly but Roe Buck will be out of season by then and Pere David would be casting their antlers by then.

In the Spring 2017 – They have availability for roebuck, muntjac and Chinese water deer in lst week of march. First week of April.

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