This premier outfitters Safaris not only offers the challenge of hunting dangerous game, but allows you as the hunter to interact with the beauty and tranquility of nature while doing so. The PH and his team of experienced guides and trackers, strive to make your hunting experience unforgettable. With attention to detail and years of documented success and experience, you will not only leave with great memories to share with family and friends, but also with a longing to come back for more. Let Hunt-Nation help you arrange and experience your hunting safari of a lifetime!

The PH operates on all private land consisting of 80,000 HA in Limpopo Province, 950,000 HA in Zimbabwe, 900,000 HA in Mozambique and 100,000 HA in Tanzania. Hunting packages are available from March 1st- December 15th.
Typical hunting styles include blinds, spot and stalk and the PH caters to the physical condition of the clients. Hunting success, according to the PH, is always 100% with typical species sizes of:

• KUDU: 46 – 60
• GEMSBUCK: 36 – 44
• Buffalo: 36 – 44
• Eland: 26 – 37
• Nyala: 26 – 32
• Tsetssebe: 13 – 16
• Sable: 36 – 43
• Impala: 20 – 24
• Blesbuck: 14 – 17
• Waterbuck: 26 – 30
• Blue wildebeest: 26 – 30
• Duiker Common: 3 -7
• Steenbuck: 3 – 7

• KUDU: 58”
• Buffalo: 44”
• Eland: 34”
• Nyala: 32”
• Tsetssebe: 14,5”
• Sable: 42”
• Impala: 24”
• Blesbuck: 17”
• Waterbuck: 31”
• Blue wildebeest: 30”
• Duiker Common: 6”

Getting There & Lodging
For South Africa Limpopo Hunting, clients can fly into either Johannesburg airport or Polokwane and all Zimbabwe and Botswana Hunting clients fly in to Polokwane international airport. From there, you will be shuttled to camp.
FIRST CLASS LUXURIOUS SAFARI ACCOMMODATION –During your stay, you will enjoy wild game dishes, fine African wines and beverages, freshly made baked goods and deserts. Meals are served in their spacious dining area. Lunches can be packed for a day long trip into the bush or taken in camp if hunting close by. Snacks and soft drinks are available throughout the day.

The bedroom of the honeymoon suite in the main lodge is the perfect African safari getaway. The first class hunting facilities offer each and every hunter the most luxurious and enjoyable African hunting safari. This well-equipped camp in a rich game area, combined with the skills of the PH and his well-trained trackers and camp staff, will ensure a hunting safari in the African bush with luxury, comfort and most important, the best in quality trophies in South Africa.
Daily laundry service, all meals and drinks as well as game skinning and processing facilities are included in the daily fees for your safari.

Their day rate is $400 for 1 on 1 guiding, $350 for 2 on 1 guiding, and observers are $200/day. These day rates are already included in any “package”; but if not hunting a package then they apply and you simply add on the trophy fees for animals you harvest. Here are some packages (day fees included)

Limpopo Hunting Packages 2020

Package 1
7 Days / 6 Nights
1 x Impala
1 x Blesbuck
1 x Warthog
1 x Common Grey Duiker (Part of Tiny Ten Animals)
1 x Steenbuck (Part of Tiny Ten Animals)
Valued at $2999

Package 2
7 Days / 6 Nights
Free Impala or Blesbuck or Steenbuck or Duiker
1 x Zebra or Blue Wildebeest
1 x Impala Or Blesbuck
1 x Warthog
1 x Common Grey Duiker or Steenbuck (Part of
Tiny Ten Animals)
Valued at $3900

Package 3
7 Days / 6 Nights
Free Steenbuck or Duiker
1 x Waterbuck
1 x Zebra or Blue Wildebeest
1 x Blesbuck
1 x Warthog
1 x Impala
Valued at $5700

Package 4
7 Days / 6 Nights
Free Blesbuck or Steenbuck or Duiker
1 x Kudu
1 x Zebra
1 x Blue Wildebeest
1 x Impala
Valued at $5995

Package 5
7 Days / 6 Nights
Free Blesbuck or Steenbuck or Duiker
1 x Red Hartebeest
1 x Nyala
1 x Gemsbuck (Oryx)
1 x Impala
Valued at $6750

Package 6
7 Days / 6 Nights
1 x Sable Bull
1 x Impala
1 x Blesbuck
Valued at $5950

Package 7 (Limited Quota)
7 Days / 6 Nights
1 x Buffalo Bull
Valued at $11 995 Package 8 – 3 of the Tiny Ten
7 Days / 6 Nights
1 x Klipspringer *
1 x Mountain Reedbuck
1 x Steenbuck *
1 x Duiker Common *
1 x Limpopo Bushbuck
Valued at $5900

Daily Fees•Dipping, packaging or any processing of trophies. Shipping charges for your trophies to your own country•All international and domestic fights•Accommodation before and after Safari dates•15% Government tax on day fees and trophies•Any taxidermy costs•Gratitudes to camp staff and PH


• We have complimentary Wi-fi and we encourage you to bring your wi-fi enabled devices to share photos and notes with friends and family back home.
Please note: internet should be used in moderation as it is limited. Internet speeds are slow and we encourage you not to plan on downloading or sending large files.

• You can rent a cell phone at Johannesburg Intl Airport that will work well in the safari area. Also, if you have a GMS enabled US cell phone, you may make international calls ONLY if you have the international calls feature turned on. In most cases, this requires a visit to your carrier’s store or a phone call to their customer service department. Once you have enabled international calling, you will be able to make calls in most areas of the country, depending on your carrier and the agreements they have in place with local carriers to provide service to their clients. (Cingular works well in camp) Another option would be a satellite phone. If you desire one of these services, please let us know. We can connect you with a company who can serve your needs in this area.
• You will need both a converter to plug your items into and an adapter to plug into the outlet. The converter will change the voltage from 230-240 Volts, 50 HZ to 120 Volts.  For our lady guests who need a hair dryer, we will have hair dryers in each chalet that are designed for South African electrical outlets. No need to bring along that big hair dryer.
• We accept US$ cash. You can also make special arrangements with us to pay the balance of your safari with a personal check if you have more than 50% of your safari paid in advance. Please bring US$ cash for tips to your guide and staff
• Tipping is never required but is greatly appreciated. Please use your own discretion according to the level of service that you were provided throughout your safari. Feel free to ask your outfitter if you have questions on tipping. They can give you great guidance in that area. We prefer that you bring US$ cash for tips.

You may exchange your currency for Rand at the airport when you arrive or at a bank on the way to the hunting area. Traveler’s checks and all major currencies can be exchanged at banks and various exchange companies. Banks are open Monday – Friday 9am-3:30pm and Saturday 8:30am-11am. Most ATM machines support the Cirrus network cards. You can check with your bank before you leave and find out if your ATM card will be accepted in South Africa.
Most shops, hotels and restaurants accept Visa, Master Card and American Express. Keep your passport available as you may need picture id when you use a credit card.

What you bring is up to you, but here are items that at least one hunting guest or family member has said, “I wish I had brought ________” or “I forgot my ___________.”
• A good camera
• Video Camera and extra battery (if you have one)
• Eyeglasses, Contacts, Sunglasses
• Binoculars
• Flashlight and batteries
• 220 to 110 voltage converter and adapter plug
• Good reading material [It’s a long plane ride]
• Camera and Video camera!
• Pocket knife or scissors – PACK IN CHECKED LUGGAGE
• Diary and writing pen • Any medical prescriptions and allergy medicines
• Insect Repellent with at least 35% DEET
• Band aids and mole skin
• Sunscreen Lip balm with sunscreen
• Personal toiletries, shaving or cosmetic kit
• Hat/Cap
• Warm jacket and gloves
• Camp shoes
• Small sewing kit with buttons
• Camera and Video camera!
• The sun is very intense here even though it may not be summer time. Make very sure you pack sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen to protect yourself while you are in sunny Africa.


• CURIO SHOPPING at Gemco or Safari Taxi Dermy
The Curio shops is filled with colorful African artifacts. The store offers a variety of traditional masks, ethnic beadwork, precious stones taken from the African soil and silver set into delicately crafted African jewelry. Coffee shops and restaurants

Cost for the trip – $250 or clients can wait for departure day because we stop normally at the curio shop before leaving for the airport.

At Meropa Day Spa and Casino you will experience the appealing combination of True African Nurturing Traditions and a setting of serene ambience, offering you the best of both worlds as Nature & Culture merge right in the middle of the African bush, leaving you de-stressed through our Decadent Revitalization Spa Packages. Come and enjoy a superb light lunch or something sweet after your pampering morning at our next door neighbor coffee shop.

Spa Category: Day Spa Showers
Spa Type: Luxury Spa Hot Rooms (sauna/steam room)
Spa Size: no details Slippers & Robes provided
No. of Therapists no details Hotel / Airport transfers

Costs start at $200 – $280

Sun City is internationally renowned as Africa’s premier holiday resort. Sun City offers a myriad of different entertainment and relaxation opportunities. Sun City adventure activities offer guests a range of new and exciting experiences such as elephant back Safaris, hot air ballooning and crocodile sanctuary.

• Activities at Sun City:
• Crocodile Sanctuary
• Elephant Back Safari
• Hot Air Balloon (required sleep over)
• Cultural Village
• Predator World
• Health Spa (depending on treatment)
• Butterfly World
• Golf
• Horse Riding
• Curio Shop

Cost for Sun City
Admission Prices – Day Visitors
Once-off Entry
Adults $350

Children under 12 years $100

Kruger National Park

• Kruger National Park where nearly 2 million hectares of unrivalled diversity of life form fuses with historical and archaeological sites – This Is Real Africa! This park is home to an impressive number of species: 336 Trees, 49 Fish, 34 Amphibians, 114 Reptiles, 507 Birds and 147 Mammals. These treasures represent the cultural, persons and events that played a role in the history of Kruger National Park and are conserved along with the park’s natural assets. The Kruger National Park offers its visitors up close and personal nature experience with a variety of activities, whether it is driving, biking, hiking or walking that you want to do.


Elephant Back Safaris

Educational Elephant Interactions and Safaris

Offering way more than the usual ‘Touch and Feed’ elephant experience; Adventures with Elephants provide unique hands-on elephant interactions, elephant-back safaris, swims on the elephants, starlight safaris, as well as tailor-made activities such as weddings, teambuilding, corporate functions and filming.

Located on a beautiful wildlife reserve situated just an hour and a half’s drive North from Pretoria, adjacent to Zebula Golf Estate, Adventures with Elephants is managed by the Hensman family, who have been extremely privileged to live and work with elephants since 1988.

They offer you the thrill of hands-on interactions with these magnificent pachyderms and invite you into the elephant’s world where you can learn more about elephants in this unique manner, whilst witnessing the elephant’s intelligence, compassionate nature and sheer delight in interacting with their human companions.

The friendly, experienced and qualified elephant handlers will share their in-depth knowledge and passion for their charges with you, our guest, in this unrivalled and extraordinary experience.



• No immunizations are required to enter South Africa. A tetanus booster and Hepatitis A vaccines are recommended by the Center for Disease Control. We recommend you look at the CDC website to learn more about health issues in South Africa. It’s a good idea to consult with your personal physician about travelling to Africa well before you leave.
• The primary hunting area for this PH is malaria free. If your hunt takes you to other provinces, we will inform you if a malaria medicine is needed. You will need to start taking the medicine at least a week before you come. Again, consult your doctor and pharmacist for instructions.


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