South Africa Plains Game Bow & Rifle #57

South Africa Plains Game Bow & Rifle #57

We truly think this Professional Hunter (PH) is one of the very finest in South Africa. Judging by remarks from every one of our clients who have EVER hunted with him – they all think likewise! Indeed some actually have given us gifts to give to him-on top of their tips! Butch and Joan hunted with him on their first African trip, many trips ago.

 So.-Africa-57-butch-gemsbuck-pic-300x284  He has become a good friend over the last 15 years–and he works very closely to offer us his best packages and his best pricing. He has been a guest at our home in Wyoming a number of times. He is a complete and total gentleman in every way. He will also move heaven and earth to bring clients the best he has. He hunts 5 different concessions, each one strategically located in different regions of South Africa. Each concession was carefully chosen to make sure that he may offer you over 60 different species. In addition some areas offer a better quality trophy than others, so he has the ability to tailor your safari around whatever species and goals are important to you. And you can be assured that virtually any animal you take with him will make SCI book. For example he holds the #1 Steenbuck, and has 7 of the top 10 Blue wildebeest, including the top 5! One concession has produced in one year – three kudu over 60”!

We have hunted personally with this PH, and we absolutely vouch for him. His facilities are among the very finest and fit for the most discerning of sportsmen. He is extremely knowledgeable in bow hunting as well as rifle hunting. Add the superb cuisine and the “we will do anything to satisfy you attitude” – and you have a world class operation for those who want the very best in Africa!! You cannot leave here unhappy- just can’t!! And he can help you take virtually every animal in South Africa, with his many varied concessions! He loves bow hunting, and knows how to do it extremely well. He is a superb rifleman as well, and a wonderful companion. He can handle and set up tours etc for non-hunters as well! His wife often plays tour director, and tours museums; animal viewing places; shopping, Diamond mines and more. I had a client with him who expressed a liking for a particular wine (he did not ask for it, mind you!) Next night, they had driven 80 miles round trip and his wine was there!!!

So.-Africa-57-kudu  IMG_0284-300x225   So.-Africa-57-lodge-pix-300x235  So.-Africa-57-kudu

Delery G. writes:

 “Butch- He is absolutely, and without doubt, the finest outfitter I have ever had the pleasure to meet and hunt with! I have hunted all over, on many guided hunts, and this PH of yours is  hands down- the finest I have ever known! I could go on for hours, but suffice to say, I took 10 animals; my buddy Chris took 8; and we would not change one single thing! Superb in every category!”

Here are comments from a bow hunter who is not our client:
“Upon arrival, we checked our equipment and settled into our lodges, but soon touring the property and looking at animals. while driving, we came around a corner and faced buffalo at 25 yards. The big bull materialized from the bush and they all faced us in challenge. Our adrenalin raced and we stared in awe.
The first day proved successful when I put a warthog on the ground at 25 yards. That day, I passed on two gold medal eland and Burchelles zebra… why? It was the first day and I was worried about the wallet. Big mistake… The second day, I had shots on black wildebeest and blesbuck, but I didn’t take the 50 yard shots. Dad scored on a nice gemsbok and we went back for dinner and drinks.
In the days following, I took a black wildebeest, springbok, gemsbok, and stienbok while my father took a monster eland, gemsbok, kudu, warthog, springbok, steinbok, and blesbok.
My wife ended up staying home, but my mother still went. She had a blast and even went on a few of the hunts with my father when he took his blesbok, eland, and gemsbok. She was so excited about returning that she wants to cancel the trip to Disney World with the family to return to (this outfitter), although she said that if we do return to Disney, she wants to hit Animal Kingdom because she thinks that she can judge animals now! LOL!

Now, in terms of his 5 concessions, here is a brief description of each:

LEBENSTRAUM: Owned by the PH, this is his personal pride and joy. The concession has some white rhinos and Cape buffalo to spice up your plains game hunt. We think this is a big plus and not many areas can show you some of the Big 5 on a plains hunt. He has all the usual plains game here including Gemsbuck and Kudu, and some rarer animals including white Blesbuck, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Nyala, Sable, black and white Springbuck, and more. In terms of terrain, this area is very varied. Elevations average around 4,500 feet. It has some rugged little hills, some typical Kalahari type savannah and the usual bush of course. Shots can be short or long. He has an absolutely magnificent main lodge, with superb cuisine, a huge wine selection, tons of mounted trophies, a great lapa (fire circle) to sit around, and you can watch kudu feed in the front yard with rhinos not far away! You stay in individual chalets which have complete shower and toilet facilities and also their own fireplaces. These chalets are three rooms for your own personal enjoyment. You will hunt hard,

but return daily to clean up and relax in genuine luxury. And all this at prices that few competitors can hope to match given the quality and selection of animals and the choice physical facilities that you will enjoy. We truly believe he gives you the most bang for your buck! Oh yes- and of course daily laundry is a staple on all of his concessions. Clean clothes will be on your bed when you return. Two sets of clothes is all you need bring!! Now this is living!!



His Bushveld area consists of approximately 100,000 acres in 5 separate parcels. It lies near the Zimbabwe border near Limpopo, and is about 3 ~ hours from  Johannesburg.

The terrain here is bush of various types and varieties, and is relatively flat. Kudu can run to 60”!! Elevations run from 4,500 feet to 5,000 feet. Shots here average under 80 yards-so plan accordingly.

Species in the Bushveld include baboons, some very good bushbuck; all of the small cats including    caracal, genet and civet. There are some good eland and gemsbuck, some good kudu and Nyala, and very nice waterbuck. Also here is the home for Burchell’s zebra. Accommodations are a 5 star type lodge, with showers and toilets en-suite, along with superb food. Recently he has added a new area here for kudu- and kudu to 60 inches are a certainly possible!! Only a few are allowed to be taken, and the pricing averages around $2500 per kudu -but man oh man- those are giants!!


This hunting area, in Kwa-Zulu Natal, is located about 200 miles north of Durban. It consists of 5 properties comprising nearly 100,000 acres. This is so called coastal forest and has thick bush and rolling hills, with shots under 100 yards typical. This is home to the elusive Suni, and shots for that critter can often be under 40 feet! Other species available are Waterbuck, Steenbuck, red duiker and kudu. This is probably his finest area for huge Nyala. Once again only the finest of lodgings and food.


The Lowveld is about 3 hours east of Johannesburg. This PH has about 60,000 acres here in various parcels. Elevations are about 300’ to 1000’. Terrain here is located just off the escarpment and tends to be more mountainous than the highveld. This is perhaps one of the best areas for big kudu at a reasonable price, with kudu to 60” possible. Also here are Cape Buffalo, Leopard, bushbuck, waterbuck, duicker, eland, klipspringer, oribi, Nyala, warthog, red duicker and similar animals. This is a tented camp with the true African wild experience at your doorstep. They have concrete floors and are extremely comfortable, with showers and private baths. Pricing here is similar to the Bushveld pricing. For buffalo and leopard, please contact us for a quote on what is available.


This area consists of 120,000 acres near Lebenstraum. It is a government reserve and has a large population of huge Cape Buffalo and has perhaps the biggest collection of world record blue wildebeest in existence. Our PH, Francois, has 7 of the top 10 blue wildebeest, including all of the top 5. Buffalo here routinely reach 42” to 44”. Normally we only have two or three openings a year here for buffalo, so you must book early. Also, if you book Buffalo, you must pay the fee for the buffalo by late March. The fee averages $12,500 to $13,500, plus the daily rate of $425. The minimum daily booking is for 7 days. One of the bulls taken in 2003. and both taken in 2004 went into the all time top_20! There are also good gemsbuck here there can exceed 40”, plus some exceptional sable which will exceed 40”. Packages here are purchased by our PH well in advance of the actual hunt, and must be paid for by late March. Please consult with us and we will get you the most current information and details. You can spend less, but not for this quality!


We believe you cannot find any better professional hunter than the one we use. He has become a friend and has visited our Wyoming home. We have known him for close to 15 years. Francois couples an exceptional personality with a drive to please. His hunting skills are among the best we have ever witnessed! You can assume that virtually every animal you take will qualify for the SCI record book. If you want a first class hunt, then this is the perfect professional hunter for you.



We prefer customizing your packages, so just tell us your wishes. We will get you a firm quote.

If YOU  book any of these packages and pay the deposit before end of February we will add at NO CHARGE a free night of predator hunting–with trophy fees included. AWESOME!! All packages include your PH, your meals, ground transport, all trophy fees and field trophy preparation. NOTE:  WE CAN EASILY ADD OR SUBTRACT ANIMALS TO MODIFY THESE PACKAGES. PLS. CONSIDER THE PACKAGES AS STARTING PLACES ONLY!                                                                     

Deluxe First Time Safari: (Bow or gun)
Sandveld and Lebenstraum: 8 nights 1X1 $6090 (5 ANIMALS) Superb lodging and meals and wine! KUDU, GEMSBOCK, IMPALA, SPRINGBUCK, STEENBUCK ARE ALL INCLUDED !

Deluxe 8 Animal Safari: (bow or gun)
Sandveld and Lebestraum 10 nights 1X1 $8250 (8 ANIMALS)
Includes: KUDU, GEMSBOCK, IMPALA, SPRINGBUCK, CHOICE OF BLACK OR BLUE WILDEBEEST; BLESBUCK, WARTHOG, STEENBUCK . Superb accommodations and meals and fine wines! We will throw in small cats at night- lots of fun!


Sandveld/Lebenstraum Grand Slam 4 nights 1×1, $3415 Black Wildebeest, Gemsbuck, Blesbuck, Springbuck

Sandveld/Lebenstraum- Three Beasts
3 nights 1×1 $3415 Blue wildebeest, Black wildebeest, Red Hartebeest

Sandveld/ Bushveld LOW COST SAFARI:
4 nights 1×1 $3415 Kudu, Impala

Sandveld Runners
4 nights 1×1 $4167
Common Blesbuck, White Blesbuck, Bontebok (ck. Importability of bonte)

Sandveld Little Ones
4 nights 1×1 $2472
Mt Reedbuck, Steenbuck, Duiker

Springbuck Grand Slam
4 nights 1×1 $5120
Kalahari, Common, Copper, Black, White

Little Five IN Zululand
7 nights 1×1 $7356
Duiker, Steenbuck, Oribi, Red Duiker, Suni

7 nights 1×1 $6768
Nyala, Common Reedbuck, Bushpig

Eastern Cape
7 nights 1×1 $7356
East Cape Kudu, Nyala, Bushbuck, Bushpig

Western Cape
7 nights 1×1 $7356
Blue Duiker, Cape Grysbuck, Klipspringer, Vaal Rhebuck

(NOTE: packages are only suggestions-you can also hunt on a daily rate and pay ala carte. Packages usually are 100% kill and WILL save you some money-and we can add or delete animals as you wish. Packages and trophy fees may have price changes due to currency changes.

SMALL CAT NIGHT HUNTS INCLUDE: Genet cat, caracal, jackal, porcupine (must be mounted in Africa), Springhare (also mount only in Africa), and African Wild Cats. Trophy fees are INCLUDED! A $500 TO $700 VALUE!!!!!! FREE IF YOU BOOK EARLY!


Sandveld Lowveld Zululand Eastern Cape
Baboon 200 Free 200
Blesbuck – Common 250 250 250 Daily Rates
Blesbuck – White 450 1×1 400
Bontebok 1600 2×1 300
Bushbuck – Cape 700 Observer 200
Bushbuck – Limpopo 750 700
Bushpig 500 450 Special rates for groups
Buffalo POR
Cat – African Wild 385 POR – Price on request
Cat – Caracal Free
Cat – Small Spotted Genet 385
Duiker – Common 250 250
Duiker – Blue 950
Duiker – Red 900
Eland – Cape 2100
Eland – Livingstone POR
Fallow deer 450 450
Gemsbuck 800
Grysbuck – Cape 1100
Giraffe POR
Hartebeest – Red 800 800
Impala – Southern 450 250 350 350
Impala – Black POR
Jackal – Black-backed Free
Klipspringer 850 1500
Kudu – Southern Greater 1800 1800 1800
Kudu – Eastern Cape 1200
Lechwe – Red 2500 3500
Leopard 4000
Lion POR
Nyala 2500 1950 3000
Oryx – Scimitar POR
Oribi 950
Ostrich 200
Reedbuck – Mountain 600 600 500
Reedbuck – Common 900 800
Roan POR
Rhino – White POR
Rhino – Dart hunt POR
Sable POR
Springbuck – Common 200
Springbuck – Kalahari 595
Springbuck – Black 450
Springbuck – White 600

CARE OF TROPHIES: his skinners – skin the animals, clean and salt (No extra cost) and then at the end of the hunt Moredou Taxidermy picks it up and preps for shipping. The last time he looked the dipping was $30 per small and $70 per large animal. He works directly with the owner’s wife – Pikkie and you can reach her at +27 53 963 1444 or mortax@cybertrade.


At the time of this writing several of our clients have just returned from this hunt. One stopped by our office with his pictures, and his praise for this hunt was simply glowing! Bob Dager was obviously totally happy, and he said, everything involved went “FAR beyond expectations”. “Never before have I been so pleased with a guided hunt!” “Your PH that you recommended went above and beyond in all respects. He showed us superb animals, acted with great care and concern, even carefully detailing desired trophy characteristics, and throwing in an injured animal at no cost!” Bob talked about superb meals, and took pains to mention that one night he did not particularly like the dinner wine-whereupon he was asked  what he liked. Next night a half dozen of his preferred wines were in stock after a 2 hour drive to town by the cook!! Bob and his friend from Alaska took every animal they wanted, and virtually all animals went into the SCI book, with one or two being possible top 10!

Steve W., plus his Nephew and Doctor T. Brown said-”Absolutely fantastic in every respect. Francois bent over backwards, worked hard; wined and dined us-everything was absolutely unbelievable. Our Sables were gorgeous-and my Nyala is top 10!! He did even more than you had promised us!!”

Like we keep saying, this operation is one of the finest in Africa!! And our “special pricing” keeps it so!


Your trophies will be shipped to you after dipping and packing and shipping. This can be 3 to 6 months post hunt. Estimated costs vary widely, but a rough figure of $1000 to get it all to your tannery is about an average. And you will have 3 to 6 months to set funds aside. I also suggest you tell your taxidermist to space your completion dates on your animals- maybe one every 3 months to give you breathing room! In order to import your game into the US, you need two things: a Customs Broker and a USDA approved taxidermist, licensed to accept foreign shipments. Not all taxidermists qualify- most do not. Most however work with someone who is licensed.

NOW- having said you need both a Broker and an Taxidermist- there are a few exceptions. The exceptions are Taxidermist who can actually perform the import brokerage- and normally do it nearly free—IF THEY DO YOUR TAXIDERMY! We have been using JONAS BROS. , located near Denver, CO. They also promise 6 month turn around. We like this idea, and it should save you $400 to $600 per shipment!  If you want to utilize them, just let us know and we will arrange for shipping tags etc for your trophies! Then you PH can insure they get to you by attaching them to each critter!!


                      CALL US: 1-307-637-5495        WE KNOW AFRICA!!!!

Clients: NOTE!

Ammunition must be separated from weapons and may be packed within checked luggage, but must be properly secured in an ammunition case or solid box. No ammunition may be packed loosely in checked baggage or within the same case as firearms.

All luggage, domestic and international, is now being screened in South African airports. Screeners are finding ammunition in checked bags that is incorrectly packed and are forcing passengers to remove it from their bags, which is causing all kinds of havoc.

All ammunition must now be packed and transported in a lockable ammo box placed within your checked luggage– not in your gun case!. A manufacturer’s carton is no longer sufficient. Remember that there is also a limit of five kilograms of ammo per passenger. That includes the weight of your ammo box. (It works out to about 40 to 60 rounds.) And don’t forget to declare your ammo at check-in.  

We strongly recommend that ammunition be packed in lockable cases, which can be handed in as loose items at the firearm counters to avoid possible delays during checked baggage screening.