The outfitter has extensive guiding experience, has worked as a world-class rodeo cowboy, and is a fine gentleman besides. He has demonstrated great ability and has a proven track record of high success for our clients. His operation has been featured in several of the Primos Truth series of videos, calling in elk for archery shots on camera and also on antelope. Besides whitetails, mule deer and aoudad in Texas, this long time outfitter of ours also offers hunts in New Mexico for elk, mule deer, and antelope, and does a good job across the board for our clients. We have separate write-ups for those hunts, so please ask if you are interested in such other opportunities.

This outfitter has lots of excellent habitat, plenty of deer, and plenty to shoot at. They hunt both from stands and spot and stalk, varying with whatever is working best at that time. They will do rattling hunts during the rut to call in those aggressive Texas big boys – it’s great fun to see a big buck come tearing in, hair standing up straight, ears laid back, looking for a fight! He has two separate ranches he hunts near Snyder, TX, with one being about 70,000 acres and the other about 13,000 acres. Both are a bit under-hunted to allow age to accrue on these bucks. Hunts are 5 days of hunting and 6 nights in total and include 2×1 guiding, lodging and meals. Lodging is in a beautiful lodge. Good food and good guides. One nice plus is you can do a combo for both a muley and a whitetail! Hunts take place in November and December. Tags are over the counter and you can take unlimited predators and hogs (they have plenty of each, and you can shoot them “until your barrel melts”, as the outfitter puts it) at no extra cost. Whitetails are common in the 130-140” range, but there’s always a chance at a 160+”. In fact, one hunter got a 194” recently! Mule deer are in the 150” class. Normally almost 100% opportunity and about 90% kill. Fly into Lubbock and rent a car for the 2-hour drive.

This outfitter also offers hunts for Barbary sheep, also known as aoudad, near Post, TX. Although Texas aoudad can legally be hunted year round, the hunts are conducted in January, February, and March, which is a great time of year to fit in one more hunt. These 3-day hunts offer plenty of opportunity for trophy rams. The ranch is over 10,000 acres, and they only harvest 8-10 rams per year. This ranch is a real gem, with terrain that’s a bit easier to hunt than many others, and it seems to attract rams from other ranches in the area.

These sheep are free-ranging, and have proliferated over the past 90 years since they arrived in the U.S. They thrive in the arid and dry West Texas ranges. It is nearly identical to the native range of these sheep in the North African deserts.

These are big animals, often 36” to 40” at the shoulders, and weighing 200 to 300 pounds. Their main characteristic is the long flowing hair on the throat, chest and forelegs (called chaps). They have large, heavy, horns forming a “C” or scimitar-shape that sweep out and back. A good 27” aoudad will usually make the SCI book, and the biggest will exceed 30 inches. They top out around 33”, but a few giants have reached 36” and a bit. Horn bases run from about 12”-13.5”, with a very few reaching 14+”.

They are physically tough and sturdy and require a substantial and well-placed bullet. With superb eyesight and great stamina, they make are a challenging quarry. And once mounted, they are truly spectacular conversation pieces and a trophy to be proud of. Although success has been 100% for the last 12 years on sheep in the 27” to 30” range, you will earn your aoudad here.

These same two ranches hold a sizeable population of wild turkeys. These 3-day hunts are conducted in April, and he can take up to 6 hunters are a time on the 70,000-acre ranch, and 4 at a time on the 13,000-acre ranch. Hunters are allowed 2 birds.

2020 PRICES (subject to change without notice until deposit received)
WHITETAIL (1st hunt of the season is 4 days/5 nights; all others are 5 days/6 nights) – $4,500 per person 2×1

MULE DEER (5 days/6 nights) – $4,500 per person 2×1

AOUDAD (3 days/4 nights) – $5,000 (meals and lodging NOT included)

ANY TWO-SPECIES COMBO (WHITETAIL/MULE DEER/AOUDAD) (5 days/6 nights) – $8,000 per person 2×1

These combo hunts are very limited, however, so call our office for more details and specific dates.

TURKEYS (3 days) – $2,000 per person 2×1 (2-bird limit per person)
• Guided hunting 2×1
• Lodging and meals (exceptions are the 1st whitetail hunt and aoudad hunts, where food/lodging is NOT included, but outfitter has procured a special rate of $75 night at Best Western)

Not Included: Sales tax where applicable
• Meat processing & taxidermy
• Alcohol with meals
• Hunting license/tag

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