World’s Best Rusa Deer Hunt in Australia – #236

World’s Best Rusa Deer Hunt in Australia – #236

Butch’s Rusa Deer

Joan’s Rusa Deer

This is a BMOA exclusive! We hunted this private ranch in Australia in June of 2011- and got blown away by the quantity and quality of their Rusa!

Each day we saw dozens of shooter Rusa- all free ranging!!! Rusa are a reddish heavy bodied deer (perhaps 300 pounds)- always (or almost always) with classic 3X3 antlers- antlers so heavy that you think they are cast from lead when you pick them up- incredibly dense. The can reach 36” and a bit, and many here are in the 30” to 34” plus range, assuring a place in the SCI book!! Very handsome animals, and their roar is similar to the sound of a red stag- The roar is late May through June .Hunt is 5 days.

You stay right on this working cattle ranch. You should be into deer immediately- we have video of about 40 head of hinds just a few hundred yards from the ranch house! This ranch is simply awesome hunting- you cannot stop smiling! You certainly should take a book animal, likely one that ranks very high! See perhaps a hundred or so animals daily. Be patient!!!

TRANSPORT: Fly to Brisbane, Aus and then on to Rockhampton. We flew Denver to Brisbane to Rockhampton- and cost was a bit over $1300.

WEATHER: June is their winter- but we were greeted with flowers and palm trees! Temps were about 55 to 65 at night- could push 80 in the day time. WONDERFUL!

PRICE: $5895 US Includes guiding, meals and lodging. Guiding is 1×1 unless you go with a friend- then 2X1. Absolutely no reason to pay extra for 1 on 1- plenty of Rusa Deer! No license needed.