Zambia Cape Buffalo, Sable, Leopard #49

Zambia Cape Buffalo, Sable, Leopard #49

In February of 2013 Zambia’s Minister of Tourism and Arts Sylvia Masebo canceled the reallocation of 19 prime hunting areas in that country and closed all lion and cat hunting there. The situation is Zambia is very fluid right now, but there is now hope that Zambian hunting will be allowed to continue on the public concessions and blocs. This safari operation is conducted however on a private bloc, insulated from those concerns. This outfitter hunts their own prime private lands nearly abutting Kafue Park, one of the best locations to hunt in Zambia. So — if you want to hunt Zambia, and you want to be certain you will not lose deposits or be cancelled out, this operation is the one for you. And pricing is incredibly reasonable, success is extremely high, and services are top notch.

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This very excellent Safari company is operated and run by three brothers who are avid hunters with bow as well as rifle. All three of them are licensed PH’s. They operate in both Zambia and in the Limpopo Region of South Africa, with 3 camps and with great results. They also own the concessions, not just lease them, so they are very invested in preserving quality and quantity of game at both locations. That is important we believe! They have built a great team of highly qualified Ph’s, Game Scouts and skilled Chef’s and staff. Their clients seem to think the PH’s here walk on water. Here is an example:

“Hi Butch, I hunted with them at their camp up by Kafue Park in Zambia and had a great hunt with my PH. We took a good Buffalo, Puku, Sharpes Grysbok, Chobe Bushbuck, Impala, and Baboon. I passed on a Defassa Waterbuck and Lichenstein Hartebeest [a really stupid decision now that I look back]. I could have had a Letchwe but wasn’t comfortable with the shot. My pH, the camp, and the game were 1st rate and I would hunt with them again in a heartbeat. In my seven trips to Africa — the hunt with them was my favorite. I saw lots of game and many, many good Buffalo with big bosses. The food was very good, the camp neat and clean, and the staff friendly. I hope this helps, if you need more let me know. R. Berndt

ZAMBIA HUNTS: Rifle or Bow


Zambia on its south border adjoins Botswana and Zimbabwe, and on its east borders Mozambique and Tanzania.  Their concession here is a true African Jewel. Situated deep in the bush in Southern Zambia, adjacent to the world renowned Kafue National Park, the Ranch offers excellent Cape Buffalo and plains game hunting with a100% success on Cape Buffalo since opening to international hunters in 1998. They also offer archery in Zambia and they have had clients take Cape buffalo with bow and handguns.

Leopard is also available with both bow and rifle- and again these PH’s personally love to bow hunt. Both rifle and bow can be done from blinds and hides or spot and stalk.
In particular we really thing their Buff prices are nearly unbeatable, given the area they hunt and the quality as well. While it does have a fence, the area is huge and there is a lot of game and it is truly a hunt. And the pricing is awesome, especially for some of the combo hunts!!

It is easy going terrain with mainly flat undulating open plains, Mopani woodland forests and thickets; and it offers real Africa bushveld walking and stalking at its very best. It does not present any difficulty for those with reasonable fitness levels.

The main camp is situated on the banks of the Kabwe flood plain, a tributary of the Nanzhila river.


Comfortable permanent African style thatched chalets with en-suite bathroom and with the camps dining area and outdoor swimming pool overlooking the magnificent Kabwe flood plain. Game can be viewed from the camp. The camp can accommodate up to 8 guests. It is a very typical tented facility in the African style. Should clients prefer to fly into camp there is a charter company that operates out of Livingstone, Zambia for the one hour flight to Ngoma Airstrip.  The famed Kafue National Park is a one hour trip from camp, passing through rural villages that you will enjoy seeing.

The Kafue is legendary for its game and hunting. They also have a helicopter available throughout the hunting season, based on the ranch. The ranch has nearly 10,000 acres (about 15 square miles). It has an external fence (lions do sometimes crawl under it into the concession and clients sometimes run into them!); but there are no internal fences at all. A huge wild herd of buffalo was contained — along with all the native game, when the perimeter was erected years ago. With less lion predation, the buff have thrived. Thus the virtually 100% success rate on them.        

Hunting season: runs from May to October.

Species: Bushpig, chobe bushbuck, common duiker, impala, puku, common reedbuck, sharps grysbok, warthog, blue wildebeest, cape buffalo, crawshays defassa waterbuck, Southern greater kudu, Lichtenstein hartebeest, oribi and some great leopard.

NOTE: The typical 7 to 10 day Safari, depending on species desired, will often mean you hunt both Kafue (Dendro)and and the Zambezie Plateau (Bird Est.). About a half day drive apart



The second area this Safari company hunts is the Zambeze Plateau (also called Bird Estate).  It has a spectacular range of the more exotic plains game including Sable and also the hard to find Roan antelope, plus Kafue Lechwe, Nyala, and Lichtenstein Hartebeest. It consists mainly of easy areas to traverse, with mainly flat undulating open plains, Miombo woodland forests and thickets. The main camp is situated overlooking the Sable Dam. It is approximately 5,000 acres in size. It is a comfortable African style tented camp. Traditional outdoor bathroom and an open air hunting style dining area. This is a very typical Zambia style hunting camp, and it gives you that true hunting feel. Game can often be viewed directly from the camp. Up to 8 guests can be accommodated.

SPECIES: They also work closely with another operator and friend in Zambia so that they can offer Black Lechwe and Sititunga to you. Other species are Bushpig, impala, common reedbuck, zebra, greater kudu, Kafue lechwe, livingstone eland, Lichtenstein hartebeest, nyala, roan antelope and sable antelope.

 Here is a quote from a client who hunted their Zambia concessions:

“Butch: I had a wonderful experience with them, as did my son and a fellow hunting buddy. The quality and quantity of game seen and harvested was superb. Plenty of plains game and  it was hugely abundant with Cape Buffalo. My friend and I got ours by the first morning (mine the night of arrival, and his the next morning). Both were excellent very old bulls. I did a lot of research into Cape Buffalo hunting prior to leaving, and I can attest to the great trophies we both got. We devoted the rest of the week to plains game hunting. I shot an impala, kafue lechwe, waterbuck, and puku. That’s all I wanted (besides a kudu, which evaded me- that is why they call it “hunting”). My friend got Cape Buffalo, an impala, warthog, and two other plains game. All were very nice trophies. We saw lots of other game, like sable. Camp is right next to Kafue National Park (i.e., in the middle of no where). Camp was right across from a native village separated by a big pond where the puku and lechwe came to water in the mornings. Our chalet was first class. My son and I shared, and my friend had his own. Flush toilet, shower, hot and cold water, etc. Clean, but very rustic. Truly Africa at its best. One evening the villagers rowed their boats across to thank us for the meat we had donated to their village (protein is in very short supply in sub-Saharan Africa).

They performed a dance accompanied by singing, with the help of only one musical instrument. They sounded like the Chicago Symphony orchestra. Our dinners were spectacular. And, we were served high quality South African wines and Amarillo, a chocolate liqueur. Absolutely and without equivocation I recommend them. If you want a Cape Buffalo this IS the place to go in Africa. It’s almost a sure bet, and the herd is very good.”

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TRANSPORT: Normally it is best to expect to visit both locations in Zambia, both Kafue (Dendro) and the Plateau (Bird Estate). It makes good travel sense as well. You fly direct from the USA to O.R Tambo International n Johannesburg (JHB) — and from there, you connect directly to Harry Mwanga Nkumbula International (in Livingstone, Zambia). They personally meet and greet you at the Livingstone airport and transfer you to camp. It is about a one hour drive to the Bird Estate normally.

Once in Livingstone, you have some options, in terms of travel. Commonly, clients will simply opt to be driven to the Plateau (Bird Estate). You may overnight or else stay and hunt there, or alternatively drive on to Kafue (Dendro) either that day or the next day. Depending on rains, it can take 4 to 6 hours, to drive to Kafue, but is enjoyable. It is only about 65 miles of dirt road but travel is fairly slow on the roads. If you elect to drive from Livingstone, the cost is $1000 each way, split among the party. You must add that to your costs.

An alternative to driving is to take an air charter from Livingstone directly to Kafue (Dendro). Cost one way is approximately $2000 and up to 3 people can split that. So one way for 3 people call it $670 each. If you have a larger group, larger planes are available. Most clients are electing to drive.

Some clients decide to charter 1 way into the Kafue ($2000) to hunt. You land at Ngoma airstrip in the Kafue National Park, and are met and driven to camp. ON completion of their safari, they usually opt to be driven to Livingstone for their flight home. That cost is $1000 split among the party. However, most clients opt to drive both ways, as they want to see the Country.

MEET AND GREET: The safari company does all the meet and greet for clients personally. They will arrange all permits such as rifle, will arrange any pre-hunt accommodations (such as staying at Victoria falls and other places clients wish to visit).

RENTAL RIFLES: They have various calibres of rifles available for hire 458, 375 , 300, 270, 7×57 and shotguns: They do have rifles available for hire @ $250 for the full hunt. 458 Win Mag Brno open sight; 375H&H Custom made USA Zeiss scope.; 300 Win Mag Sako Lynx scope; 30-06.CZ, Lynx scope; Walther 22 Hornet Lynx scope; Remington pump action shotgun; Mossberg pump action shotgun. Rounds at cost per box.
GUN TRANSPORT: You will need a So African gun permit to travel thru, plus Zambia- about $100 for SO Africa plus $250 for Zambia, or else rent one.

GUN TRANSPORT: You will need a So African gun permit if you overnight in So. Africa. If your airline will actually transfer your baggage and firearms onto your next flight to your final destination outside of So. Africa–—and IF you remain in the in-transit area; no permit is needed for So. Africa. If your airline will not directly transfer your luggage and gun, then you must go thru the permit process.We can suggest services to help you. Figure about $100 for SO Africa plus $250 for Zambia, or else rent a firearm. .

2019 Safari Rates – Kafue Area and Zambezie Plateau Area – Zambia (trip allows hunting both places)

We at Hunt nation are delighted to have negotiated and obtained for our clients some incredible package pricing for 2019- prices the like of which have not been seen for many years!! **Safari packages include the trophy fees for the species listed in the brackets*

Bird Estate and Dendro Park Combo Safari Package Specials (2 days are for travel)
7 Day Sable Safari (Sable Antelope) $6,500
7 Day Kafue Lechwe Safari (Kafue Lechwe) $6,500
7 Day Cape Buffalo Safari (Cape Buffalo) $10,000
10 Day Cape Buffalo & Kafue Lechwe Safari (Cape Buffalo & Kafue Lechwe) $14,000
10 Day Cape Buffalo & Sable Antelope Safari (Cape Buffalo & Sable Antelope) $14,000
14 Day Leopard Safari (Leopard Fee + All Baits & Permit Fee) $28,000
*Add an observer to your Bird Estate and Dendro Park Combo Safari Package for only $1,000 for 5 days & $1,500 for 7 days*

Bow / Crossbow Hunters Group Combo Safari Package Specials – Minimum 2 hunters Price
7 Day Group Package Sable Safari (Sable Antelope) $6,500
7 Day Group Package Kafue Lechwe Safari (Kafue Lechwe) $6,500
*All safari packages include the trophy fees for the species listed in the brackets

Bird Estate Safaris Package Specials Price
3 Day Victoria Falls Puku Safari (Puku) $3,000
3 Day Victoria Falls Sable Safari (Sable Antelope) $5,000
3 Day Victoria Falls Kafue Lechwe Safari (Kafue Lechwe) $5,000
*Add an observer to your Bird Estate 3 Day Safari Package for only $750*

Trophy fee list (BE= bird estate; DP= Dendro Park)
Plains Game List Area Price
Grey Duiker BE/DP $300
Nyala BE/DP $2,500
Impala BE/DP $350
Greater Kudu BE/DP $2,500
Warthog DP $500
Kafue Lechwe BE/DP $3,500
Bushpig BE/DP $1,000
Livingstone Eland BE $4,000
Blue Wildebeest DP $1,250
Sable Antelope BE/DP $4,000
Puku BE/DP $1,250
Roan Antelope BE $8,500
Common Reedbuck BE/DP $1,500
Chobe Bushbuck BE/DP $1,500
Oribi BE $1,750
Crawshay Zebra BE/DP $1,750
Sharps Grysbok DP $2,000
Lichtenstein Hartebeest BE/DP $2,000
Crawshay Defassa Waterbuck BE/DP $2,500
Civet BE/DP $1000.00

Dangerous Game Price
Cape Buffalo Cow DP $4,500
Cape Buffalo Bull BE/DP $8,000
Leopard DP $15,000

Safaris Includes:
Professional hunter, Meet and greet, Transport to and from Livingstone, Accommodations, Meals, Soft drinks, Local beers and house wine, Laundry services, Camp staff, Trackers and skinners, Field preparation of trophies, Deliver trophies to Lusaka and Safari vehicle

Safaris Excludes:
Rifle Import Permit/hire $250/person, Observer rate $250/day, Extra days $650/day, Trophy Fees, Hotels before and after hunt if needed, Visa, Dip and Shipping of trophies and gratuities.  Working closely with our local community we ask for a 5% community support fund based on trophy fees only.

NOTE: Your rifle – Customs at Livingstone charges one dollar per round – to import it.
The Safari company had offered a short 5 day hunt package. After consultation with the outfitter, we decided to drop the 5 day hunt/package because it was simply too short a time as clients typically hunt both Dendro Park & the Plateau (Bird est). We found the 7 day hunt/package works well. We have also simplified things by including all the expenses (transport, delivery of trophies to Lusaka, arrival and depart days) — into the new daily rate packages. This avoids surprises and you better understand the end price you are paying. We also decided on fewer packages to make it less complicated. Clients are also given more custom opportunity to vary species hunted and length of hunt.

All plains game can be hunted under the 7 day basic safari excluding Sable and Roan.
All plains game can be hunted under the 7 day Sable/Roan safari.
All plains game and Buffalo can be hunted under the 7 day Buffalo safari.
All plains game and Buffalo and/or Leopard can be hunted under the 10 day Leopard safari.

How do I get my dates? Hunt Nation will lock in your dates upon receipt of a verbal OK from you, and then followed immediately with a deposit check. Please confirm dates once flights are booked.

How do I get my Visa? The visa you will get at the port of entry (Livingstone) and it’s quick and easy. Normally $50 each.

What else do I need? You need an Invitation letter from the safari company. To get that give Hunt Nation a passport copy, plus your home address and flight details for each client/person.

Import of my gun? Talk to us here at Hunt Nation. You may need a South African permit as well as a Zambia permit, depending on your flights. Your PH will process the rifle permits. They need a passport copy, home address, proof of ownership of the rifle (a US Customs form 4457), rifle make, model, serial number and amount of ammo expected to bring along. Cost is $250 per person that brings rifles Max 2 rifles per person. The permit can only be applied for 3 months prior to the arrival date. Keep in mind that Zambia government does sometimes charge $1/$2 ammo tax per round of ammunition. This is paid at port if entry on arrival when checking in the rifles. So best to keep to the minimum necessary amount of ammo.We suggest 40 rounds, but Max is 60 per rifle.PH also does have a 223, 30-06, 300 Win Mag, 375 H&H to use/hire.

In Zambia: They offer Kafue National Park tours, Victoria Falls tours (a must see), Lake Itesi Tesi , a Crocodile farm or other venues as requested by clients. The tourism trips are done by the outfitter himself, or his wife or sons. All clients, should they want to go shopping, will be accompanied at all times.

“Butch: I have hunted 3 times with them on their South African and Zambian concessions.  A tremendous amount of game was viewed and harvested. I have taken 3 out of the big 5 with them and have in my trophy room the largest Leopard I have ever seen, mounted. All my hunts have been extremely successful.
My wife & I are extremely well traveled, and she made the statement that while she didn’t hunt “it was the best trip she had ever taken!” I can, without hesitation recommend them and their safaris. It is family owned and operated the food and accommodation was far better than anticipated. The PH and scouts were as good as I have seen. The Kafue basin in Zambia is truly wild, untouched and full of game. I plan on returning in 2014 or 2015 and will book with them again. Quality people, Quality hunts and the experience of a life time”. Cameron L.

Daily Rate: —for extra days above package rates. USD$ 250/day Observer Rate
1 x 1 USD$ 650 per day-
2 x 1 USD$ 595 per day


This is their South African concession. It is some 12,400 acres (almost 19 square miles) and is located in the Limpopo province  about 70 kms from Biet bridge border into Zimbabwe. It is situated in the heart of the Soutpansberg Mountains. The beautiful Soutpansberg Mountains offer excellent hunting, with breath taking views. The bushveld terrain is rocky with hills and requires a medium fitness level. This is an area known for the very large Southern Greater Kudu it produces each season. This Conservancy is also home to some unique species including Klipspringer, Mountain Reedbuck, Mountain Zebra and Nyala.

The main camp is situated in a valley of the Soutpansberg Mountains. Stay in a comfortable permanent African style lodge with an open plan dining area and rooms with en-suite bathrooms. There is an outdoor dining/braai area overlooking the magnificent mountain range. The camp can accommodate up to 10 guests.

Bow hunting is one of the specialities at this location. They have specially constructed pit blinds, tree stands and also a unique area to walk and stalk – all combining to offer a great bow hunting opportunity not to be missed.

Hunting season: Runs from April to October.

Species Available:  Baboon, bushpig, Limpopo bushbuck, blesbok, blue wildebeest, grey duiker, impala, mountain reedbuck, nyala, sharps grysbok, steenbok, warthog, cape eland, giraffe, gemsbok, greater southern kudu, klipspinger, red hartebeest, common waterbuck, mountain zebra & burchell zebra.


7 Day Basic Plains Game Safari: 7 days hunting + arrival and depart days – total 9 days
1 x 1 USD$ 3,000 2 x 1 USD$ 2,500/person

7 Day Sable / Plains Game Safari: 7 days hunting + arrival and depart days – total 9 days
1 x 1 USD$ 5,000 2 x 1 USD$ 4,500/person

7 Day Buffalo / Plains Game Safari: 7 days hunting + arrival and depart days – total 9 days
1 x 1 USD$ 6,000 2 x 1 USD$ 5,500/person

Safaris Includes:
Professional hunter, Meet and greet, Transport to and from Polokwane, Accommodations, Meals, Soft drinks, Local beers and house wine, Laundry services, Camp staff, Trackers and skinners, Field preparation of trophies, Deliver trophies to Lusaka, Safari vehicle

Safaris Excludes:
Rifle Import Permit/hire $250/person, Observer rate $250/day, Extra days $450/day, Trophy Fees, Hotels before and after hunt if needed, Visa, Dip and Shipping of trophies and gratuities

Flight schedule:
International Flight to JHB (O.R Tambo international airport)
A connecting flight from JHB(O.R Tambo international airport) to Polokwane international airport in the Limpopo Province of South Africa

Arrival Day:
They meet and greet at Polokwane international airport. Transfer by car to the Conservancy is 60 mile drive. After the short drive you will be settled into camp in the afternoon for a relaxing night around the camp fire. This is a non hunting day.

PHONE: 1-307-637-5495 email:
HUNT-NATION: We know and we hunt Africa!