Zimbabwe Elephant & Cape Buffalo Hunts #88

Zimbabwe Elephant & Cape Buffalo Hunts #88

Let’s start by stating that at this time, the importability of elephants is a new game. In early June of 2016, the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) announced that it will require a special import permit for all African elephant trophies and that elephant trophies will be limited to two per hunter each year. These new regulations were set forth in a USFWS final rule published on June 6 that revises the special rule for African elephant under section 4(d) of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) of 1973. The African elephant is currently listed as threatened under the ESA.

Since June of 2016, a number of applications are pending before UFWS. A few have been approved- most are just sitting. We think action on them will start now that we have had a leadership change in our government, but we are making an educated guess. Our best advice right now is to check with your import broker for trophies. They are the most knowledgeable as they deal with imports daily. Check with them before booking a hunt for an importable elephant or lion. WE also suspect changes will be coming on leopard, so if you want one, go now!!

This regulation does not affect the hunting of non-importable elephants. Those hunts are unaffected, and BE AWARE THAT A REPLICA MOUNT CAN BE DONE BY A COMPETENT TAXIDERMIST, based on pictures and measurements you take. Even the entire head and tusks can be replicated.

This PH is — to our mind, one of the best in Zimbabwe for dangerous game, and his pricing is very fair. He is a wonderfully experienced guy with literally many hundreds of elephant kills to his credit, plus hundreds of other pieces of dangerous game, all taken over a long and successful career as a PH. WE got acquainted with him because another PH hired him to guide some of our clients. The clients loved him, and told him to get in direct contact with us, which he did. Our clients have all simply loved him. Worshipped him might be a better description! We are delighted to represent such a capable and agreeable PH!

Here is what Steve W., one of our long time clients had to say:

Butch: Thank you so much for setting up my Zimbabwe safari. The PH I had was fantastic – perhaps the best I ever had on a dangerous game hunt. I want to hunt with him again next year, for elephant and maybe some plains game. Please arrange a PAC elephant hunt for me for April 2011!”

(Footnote from Butch: Steve went back on May 10 & took his bull- dropping him at 8 paces in a charge!)

The very next client ( Mark D.) that we had over with this same PH, also reiterated Steve’s words, and he is planning a return safari ! (Footnote again: Hunt Nation JUST got notified today that on his return hunt Mark just took an elephant that should go 80 pounds – Nice followup, Mark!!). This PH is simply top notch.

SECOND UPDATE: Mark called a second time- this time on 3/24 and had taken his leopard in just 3 hours in the blind! Butch told him he is ruining the curve!

Zimbabwe-88-tusks-80-POUNDER-MARK-D-2011        Zimbabwe-88-LEOPARD-2011-MARK-D1

            Mark’s 80 pound tusks!                                             Mark’s 3 hour leopard!

He also has very good buffalo, leopard, hippo and croc, and his pricing on all of them are true bargains. And this guy will work hard for you- just as hard as you want. He is superb in his fieldcraft and hunting skills and clients really take a shine to him. Because of the closing of so much  of Africa to hunting (Zambia etc)- we expect prices to escalate sharply in Zimbabwe over the next year or two (2013/2014). So now is the time to go, and book it soon. His sable pricing is about the best we know of, since in many places Sable are more then double his price! He has a full list of plains game too, and everything is free range of course. And he loves to hunt elephants.

A very experienced client of ours after his hunt had this to say to us: “Butch: As you know I hunted elephant through you with this PH in July . That was my 36th African safari and my first with him.  He is truly an excellent PH and person. I will hunt with him again. He is a great hunter too. I was really impressed hunting elephant in the jess up at Tiger Bay on Kariba. Thick as hell and we got CLOSE to elephant everyday. I am talking within a few yards. That dog can hunt. Thanks and good luck,  Jeff”

These Non Trophy Elephant are also non-importable and may be hunted at night or in the daytime. Part of that depends on the elephants routines. There are different quotas and rules on these types of hunts. Some are typically done at night with lights and at extremely close range and on very short notice. Daytime hunting typically involves many miles of tracking. But both types of hunting can be done on either hunt, and often are.
The non-trophy elephants- (just like importable trophy elephants) if not done at night, can require a lot of walking and a lot of daylight stalking, and you can walk 5 to 15 miles in a day, if you opt to do that. If you cannot handle the long walks, they will try to use safari vehicles to intercept the trackers periodically, to cut down the walking; or hunt at night which is incredibly exciting. NOTE: it is also possible to take more than one elephant! You will do both spot and stalk and also night hunting for elephants rampaging local crops. We do suggest you be in physically good condition; especially for the day time hunts. You can often walk 5 to 10 miles during the course of a long day of elephant chasing. In a pinch though, the vehicles can keep it tolerable. If you have concerns we are happy to work with you and the PH to resolve them.

Please be aware that the non-trophy elephant while legal to hunt – are simply not importable. However, most taxidermists can make a complete replica, complete with tusks and artificial skin – and they look very realistic. You can also film the hunt or take photos, and we can possibly arrange for a professional filmmaker to accompany you at a price to be agreed upon between you and the videographer. Done correctly it makes a great film and I have seen several that were wonderful.

This PH normally conducts all his own hunts! You likely will fly into Vic Falls Airport in Zimbabwe for pickup. Yet another plus on this hunt is that you avoid a very expensive air charter! That alone can save you $1500 easily! You will fly into Victoria Falls normally. The Falls is an incredible spectacle to see. We have a contact in the Victoria Falls that offers amazing fishing trips (tigers) and he looks after you and squires you around the city of Victoria Falls e.g. sight seeing, curio shopping, boat cruises and transfers to the airport (paid for separately to the Lodge who does this for you- but we assist in arranging). If you would prefer to stay with your PH they too will be more than happy to look after them up to your departure date.

Cape Buffalo

Buffalo can also lead you on a merry chase, but staff can often intercept them using safari vehicles, so if your physical condition requires less strenuous stalks, they can manage that. But you still should be able to walk 3 or 4 miles a day.  Butch killed a good buff in this area a few years ago, after many miles of tracking him on foot.  Some excellent croc and hippo in his concessions as well.

Lodging is another big plus- although it can vary with locale hunted. Normally you will be taken to a very upscale bed and breakfast, along the shores of Lake Kariba. It has its own swimming pool; its’ rooms are en suite with full baths and you will be served very tasty food. You are likely to see crocs and hippos, so do be a bit careful when walking around the pool! Other locations can be more rustic, it all depends where the game is.

Other hunts include NON-IMPORTABLE elephant; or an importable or non-importable hippo, or an importable croc. Cape Buffalo is also available in the Hwange/Matetsi areas – but for Hippo the client would need to move to the Binga area (this is not a major move so it can be done comfortably). However our PH recommends allowing an extra week.

Other game is also available including plains game. Plains game can include sable, waterbuck and much more. To add on an importable hippo will cost a trophy fee, plus the extra days; same amount and rules generally applies for an importable crocodile. Ask us if there are other options which you might want. We can structure your safari to fit your needs.

If you wish, arrangements can be made for visits to Victoria Falls, with a stay over, all extra of course. If you have never seen the falls, you are missing a breathtaking experience! World class tiger fishing too!! Great place to shop as well (Butch’s note: try and see the croc farm!).

I have managed to secure for any of the clients who do these hunts a night in Victoria Falls at the National Parks Lodges/ a sunset cruise/ a buffet dinner (eat as much as you can) at THE Victoria Falls hotel/ Walk through the rainforest to see the Mighty Victoria Falls (one of the seven wonders of the world) breakfast optional before flight. A tour around Victoria Falls if clients wish, and they can do a lot of curio shopping at half price which is US$350.00 EACH I just feel anyone coming to Zimbabwe and is an hour away from this spectacular view cannot miss out on it, and the PH and his wife will be looking after the clients through this trip.


BUFFALO SPECIAL: 2X1- Just $9,817 each!!  (AND A $4500 REFUND IF NO BUFF IS TAKEN!!)

7 day 2×1 TROPHY Buffalo hunt. 

 Price includes:

  • the daily rate,
  • Ground Transfers (round trip) to and from airport
  • The 2% Levy on Trophy Fees                                               
  • The 2% Levy on Daily Rates 
  • Plains game can be taken at the current trophy fee schedule

14 Day Trophy Leopard hunt

all inclusive of Daily rates, transfers, trophy fee, 2% Govt levy on Daily rate, 2% Govt levy on Trophy fee, 15% tax levy on accommodation, Cities,meals and drinks plus baits US$17,528. (if Pre-baiting is desired he does it for a minimum of four days prior to the hunt at $200 per day TOTAL $800.00 and a second transfer vehicle will be used which will be an extra charge of $200.00 / EXTRA. Total then with 4 days plus the extra vehicle is $1,000 Strongly urged by us!!).

NON TROPHY ELEPHANT 7 days All inclusive just $10,174 Non importable

So you want to do an elephant without breaking the bank? Once again we have put together an awesome price and package for you to do just that. All inclusive US$10,174.00 in the Matetsi / Hwange area. No cost surprises here.

We also have available Hippo and Crocodile hunts.

DAILY RATE: $710 PER DAY Observers $300/day

Trophy Elephant 12 days.
Non Trophy Elephant 7 days.
Leopard 14 days.
Buffalo 10 days and 7 days.
Hippo/Crocodile 10 days.
Lion 14 days. ( minimum )

Trophy Elephant $9000
Non Trophy Elephant $5000
Leopard $5000
Buffalo $4000
Lion $12000
Hippo $ 4000
Crocodile $ 4000
Sable $ 4500
Kudu $ 1300
Eland $ 1500
Giraffe $ 2000
Waterbuck $ 1800
Bushbuck $ 800
Impala $ 350
Hyena $ 800
Baboon $ 100
Jackal $ 200
Civet $ 250
Genet/ Wildcat $ 100
Duiker $ 300
Steenbok $ 300

If a client wishes to shoot more than one non trophy elephant during this hunt we can arrange extra permits.

NOTE: Plains and other  game can be added.

Other game available: (may require extra days). Croc, hippo, buff, sable and most plains game.


We will need from you the following information for the TR2 Hunting form and the Visitors Certificate to Possess Firearms and Ammunition. For the TR2 we need the clients full names and address and Passport Nos. For the Firearms Certificate we need their full names, dates of birth, occupation, home addresses, passport Nos., date of issue and place of issue, the type of rifle (bolt action), caliber, the make, manufacturers serial no. and the number of rounds you are bringing in (usually 40The outfitter can complete the firearms certificate and hand them in to the customs for your attention and you just have to sign them and hand them back. They will give you a signed and stamped copy. SAVE IT CAREFULLY!!

OTHER POSSIBLE COSTS: extra game taken- see trophy fee schedule.

Some game may require extra days.

Transport via vehicle – roundtrip to camp: $400/vehicle
Government levies as shown above
CITES -required for Elephant, Leopard, Crocodile, Hippo $150. per tag.

Dipping, packing and shipping.
OBSERVERS: $300 per day
Tips and gratuities
Rifle Hire $40.00 per day/excluding ammo
Any excursions out of the hunting area will be at extra expense for gas and time.
Any extra days touring in the Victoria Falls will cost US$150. per day.
Pre baiting (Min 4 days before the hunt) $1000


Best time for buffalo and elephant seems to be end of March through to May and again from end of October to mid December..

Non Trophy Elephant hunts February to April . Non Trophy Elephant are under 30lbs.

HUNTING AREAS: for Non Trophy Elephant –  Hwange, Matetsi.

Trophy Elephant hunting –  Matetsi, Gwayi, Hwange.

 Zimbabwe-88-Steve-W-2011-Ele    Zimbabwe-88-LODGE


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ENTRY / EXIT REQUIREMENTS FOR U.S. CITIZENS: You need a passport, visa, return ticket, and adequate funds to enter Zimbabwe. If you are traveling to Zimbabwe for tourism, business, or transit you can obtain a visa at the airports or other border ports-of-entry, or in advance by contacting the Embassy of Zimbabwe at 1608 New Hampshire Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20009; telephone (202) 332-7100. Visit the Embassy of Zimbabwe website for the most current visa information.

Zimbabwean Immigration officials at Harare airport and other ports of entry are authorized to admit U.S. citizens without an entry visa. U.S. citizens who intend to make use of this privilege are strongly urged to read this section carefully as the failure to strictly adhere to Zimbabwean immigration law can lead to arrest, prosecution, detention, fines, seizure of possessions, and removal. Any U.S. citizen who intends to undertake any activity that does not involve pure tourism (e.g. visiting Victoria Falls), however minor the planned deviation, is strongly urged to obtain the appropriate visa outside Zimbabwe prior to traveling to Zimbabwe.


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