6 Bucket List Fishing Trips To Consider

Whether you fish for bass, trout or panfish, and whether you fish a few days a year or nearly every weekend, you’ve probably got a list of dream fishing trips. In no particular order, here are 6 Bucket List fishing trips to dream about this winter.
1. Prince Edward Island Giant Bluefin Tuna
If you’ve got a thing for catching big fish, and I mean BIG fish, this could be the trip for you. Besides being one of the most beautiful areas of Canada, Prince Edward Island is also known as the “Giant Bluefin Tuna Capital of the World”. These giants can weigh over 1,000 lbs. Bring your muscles, as these brutes can take hours to wrestle to the boat. We work with charter operators who can get you on the fish.
2. Atlantic Canada Sharks
If tuna isn’t your thing, how about a fish that eats giant tuna? Canada’s Maritimes has some of the best multi-species shark fishing anywhere in the world, for specimens that can reach 1,000 lbs. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water….
3. Lake Trout in the Northwest Territories
Canada’s Northwest Territories is home to some of the largest lakes in the world. Their deep, cold waters produce some of the largest lake trout anywhere, with specimens reaching over 70 years of age and over 70 lbs. Hunt Nation works with some of the premier operators in the north, having produced some record catches. Side trips for Arctic char and grayling are available as well.
4. Giant Blue Marlin in Mexico
What can be better than a dream vacation in paradise with your spouse and kids? How about catching a giant blue marlin while you’re there? Cabo San Lucas is surrounded by deep, blue ocean, teeming with big game fish species such as blue marlin. These giants can grow to well over 1,000 lbs. and put up a fight you won’t ever forget. Hunt Nation works with an outfitter who can customize a trip to suit any angler.
5. Tarpon in Florida
The Sunshine State has some of the best and most diverse fishing found anywhere in North America, including freshwater, saltwater and brackish. But the species that tops many anglers’ wish lists is the mighty leaping tarpon. These “silver kings” migrate each year along Florida’s coasts, and good fishing can be had from the Keys and on up both coastlines. The Boca Grande area near Fort Myers, however, is world renowned, not just for numbers and size of fish (they can grow to 8 feet in length and over 200 lbs.), but the concentration of anglers that congregate during the migration; think bumper cars but with boats.
6. Peacock Bass in the Amazon
Undoubtedly the most exotic trip on this list is fishing for colorful peacock bass in the Amazon River watershed of Brazil. You will see some of the most remote areas left on the planet, and experience unforgettable fishing in the jungles of South America. Peacock bass come in a variety of species and colors, with some weighing over 20 lbs. Although they’re the smallest fish on this list, their strikes are the most ferocious, especially on topwater lures – imagine a cinder block being dropped in the water from the treetops!
Don’t just dream about these trips. While none of them are inexpensive, they are very realistic for many anglers, and Hunt Nation will work within your budget to help you realize your dream.
What angling adventures are on your Bucket List? Let us know.  307.637.5495  or info@hunt-nation.com

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