Argentina Patagonia Red Stag, Alpine Ibex, Pere David Deer # 37

Argentina Patagonia Red Stag, Alpine Ibex, Pere David Deer # 37

PATAGONIA! Just the name inspires visions of mountains, wonderful trout streams, Andean condors floating above rocky crags, and big red stags roaring out their challenges. It is a rugged but beautiful area with generally open but steeply rolling terrain. Game is quite visible normally, and stalking into range can be a challenge. 

Hunting is done normally on foot, using vehicles into the hunt area. From there, climb or walk to a high ridge or mountain top and glass; then stalk your chosen animal. In mid-March to mid April, the stags are roaring loudly and often, and glassing and watching the hi-jinks is great sport indeed. Horses may be used sometimes also. 

This estancia has been a front runner as far as working in genetic improvements. They have been improving genetics since 1995. They introduced outstanding bloodlines from Europe and New Zealand. The standard procedure was to breed a certain number of deer, keep the ones that reached their high standards of a likelihood of reaching or exceeding 400 SCI; and then releasing onto the free range area, the others that didn’t reach their quality expectations. Those released into the free range were still great deer. Most of them stay in the area for a while during the roar, then migrate to the high mountains nearby. They have been continually doing this every year. As a consequence they have greatly improved the trophy quality average in the area and we are now shooting great stags. And to further that trend, they have also released imported superior hinds. The stag quality now improves year after and the new are also released in the free range area and they mainly stay on the ranch. That is the reason why those big stags come back to this ranch every year during the roaring season. The result is good numbers of 320 to 350 class free range stags. For those hunters looking to hunt really big free range stag, in the mountains, and with world class accommodations, this is the place. They have taken free range stags up to 380 SCI and high fence to over 600 SCI.

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This hunt includes 6 nights/5 hunting days and also includes your red stag trophy of up to 320 SCI points (over 320you pay a trophy fee based on size – see Trophy Fees below). Guiding is 1 on 1. Bring good optics! They can save a lot of unnecessary walking. This is one of the few places in Argentina that you can be reasonably sure of taking a gold medal stag in free range, and at an affordable price.
If you want a true monster, then hunt the Estate side and stags can reach epic sizes—and it will truly feel and be a real hunt where you will earn your trophy and feel proud of it.

TRANSPORT: Hunters fly into Bariloche after first flying into Buenos Aires. One lodge is 60,000 private acres and is about 60 miles north of San Carlos de Bariloche. There is a second lodge catre) is 25,000 acres and is best accessed from San Martin de los Andes, which is about 55 miles from the airport.

Both of these areas provide very nice touring and sightseeing for non-hunters.

OTHER GAME TO HUNT: There are a variety of other species available here as well: Pere David deer, Alpine Ibex (these two species often sell out early and ibex are booked 4 years ahead), fallow deer, European mouflon, hybrid sheep, wild boar, wild goat, Somalian ram, Patagonian ram, Patagonian Dall, Axis deer, multihorn ram, Feral Oxen, Black Jacob’s ram, Balearean Boc.
ALPINE IBEX: Very limited availability- pls check with us.

The Alpine ibex (Capra ibex), – VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY, CHECK WITH US.  also known as the steinbock or bouquetin, is a species of wild goat that is native to the mountains of the European Alps. The coat color is typically brownish grey. Alpine ibex tend to live in steep, rough terrain above the snow line, normally, and the steeper mountains in Patagonia suit them well.

Compared with other members of its genus, the Alpine ibex has a short, broad head with brownish grey hair over most of the body, a pale abdomen and slightly darker markings on the chin and throat and in a stripe along the back.. As with all goats, males have beards, while females do not.Males commonly grow to a height of 90 to 101 centimeters (35 to 40 in) at the withers, with a body length of 149 to 171 centimeters (59 to 67 in) and weigh from 67 to 117 kilograms (148 to 258 lb). Females are noticeably smaller. Both male and female Alpine have large, backwards-curving, horns with numerous ridges along their length. At 69 to 98 centimeters (27 to 39 in), those of the males are substantially larger than those of females, which reach only 18 to 35 centimeters (7.1 to 13.8 in) in length.

Alpine ibex reach sexual maturity at eighteen months, but females do not reach their maximum body size for five to six years, and males not for nine to eleven years. The horns grow throughout life, growing most rapidly during the second year of life, and thereafter by about 8 centimetres (3.1 in) a year, eventually slowing to half that rate once the animal reaches ten years of age. Alpine ibex live for up to nineteen years in the wild. INQUIRE FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILITY!

Père David’s deer (Elaphurus davidianus), is a species of deer that is currently extinct in the wild except in one area of the Argentinean Patagonia mountains. The rest of all known specimens are found only in captivity. This semiaquatic animal prefers marshland, and is native to the subtropics of China. It grazes mainly on grass and aquatic plants. It is the only extant member of the genus Elaphurus.
This species of deer was first made known to Western science in 1866 by Armand David (Père David), a French missionary working in China. He obtained the carcasses of an adult male, an adult female and a young male, and sent them to Paris, where the species was named Père David’s Deer by Alphonse Milne-Edwards, a French biologist. it is variously said the specie is part cow, deer, donkey, horse (or) camel, and that the expression means in detail:
“the hooves of a cow but not a cow, the neck of a camel but not a camel, antlers of a deer but not a deer, the tail of a donkey but not a donkey;.”“the nose of a cow but not a cow, the antlers of a deer but not a deer, the body of a donkey but not a donkey, tail of a horse but not a horse”;“the tail of a donkey, the head of a horse, the hoofs of a cow, the antlers of a deer;”“the neck of a camel, the hoofs of a cow, the tail of a donkey, the antlers of a deer;, the head of a horse and the body of a cow”!!

The adult Père David’s deer reaches a head-and-body length of up to 1.9–2.2 meters (6.2–7.2 ft) and stands about 1.2 meters (3.9 ft) tall at the shoulder.[5] The tail is relatively long for a deer, measuring 50–66 centimeters (20–26 in) when straightened. Weight is between 135 and 200 kilograms (298 and 441 lb). The head is long and slender with large eyes, very large preorbital glands, a naked nose pad and small, pointed ears.

The branched antlers are unique in that the long tines point backward, while the main beam extends almost directly upward. There may be two pairs per year. PLEASE INQUIRE FOR AVAILABILITY.


BIRD HUNTING: If you like to shoot birds, we can also combine this trip with some serious hot barrel wingshooting near BA in their way in or out. And we can also add great Blackbuck, Axis and boar hunting- just ask us.

STAG PACKAGE: Price is $ 7500. March into June.
One stag up to 320 SCI points. 6 days, 5 nights, 1X1 guiding with all meals and luxury lodging; free Argentine wines. Eat like a gourmet! Luxurious living while hunting in the mountains.

• luxury lodging, 6 nights, 5 days;
• Argentine fine quality wine and excellent meals;
• ground transportation in the field;
• 1×1 guiding;
• One stag up to 320 SCI

Not included:
• hunting license @ $200 US;
• trophy tags @ $150 each US;
• gun rental @ $70/day plus ammo; or gun entry fee of $100 if the hunters bring their own firearms;
• the flight from Buenos Aires- Bariloche – Buenos Aires currently costs about of $ 330;
• ground transfers (depends on the size of the party);
• hotels before/after the hunt,
• sightseeing trips.
• Airfares to BA;
• tips

Five full days of hunt (6 nights) $ 3,500
Non hunter’s daily rate $ 350

TROPHY FEES: The above stag package that includes any stag up to 320”–can be upgraded in terms of size of stag. Or you can hunt Ala Carte, paying a day rate plus a trophy fee:
Red stag:
Up to 320 SCI points $ 4000
Up to 360 SCI points $ 7500
Up to 400 SCI points $ 10000
Up to 440 SCI points $ 15000
Up to 480 SCI points $ 25000
Up to 520 SCI points $ 35000
Red stag above 520 SCI points P.O.R.

Feral Oxen $ 2000
Mouflon Sheep $ 3500
Blackbuck $ 1800
Axis deer $ 2750
Black Jacob’s ram $ 2000
Patagonian dall $ 2500
Patagonian ram $ 2000
Multihorn sheep $ 1800
Wild goat $ 800
Fallow deer $ 2500
Balearean bock $ 3000
Fallow deer Top Ten $ 4000
Wild boar 6 2/8” tusks $ 600
Wild boar up to 8” tusks $ 1100
Wild boar over 8” tusks $ 1500
Pere David’s deer $ 12000
Pere David’s deer Top Ten $ 20000

Reception at BA Int’l airport
Full board accommodations in luxury lodging w/Argentine quality wine
1×1 professional guiding
Ground transportation during hunt
Preparation and deliver of trophies for exportation
Trophy measurement
WiFi Internet

Hunting license $ 200 + trophy tags $ 150
Ground transfers from Airport
Gun rental (rifles $ 50/day) or gun entry fee $ 100/gun
Alcoholic drinks
Hotels before or after hunt
Sightseeing trips
Exportation costs




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