Hunting And Fishing is our Business

Company Profile


Hunt-Nation has been in operation for over 17 years, full time. We have grown to 100,000 clients and over 300 outfitters, located all around the Globe and have offices in Wyoming, Texas, Florida and Canada! We book many hundreds of hunting and fishing trips every year on virtually every continent and all over the US. To put it very simply, we have grown because our clients have come to trust our integrity-WE TELL IT LIKE IT IS!

We want our clients to keep returning and we pride ourselves on our honesty and professionalism. Our outfitters are carefully vetted and selected and when you ask for information or ask us questions- the answers will be forthright and accurate. Each of the 4 principal consultants have over 40 years apiece in the hunting fields, and we probably approach 200 years of combined expertise! AND BEST OF ALL OUR SERVICES TO OUR HUNTERS AND FISHERMEN ARE FREE!

We get paid by the outfitters we have checked out and that we have consented to represent, this means you get honest advice from experienced people. You pay exactly the same through us as you would by buying directly – but with 300 outfitters we have many options to choose from. We match your personal, physical needs, and your budget to the best outfitter for you! You get our best suggestions, our assistance, our info on travel, weapons, little unknown facts and all the important small details.

Our reputation has grown due to our integrity and we intend to keep it that way!! We are friendly and professional, just phone or email us.