Realize that we only work for the outfitters, so we cannot direct them and we also have no ability to force them to pay out refunds!! We collect and send the funds immediately to the outfitter, so they are quickly out of our control. Note too that the outfitters have to actually pay out thousands of dollars up front for leases, lodging, food, guides, booking services, and for private landowner tags all done well in advance of your hunt; so when you cancel, they stand to lose thousands of dollars in income.  In recent years this has become a serious problem for all outfitters, so a no refund policy has been almost uniformly adopted. This is just another reason why we cannot, as a booking agent guarantee any refund. Sometimes we may be able to help you postpone, but that is not always an option especially if the trip is to happen shortly. We might be able to resell your trip, but then you must cover the 15% re-sale charge. Also if time is short, you may be forced to discount the trip in order to quickly promote a sale. That choice though, is yours. Or you can try to re-sell it yourself, if the hunt or the tag is transferable legally. BUT: the very best way to avoid a serious financial loss is to purchase trip cancellation insurance. We strongly recommend that you learn more about Global Rescue’s Signature Travel Insurance by visiting:

If you should decline to purchase travel insurance we will still try to help you, but it is likely that a refund will not be possible. All refunds are reduced by the booking fee charged the outfitter, unless you purchase the insurance.

Travel insurance means you do not have to argue or plead or beg. Cancer, hospitalizations, disease outbreaks, auto accidents, loss of employment, plane failures bankruptcies, divorces- the list of causes for cancellations is a long one. But insurance may make you whole, or pay you at least a large portion of your loss, depending on circumstances. And the right policy also will evacuate you and get you to safe hospital. Costs vary with age, but for example, a typical $5000 trip, if you under 59, would cost a bit over $200. Years ago the chances of a refund were greater, but now with all the outfitters added and higher costs and expenses, your family illness is likely to be an insufficient motivation for them to give you back part of their income. WE do offer both Rescue and Travel insurance and you can simply go to the site listed above to secure protection. You can opt out of purchasing such coverage, but you do so at your peril.

However, we will always try to assist you when these things happen, but insurance is by far the best protection.

We will try very hard to help you if you decline coverage, and we carry some clout with our outfitters, but please do not expect miracles from us. We cannot do a refund of money we do not have– as it was paid over to the outfitter- and we cannot pick his pocket nor can he pick ours!! All business men must make a living, so please bear that in mind.

In terms of what to do; PARAMOUNT is to notify us as early as possible. Even a day’s delay could mean we fail to re-sell a hunt — and it costs you!!

Without any travel insurance, (and again subject to each outfitters policies and rules), in the event a hunter has paid a deposit, AND if the hunter submits a license application to the State where the hunt is to be held — and fails to draw a tag for his principal specie or species, then IF THE OUTFITTER AGREES, the hunter may have the option of :
1. canceling the hunt and receiving a refund for all sums paid; or
2. rolling over the hunt to the next year at the current price and leaving the deposit in place; or
3. if a two specie hunt, of proceeding with the hunt as a one specie hunt, for the then current one specie price as shown on our current literature.


TRIP PROBLEMS: If you encounter a problem while on a trip you MUST immediately take this up with the outfitter. DO THIS BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE CAMP! In our experience, waiting until later almost never helps, and it usually means a lesser result. By staying silent and waiting you have denied the outfitter the chance to fix the problem.

Finally, if you just walk away during a TRIP, without affording the outfitter any opportunity to deal with the situation, you have probably lost any chance at a resolution. Most outfitters will take the attitude they were entitled to be made aware of the situation and given a chance to deal with it. We agree with them in that regard, regardless of the situation.

Always in our experience, our outfitters try very hard to be fair to our hunters. If they will not try to do that, then we don’t want to work for them!! However many factors are in play, and we all will try hard to work with one another, even if the final result is not perfect!! But insurance can ease many problems, even if it is not a perfect remedy.