Marilyn’s Namibian Leopard


Marilyn-Leopard-199x300  “Dear Butch,

I am writing to let you know that I had the time of my life with Francois, Reino, Matthew, Saar and the entire family and his staff..  From start to finish (and what a finish it was), the entire experience was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time for me.  I was pleased and blessed to find all of you.  Russ and Mary were so helpful in preparing me for my first leopard hunt and I am grateful…….  The total adventure was mind blowing! I look forward to many future dealings with you and your staff.  Your adventures do not disappoint.  Best regards,  Marilyn”

Wyoming Whitetail 10 point 235 lbs- Congrats Ray O.


Had a fantastic trip on WY #188. Got a real nice deer on Thursday . Herb was my guide and hunted hard to make it happen. Saw Antelope, Mulies, Eagles, prairie dogs, pheasants. The country was fantastic . Went to the Cody museum crossed the Bighorns to get there what a view.
Can’t say enough about the accommodations, food, guiding . 1f68e  Great hunt.


Ray O.

Tony’s Beautiful Argentina Stag


Hi Brian, this is Tony H., Mark & I booked a Red Stag hunt with you in Argentina. I just want to thank you. The camp was awesome & amazing. The food and cabins were top notch. My guide Poncho was number 1. He was so great to get along with & knows his stuff. Thank the world for the Outfitters staff  helping us transfer in Buenos Aires. This is my awesome trophy. Truly the hunt of a life time. My son & I are looking to hunt moose in British Columbia  in 2018. Do you have any great camps we can look at. Again thank you for all your guidance in our hunt.

Paul H. Red Stag – Argentina #39


Paul-H-Black-Buck_Arg39-225x300  Paul-H_Stag_Arg39-300x225



Great Trophy Paul, Congratulations!  Scratch that one off your bucket list.

“Hey Brian hope all is well w/ you and your family the Argentina hunt was first class. As you can see the hunt was a great success, the accommodation were excellent, food was great and guides professional thank you for all your help.
I am looking to book another hunt for 2018″.  Thank You,

S. Africa Plains Game Client Report on Hunt #256


Wow, this might be the best hunt I have ever done, and certainly will be asking you to re-book me next year.  After the first morning of hunting I decided to re-book, game is just everywhere.

Way ahead of schedule on animals.  Shot 6 animals in the first 4 days.  Only have the bushbuck and nyala left and those are best taken at the northern camp where we are going tomorrow.  I have added a couple extra critters and will be over budget on trophy fees about $2500.00 if I do shoot the nyala and bushbuck.  I will send you a check for the extra critters as soon as I get home, want you to handle all money transactions with Andrew of course.

The extra critters – took a nice fallow deer buck that was not too beaten up from the rut.  Also have asked to hunt bushpig at the northern camp, as you know they bait and do that at night.  Also decided to bust a baboon and get it full body mount – Karoo is reasonable on that mounting fee and trophy fee is only $350.

Have not missed anything (except the first shot at a 335 yard baboon) and have not wounded anything, so far so good.

Will say the guide is letting me use is .300 H&H magnum but he is using a light 165 Hornady GMX all copper designer bullet.  I am not impressed with its performance on heavier animals and it almost cost me a lost Waterbuck.  That light bullet hits bone and is not heavy enough to plow on through, it deflects and goes sideways.  The Impala was broadside facing us, I hit the base of the neck at the shoulder, the bullet hit the neckbone and went sideways down the lenght of the body and wound up under the skin near its ass,   The Waterbuck sitch was worse.  He was facing us straight on, 90 yard frontal chest shot, perfect bullet placement in chest at base of the neck.  A heavier 180 grain lead bullet would have raked him from stem to stern and dropped him in his tracks.  Instead the bullet hit bone, deflected, and came out the Waterbuck’s right shoulder.  Bull ran almost 100 yards and we heard him thrashing and gurgling in some brush and waited 15 minutes for him to die.

Heavy animals need heavy bullets, plain and simple.  I am concerned about the Nyala and sure need to make a good shot with that light bullet when we get up there.

Way over estimated the time required to kill 7 animals here.   My only reference point was that Namibia hunt 13 years ago where we shot an animal about every other day.  Here it is one per day average,  and some days you get two.  One advantage though is I am the only hunter in camp, so no competition with other guides for best hunting areas.  They have their honey holes for each species and we go there each day and don’t have to wait for another hunter to kill his first.

Like coming later in the year, after the rut of course but not many other hunters and it is cooler, no snakes or bugs.  Foliage is off some of the trees making visibility better.

Just wanted to thank you sending me here.  Shot the first 4 animals wearing my lucky Butch Manasse hunt shirt.  Give my best to Joan, will talk about 2016 when I return.

Thanks again buddy, this one is just off the charts !!

Give my best to Joan.

Wisconsin Corporate Retreat # 257

Corporate Retreat- Inspire Your Team

IMG_3338  IMG_3237

Nothing bonds co-workers better than working together in the great outdoors. We’ll help you set up the perfect set of activities for your group.
This top notch facility is a complete destination for groups whether large or small. They will provide the environment to regenerate and inspire. The overall experience is a reward in and of itself and the meeting facilities includes the newly renovated Great Room featuring comfortable seating as well as other meeting places both indoor and outdoor.
With adventures plentiful for all seasons, corporate team building events have never been better – or more complete. First class amenities including luxurious accommodations make this hunting and fishing Preserve the perfect destination resort for your corporate event.
Hunting Preserve and Luxury Resort:
Trophy Game Hunting Grounds with First-Class Accommodations
This hunting preserve and ranch gives you a chance to explore the true nature and beauty Wisconsin has to offer.
Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin the pristine preserves are populated with some of the highest quality, privately raised big game wildlife, we’re known worldwide for our hunting packages. Hunters come for the incredible whitetail, elk, and fallow deer trophy bucks.
From the moment guests enter the ranch, it is clear it will be unlike any other hunting experience. Several species of world class big game range freely on over one square mile of perfectly managed hunting preserve.
Specializing in world class trophy whitetail deer hunts, trophy elk hunts and trophy Fallow hunts, this facility offers professional one-on-one guides, first-class accommodations and an experience the whole family can enjoy. Their guided whitetail hunts and guided elk hunts ensure guests will experience a trophy big game hunting adventure that won’t soon be forgotten!

Outdoor Activities for Everyone in Your Group
From thoughtfully appointed hunting lodges, to delicious cuisine, to a wide range of outdoor activities, we have something to appeal to every member of any group or family with personal attention to every detail of your stay. Wake up to a delicious country breakfast and then hunt trophy-level game, including whitetail deer, elk and fallow.
Wisconsin Elk and Deer Hunting Preserve

Free Roaming Big Game Hunts
This elk and deer hunting preserve offers pristine grounds with some of the highest quality game hunting in all of Wisconsin. The outfitter and staff will do everything we can to ensure you have an incredible hunting vacation.
They also guarantee your outing will be successful with 100% shot opportunity, field dressing and other amenities. To make sure your hunt is comfortable; they provide extras including heated hunting stands and other special touches. Every hunter who visits the hunting preserve is assigned a private guide and they have spared no expense to provide a memorable hunting experience. Enjoy the comfort of deluxe, fully enclosed hunting stands—all insulated, heated and carpeted with sliding windows, hunting blinds, swivel leather office chairs, German binoculars and spotting scopes. Their elk and deer preserve is stocked with homegrown Whitetail, Elk, and Fallow deer.

Hunt Exotics
Interested in a Trophy Fallow Deer! A trophy you will be proud to hang on your wall! They offer chocolate, spotted or white fallow buck hunts.
The Fallow hunting is first come first serve and the outfitter takes great pride in only allowing 25 Fallow Bucks to be harvested per season ensuring each hunter will have a true trophy experience!
They can accommodate hunters of all ages and experience levels as well as disabled hunters.

hunting_fallow  2012-09-0716.24.10

Our Fallow hunts are fully 1×1 guided and our guides have experienced a 100% success rate!

Your Trophy Fallow Package will consist of a 4 day 3 night stay & the following:
– First Class Lodging & Meals
– Fully Stocked Bar
-Field Dressing
-Transportation to & from Local Airport
-Skinning, Caping, & Quartering is also available
-Option to use onsite taxidermist or local processor
-Bring a non- hunting guest for $150/day
Trophy fallow hunt for only $3495!

Fallow Deer Facts
Fallow deer have been hunted for over 2,000 years. They are an extremely hardy and elusive species being extremely adaptable to a variety of climates. Adult males range from 35-38 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 175 to 225 pounds.
There are 4 primary colors of fallow deer. They range from a tan or rust color with white spots or can be seen as a creamy white, grayish brown or very dark brown color. Their highly sought after antlers are palmate, similar to those of a moose, with several large tines which grow anywhere from 15 inches up to a trophy size of 28 inches in length. The fallow deer’s meat is extremely lean containing only about 5% – 7% fat and is very succulent with only a very mild venison flavor.
Majestic Elk


If you are planning a trophy elk hunting trip this year, why not come to Wisconsin in the middle of an elk hunters paradise!

This facility takes great pride in our herd by only allowing 20 elk to be harvested per season ensuring each hunter will have a true trophy experience! No need to wait to draw a tag, no license is required to hunt on our private ranch!
The most popular time to hunt elk to hear the majestic call and bugling is late August through the end of September. Whether you’re an experienced caller or a novice bring your calls along and call in the elk with your guide!

IMG_2547  IMG_0405

Wisconsin Elk Hunting At Its Finest
They harvest 6×6 or larger bulls only. In the past we have averaged 370″ bulls, with many bulls going over the 400″ mark each year.
You’re not paying by point or score or for any trophy fees, rather, you are harvesting the biggest animal that you desire in a fair chase environment.
During your hunt, each time you go out to sit it will be another great experience!
Sit and relax by the fire nightly and listen to the elk bugle!
You can use the weapon of your choice and hunt from a heated condo stand, a ladder stand or ground blind! You choose. They can accommodate hunters of all ages and experience levels as well as disabled hunters.
Our Elk hunts are fully 1×1 guided and our hunters have experienced a 100% success rate!
Your Trophy Elk Package will consist of a 4 day 3 night stay & the following:
– First Class Lodging & Meals
– Fully Stocked Bar
-Field Dressing
-Transportation to & from Local Airport
-Skinning, Caping, & Quartering is also available
-Option to use onsite taxidermist or local processor
-Bring a non- hunting guest for $150/day
Your next trophy elk hunt in Wisconsin is only $8800!

Ranch Accommodations
Main Lodge
The welcoming great room with vaulted ceilings boasts hardwood floors, fireplace, rustic dining table and a custom crafted bar. A large screen television airs favorite shows or sporting events. Refuel with all meals prepared in the commercial kitchen and served in a comfortable home-style dining area. It is the ultimate in comfort, convenience, beauty, not to mention affordability year round.
The main lodge has four rooms all with their own private bathrooms and is in the same building as the bar and dining area.

activities_luxury_ca  11-edenwood-main-lod

All American Lodge
Come and stay in this lodge equipped with a full kitchen so you can bring your own food and prepare meals for you and your family. This beautiful lodge consists of four rooms and two bathrooms great for a large group or family.

Safari Suite
Beautiful private cabin with a large hot tub room, and large living area. Has loft bedroom for the kids and king bed for the adults! Stay in the Safari Suite and enjoy stunning views of the wildlife!

Imagine camping right in the middle of paradise- Rising with the sun seeing the animals interact in their own natural environment right from your screened in porch or off your deck of your tent suite equipped with first class amenities.
Included with any of the above vacation packages are the following:
Full use of the beach- to include swimming &zip lining
Fishing & Canoeing
Wildlife Photography
Hiking &Bird watching
Shed Hunting
Use of Archery Range
Use of Horse shoe Pits

307.637.5495 or