This outfitters has been guiding clients into the rugged Alaska landscape on productive Alaska hunts for over 30 years. The guide’s they use have a total combined experience of over 70 years in this country. They are a true, full service Alaska guide and outfitting service.  They offer big game hunts from mid-April to mid-November in two locations, the Brooks Range and the Alaska Peninsula.


The Brooks Range hunts are aimed at Arctic grizzly bear, caribou, Dall sheep, and wolf. Their Alaska Peninsula hunts are focusing on moose, waterfowl, and the mightiest of northern predators, the Peninsula brown bear or “coastal bear.” The Peninsula has a reputation for producing perhaps the largest bears in Alaska. Alaska Department of Fish and Game has designated the Alaska Peninsula as a trophy bear hunting area for game management purposes. The goal is to produce bears of the largest possible size for sportsmen. They do this by alternating the permissible hunting times. Fall hunts take place in October of odd years (eg: 2013, 2015). Spring Peninsula hunts take place in May of even years (eg: 2014, 2016). The results have been rewarding, with better camps consistently averaging over 9’ size wise, with some even to 11 feet plus!

This outfit over the years has handled over 1,000 hunters to date, for everything from Dall Sheep to caribou, and from Grizzly to Brown bear. They believe that smaller operations produce better results and happier clients. They have a guide force that has been with them for years and they are all considered to be “family”. This is not like some big outfits who have to scramble every year to find “someone” to hopefully guide their clients, and who does not even know the area! They prefer results to poor excuses. So please, if you book with them, tip the guides well- it insures they will return! Their Brownie hunts for example have hovered at very close to the 100% mark for many years, and they generally limit it to about 6 to 8 hunters per year!  They also do exceptionally well on Grizzly and also on caribou. Sheep is normally close to 100%, and they only do about 2 per year. Smaller is better.

PENINSULA BROWN BEAR HUNTS:  Many hunters believe stalking giant coastal brown bears offers the experience of a lifetime. Seeing those 1000 pound bears is certainly a rush! They offer 10-day trips for trophy brown bears in the world famous Alaska Peninsula. Their Alaska hunts for these massive predators produce bears that usually exceed 8 ½ feet with many to 9 feet and beyond. In 2012 their bears ranged from 9’2” to 10’ 3”.  This is the experience that makes Alaska world famous as a premier destination for hunters wanting a giant bear in their trophy room. So their average is 9 feet plus, although on occasion a client will shoot one 8 ½ feet or 10 feet.

WE like the fact that they preserve the health of these bear populations by guiding a total of only eight hunters per year on the peninsula. With five individual camps, they also avoid focusing hunts on just one area – rather they spread the hunts out. This ensures thriving populations of giant browns for years to come, and their long standing average of 94 percent success on coastal bears is proof that their approach works and works well.

Location is of course always key to success, and their Alaska brown bear hunting camps are all strategically located on thriving salmon rivers. These are some of the largest and most consistent bear populations in the entire state.

They also believe that their personal service is what truly sets them apart. By combining their long experience and love for the sport, with dedication to happy clients, you get well treated and get max efforts. They are professionals first, and their gear, and every person on their staff, is of the highest quality.

Success is only limited by ignoring the finer details, and in this line of work there is no room for even the smallest mistakes. They have a staff of professionals including licensed and experienced pilots, guides, assistants, cooks and managers. From top to bottom you will see dedication and a professional work ethic.

TRANSPORT: Fly to King Salmon TWO DAYS before a hunt. It is not unusual in Alaska for luggage to fly in a day later then you arrive! If you arrive the day before the hunt, and have to wait a day for your luggage- you will lose a day of hunting!  So get to King Salmons two days early (example- arrive Sept 29 for an Oct 1 hunt). They will put you up at their fishing lodge there. Use Pen Air from Anchorage- about 3 to 5 flights daily.

From King Salmon, clients are flown out by the outfitters planes to one of their tented camps, deep in the untamed and wild Peninsula – this is brown bear country. They try hard to ensure that your experience is both comfortable and successful. They will tell you that their success rates have run 98 percent successful at filling all client’s tags over the last 30 years! They accomplish that with a combination of personalized service and know-how that only comes with experience. Their featured brown bear trips take place May 10-25 (even years-Spring) and October 1-20 (odd years-Fall).


2015 PRICES:

7-day 2×1 caribou hunt: $8,5000 per hunter for 1 caribou bull 1X1 price $14,500

Season Aug 1 – 20

Included: Meals, tent camps, all bush flights, guides, trophy prep, etc.

Not included: Flights from home airport to Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska, tags, license, lodging pre and post hunt, tips to guides and staff., licenses .


                                    2015 GRIZZLY AND CARIBOU COMBO HUNT   

This is another option offered by the outfitter- a caribou and grizzly hunt combo. These are caribou/Grizzly combo hunts in the Brooks Range in far Northern Alaska. This area is home to the largest caribou herd left in North America, the Western Arctic Herd. Estimated at between 450,000 to 550,000 animals, here is where the epic migrations still happen. This area has some of the most consistent caribou hunts available anywhere. They were 100% on caribou/griz in 2012, but historically they are at 98% on them. That is super success!

While these lands are often called “barren,” nothing could be further from the truth. The North Slope of Alaska is alive with flora and fauna in almost infinite variety. Before the first of the snows fall, the animals that call this place their home in the summer move south in great migrations, whether borne of land, air, or sea. They seek these lands for protection, escape, and food. While the word “pristine” is often used in Alaska, nowhere is it truer than in the rugged expanse of the Arctic. This is the land of truly wild Arctic Grizzly bears and huge herds of caribou. That said, realize caribou are migratory so things can change drastically quickly.

The remoteness of Alaska North Slope in the Arctic cannot be overstated, nor can its unspoiled beauty. Caribou hunts in the North Slope is exceptional due to its remote and untouched location. Lack of pressure makes these hunts unique, in that few ever lay eyes on this wild and unending landscape. With over 30 years guiding and outfitting hunts in the Arctic, these guys are proud to boast that 99 percent of their hunters have been successful at filling their tags with their own trophy big game animals.

Now if you want a true Grizzly bear, then this area in the Brooks Range, boats a substantial bear population and some awesomely colored bears to boot. Colors range from the standard grizzly look to chocolate and even blonde. When you get so far away from absolutely everything human, you want to know you are in the hands of seasoned professionals. The investment they have made in their operation is significant. They own and operate their own aircraft, snow machines, ATVs, and everything else in between, both great and small. Their personnel are seasoned Alaskans with a knowledge of the land and a love for the sport. Guiding in the Alaskan wilderness is often hard work, and it’s a role they don’t take lightly. You are hunting with true professionals, capable guys who know their stuff. When you are hunting these Barren Ground grizzly bears, that is a nice thing to rely on


This griz/caribou hunt requires you to fly to Fairbanks and spend the night in the Best Western hotel. The next morning (as early as possible) have breakfast and catch the hotel shuttle bus to Wrights Air Service by 7 AM.  Sign up to  fly to Anaktuvuk Pass village with the secretary at Wrights Air Service. You are responsible for all charter costs to and from Anaktuvuk Pass, (about $380 pp roundtrip from Fairbanks). On arrival outfitter will meet you and transport you to their lodge by Super Cub plane. The point of beginning of the outfitting is when you arrive at their main lodge. Bring a top quality sleeping bag (no down bags- if wet they do not dry out!). Get one rated to at least zero, and 20 below is even better.

On arrival you are assigned a guide and a camp to hunt in. You will leave your traveling clothes at the main camp, and wear one of your sets of hunting clothes. You will sight your rifle in at their range. You will purchase you license and tags and will complete the paperwork required by the State of Alaska, and make your final hunt payment. You may be flown out to your spike camp the same day, weather permitting, or you may need to spend the night at main camp. Usually your guide will already be at the spike camp getting everything ready for your arrival.

Upon your arrival at the spike camp, your guide will explain the daily routine and answer any questions you will have. You will start hunting the following morning. They check on each camp every 2–3 days and bring in additional food and supplies as required. Once you have taken your animals, you will be flown back to the main camp to get a shower and relax. Your skin will be fleshed and salted and prepared for shipping. After you have heard all the hunting stories you can handle, or at the end of your hunt, we will call the airlines and make your reservations for your return home.

PRICING: 10-day Arctic Grizzly/Caribou Combo 1×1 — $17,000 per hunter

Included: Meals, guiding, lodging -tent camps, all bush flights, guides, trophy prep.
Not included: Flights from home airport to Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska, tags, license, before and after lodging, tips to guides and staff, etc.

Dates Aug 10-30



Hidden within the dense underbrush of the grand arctic expanse are relics of the Pleistocene epoch. These are animals that survived the last ice age, finding ways to thrive in a changing environment that saw the demise of other massive beasts such as the saber toothed tiger and the woolly mammoth. Their survival depended upon being reclusive and wary of predators, but they still stand as symbols of the wild lands themselves, and are some of the most sought after game in the entire world.

Moose hunts are not for the faint of heart. Plying the wet, swampy lowlands of the arctic wilderness for a trophy, thick with willows and dense underbrush, presents a unique challenge to novice and seasoned hunters alike. Stepping into the microcosms of life that moose call home is akin to stepping back in time. In many ways, not much has changed. The land is still rugged and unspoiled, and taming it requires stamina, strength, and determination.

Willingness to experience these adventurous hunts is the first step to success, but an understanding of this land and the physical demands that are required will ultimately help you reach your goal. This outfit  has been guiding hunters on successful trips for over 30 years. And while moose hunts in the tundra is often hard work, they do everything within their control to keep it reasonable. In the end, the rewards of a moose hunting trip make all the hard work worthwhile.

Your hunt begins with a flight over the arctic tundra on the world famous North Slope. They fly you to one of their remote camps located adjacent to rivers or lakes where moose forage for food. A guide and all meals are included on your journey into the wilderness, and after a day in the bush a hearty meal is a welcome sight.

Their guides commonly bring hunters face to face with trophy moose up to 72 inches, and the 75–pound antlers will become the focal point of your trophy den and testament to your Alaskan experience. By offering only eight guided trips a year, they ensure health of the area’s moose population. It’s why they continue to succeed consistently after over 30 seasons.

Their staff of professionals includes licensed and experienced pilots, guides, assistants, cooks and managers. From top to bottom they practice a through dedication and a professional work ethic. In addition to their camps, they also own and operate their own planes and field vehicles. Along with a large investment in their operation, they are serious about making sure everything is well maintained and working at peak performance.

Moose hunt trips normally run ten days from September 5–25. These trips can be combined with caribou and grizzly bear hunts, rounding out your experience into something truly extraordinary. They will work with you to customize each trip and are more than happy to address any special needs or circumstances.

Moose 10 Day 1×1 Aug 17 – Sept 20 Brook Range Western Arctic $19,000

SLEEPING BAGS: He has sleeping bags, but asks his clients to bring along a sleeping bag liner. Here are some outfits I buy that sort of stuff from: ; ; . Prices vary from about $30 to about $80. Even an old twin bed flannel sheet will work.

Hunt Duration Date Range Location Price per person
All prices are per person and US dollars
Grizzly Bear 8 Day 1×1 August Brook Range $15,000
Combo Grizzly, Caribou 10 Day 1×1 August Brook Range $17,000
Caribou 7 Day 2×1 August Brook Range $8,500
Caribou 7 Day 1×1 August Brook Range $14,500
Black Bear 7 Day 1×1 September Western Alaska $6,000
Brown Bear,Black Bear 10 Day 1×1 September-October Western Alaska $16,000
Brown Bear 10 Day 1×1 September-October Western Alaska $14,000
Brown Bear 10 Day 1×1 April-May Alaska Range $17,500
Moose 10 Day 1×1 September Western Alaska $19,000
Moose, Brown Bear 15 Day 1×1 September 1-15 Western Alaska $27,000
Brown Bear 10 Day 1×1 May and October Alaska Peninsula $19,500
Sea Duck Hunting 5 Day 2×1 December-January Kodiak Island $4,500


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