320.large-BigHorn-sheep-300x225 Finding good and reliable Mexican outfitters has never been easy. So we spend extra efforts on vetting the ones we work with. We find the chosen ones to be wonderful partners, honest, hard-working and just plain good folks. This outfitter fits that mold. However, he only does about 8 to 10 hunts a year, so booking a year or two in advance may be required. He offers some very large Coues deer, big mule deer and Desert Bighorn Sheep.


This outfitter at present has 3 ranches, and is looking at others as well. He currently hunts over 76,000 acres of uncharted territory. These 3 exclusive ranches have barely been hunted in the past 5 years, making them prime territory for trophy animals, when restraint is used in terms of numbers harvested. We very much like the fact that this outfitter refuses to use more than 50% of the tags he is allocated. He does that to keep trophy quality high. It shows great restraint on his part! It should also be noted that he does have a high fence Desert Bighorn area as well, with sheep averaging 173” to 185”.


320.packing-out-a-sheep-guro-outfitters-1-229x300 We also like the fact that all his hunts are done on a 1 to 1 guide basis (one hunter to one guide) — except that all sheep hunts give you 2 to 3 guides per hunter. They average nearly 100% opportunity on mule deer over 165″; the same 100% opportunity on Coues over 90″; and on sheep the same 100% opportunity. Success rates are 95% on sheep; 90% on Mule deer and 80% on Coues. Mule deer normally average over 180”; Coues average over 95”; and sheep are 165” and up. Their best muley was 208 1/8th; the best Coues was 112 3/8ths but a 120” was missed.

“Butch, I did hunt with them for desert bighorn in February of 2020. For accommodations, the outfitter rented a nice condo for us in a nearby town on the Sea of Cortez. The food and overall service was great. Everyone was constantly checking to make sure the hunters were happy. The terrain in the hunting area can be very rugged. While it is possible to get lucky, you should be comfortable with and expect to take longer shots (400+ yards). While trails go through much of the hunting ground and it is possible to spot from the truck, I found the most animals by strapping on a backpack and climbing / hiking to the more remote and hidden areas. Each day 2 or 3 guides (with at least one speaking good English) would be assigned specifically to me. While I carried my gun and all of my stuff, they will carry anything you want them to if it is easier for you. The quality of game and number of animals was good. I did see a couple very large rams but was never able to close the deal for various reasons. I did successfully shoot a nice ram on day 5. I am extremely happy with it, but unfortunately I can’t tell you what it scored as the ram is still in Mexico because of the COVID craziness. “ Dave L 2020

In general the best times to hunt Sheep are the first 3 weeks in December and the month of February. Deer of either specie are best in January, with Coues tending to rut a week or so later than mule deer. IT IS POSSIBLE TO HARVEST MORE THAN ONE DEER OR TO COMBO TWO SPECIES. However it depends on tags remaining as they refuse to use more than 50% of their allocation.

MX-320-great-ram-2021-225x300 “I went down to hunt a Coues deer. I attempted that hunt in Sonora 3 times with other outfitters with no success. My only Coues deer was delivered by this outfitter. On that hunting trip I saw more Coues deer than in the previous 3 years combined in Sonora. From 20 or more does and young bucks to some 7 full adults ranging 80+ I remember getting really acquainted with one in particular and telling Rodrigo I was going to take a Shot. His answer really changed the outcome of the entire hunt. He said “you still have 5 full hunt days. But if this is the animal you want, I can only tell you it is a full adult and a fine specimen”. He seemed so calm saying those words that it literally took the rush out of me and made me realize he knew what he was saying. I decided to pass on this animal and for the 3th day it paid well. We got a 95+ buck, that for me was better than expected and is something I consider its going to take me a long time to improve on. After all, this is the gray ghost. And I wouldn’t try It again unless it’s with this outfit. Professionals is a word that I believe fits perfect to describe them. The staff, guides and drivers, are more polite and helpful than any other outfitter I have hunted. I have and will recommend them in the future to friends and family. After my great experience with them, one of my best friends booked a hunt for the year after mine, and since I had such a great time in Sonora that I joined my friends hunt just to enjoy it.” Esteban G. 2020

Degree of exertion: free range sheep 4 to 7 on a 10 scale; high fence 2 to 4 on a 10 scale; muley 2 to 4 and Coues 3 to 4 on average. They have various styles of hunting to suit hunter’s abilities. High racking (riding in back of specially equipped pickups) is a favorite; as is stalking and spotting.

320.201819-3-1-300x297 Style of hunting:
Desert Bighorn: spotting and stalking
Mule Deer: 70% High racking/ 30% spotting and stalking Coues deer: 70% Spotting and stalking / 30% high racking
Ranches: Outfitter has 3 private ranches totaling over 67,000 acres:
Ranch # 1: Desert Bighorn Sheep and mule deer: (15,300 acres total)- Mainly medium to high mountains for desert bighorn with some semi flats where mule deer roam. There are 3,000 acres of high fence for desert bighorn sheep + 12,300 acres free range for sheep and mule deer.
Ranch # 2: Primary Mule deer ranch and trophy fee Coues deer: 14,800 acres. Semi flat with some flat areas and hilly areas. Mule deer roam the entire ranch and we have some good areas for Coues deer.
Ranch # 3: Primary Coues deer and trophy fee Mule Deer: 32,100 acres. Mix of semi flat areas with 4-5 big hilly areas where Coues deer populations are very high. Also big flat areas where mule deer roam.

Desert Big Horn (free range) 165-180”
Desert Bighorn Sheep (high fence) 173-185”
Mule Deer 170-200+”
Coues Deer 95-120+”

Lodging : They have several houses that have running hot and cold water, beds, full bathrooms, HOT SHOWERS and electricity. Their Coues deer ranch house has Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

Other Animals: A SECOND MULEY OR COUES CAN OFTEN BE TAKEN, DEPENDING ON HOW MANY TAGS ARE AVAILABLE. They never use more than 50% of their tags! Also Bobcats & Mountain Lions can be harvested at an extra charge. Coyotes and 1 Javelina are included in the hunt.

320.201819-300x291 Information:
Hunters must complete the usual Mexican government hunting contract which Hunt Nation assists with. Tips are expected ue to depressed economic conditions and 10% is considered the minimum. The Outfitter sends out a survey of food needs and a suggested equipment list about 90 days pre-hunt. They do urge that you bring a sleeping bag, but can provide sheets and blankets. They will field prep and package your trophy to take home with you. They provide licenses and the correct forms to bring your trophy home.
Their guides have 10 or more years experience, the sheep guides over 20 years. You can bring a spotting scope. They also have their own.

NOTE: ADD 2 DAYS FOR TRAVEL INTO RANCH AND BACK. So a 5 day hunt is 7 total.

PRICING 2021/2022:
1. Desert Bighorn Sheep (free range) 8 full days POR
2. Desert Bighorn Sheep (high fence) 5 full days POR
3. Mule Deer (free range) 6 full days $11,750
4. Coues Deer (free range) 5 full days $5,300

NOT INCLUDED: Tips- 10% is the norm; gun permit; plane tickets, trophy shipping/prep; extra animals.

Phone: 307 637 5495 email: