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Hunt-Nation has been in operation for over 20 years, full time. We represent over 300 outfitters worldwide and our team will help you find and book the hunting or fishing adventure of a lifetime. Our Services are always FREE and we cater to your needs and budgets. Call us @ 307.637.5495 or shoot us an email at and one of our six experienced consultants will be happy to answer your questions and provide complete write-ups on any adventure we offer. OVER 20,000 BUCKET LISTS CLEARED AND COUNTING!!








Extreme Luxury Safari Africa #61


South Africa Hunt #66 by Hunt-Nation


Hunt Nation Trailer


Belize #64 Flats Fishing Paradise


Heli Hog Hunting #86


Argentina Stag & Doves #33


Guatemala Fishing #46


Wyoming Archery Antelope #130




Ralph S. on California Hunt #97

Butch, My guide for my hunt was outstanding. They delivered everything they said they could and more. Tony was very professional, low key and knowledgeable. For several weeks prior to the hunt he would call or send photos of what he was seeing. He had me on mature bulls from daylight on. Being...

Colorado #239

“Had a great elk hunt with this outfitter out in Colorado in Sept. As you know, Mike and I took some nice elk out there. The outfitter, his dad, and our guide, Bob, were just great. I'll shoot you back your CRITIQUE form and a more detailed letter as soon as I catch a breather here. Thanks again, ...

Belize #64 – Butch M.

I had a 50” BARRACUDA make my 10 weight fly reel sound like it was screeching in mortal agony! However, for the rookies or the folks looking for their first bones, the guides had their secret spots. Our guide (Daniel- top notch- but so was Michael and others) had such a spot and he put Joan in the...

Argentina #39 – David L.

This was the best hunting trip I have ever been on. The outfit and the hosting was amazing from the time we arrived to leaving. They go out of their way to make everything great from you room; every meal, right to the very end of the adventure. The guides were very friendly, as was the whole staff. ...

South Africa #57 – Delery G.

Butch- He is absolutely, and without doubt, the finest outfitter I have ever had the pleasure to meet and hunt with! I have hunted all over, on many guided hunts, and this PH of yours is hands down- the finest I have ever known! I could go on for hours, but suffice to say, I took 10  animals; my bu...

Utah #29- Max M.

Hunted Mountain Lion with your outfitter at Utah#29 -  Jeff runs a great hunt and his guides and hounds are some of the best I have ever hunted with and i've been on many hunting trips. They were relentless in their efforts to get me on a big Tom and they did. Very happy with this hunt!

Alberta #286 – Mike P.

Thanks for finding this family-oriented outfitter. I can’t recommend them enough. If funds were no object, I would return to them every year.

Argentina #39 – Jimmy P.

Excellent quality and quantity of trophy stag and other species. Hospitality and food was outstanding. Most importantly, the environment (accommodation, etc.) was acceptable for my 18-year old daughter. Overall, the trip exceeded our expectations. Greatly appreciate the help provided by Don during t...

Russia #150 – Larry H.

Butch it was wonderful!! It exceeded all my expectations! Not a single surprise in the whole trip. I took two wonderful bears, both with exceptional hides. A great adventure. Super food. The Russians were extremely accommodating. You made my trip an easy and enjoyable experience!

New Zealand #248 – Toby T.

Butch: Thanks for another awesome hunt. I killed a 390” stag and a record book tahr. He’s 13 inches and 9 inch bases. Dad killed a 400” stag and a 12 inch tahr. We swapped a Texas guided aoudad sheep hunt to this outfitter in exchange for the upgrades on our stags. (BUTCH’S NOTE: Toby is one...

North Carolina #34 – Ed C.

In just 2.5 days our party of two wives and two husbands caught and landed 19 giant Redfish, with 17 of them over 40" and several over 50"! Absolutely amazing guides, great boats, an awesome fishery and wonderful local seafood. And it was very reasonably priced to boot.

New Zealand #149- Peter B.

In less then a week I took a 600 class Red stag, an elk of nearly 400" and a giant fallow deer!

Namibia #173- Rick P.

I am touching base with you on our recent Namibia experience. This Safari was in short the best hunt I have ever been on with an outfitter, they are without a doubt an excellent experience and I would highly recommend them to any of my hunting friends. The quality and quantities of the animals was ...

Namibia #138- Bill J. & Steve W.

Namibia is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get next !!! ” Steve W. has been to this operation 5 times. Bill J. said of this operation: "You should send every one of your African clients to this superb operation.

Mozambique #157- Pete J.

I went on your recommended Mozambique safari – Hunt #157. THANK YOU! It was my best hunt in Africa to date. In fact, I never thought any trip could equal my trips to China and Mongolia that you have sent me on -- but this one did. To start----the outfitter and his staff are just great people to wo...

S. Africa # 256 Chris

True free range critters. Rebooked for 2016. Outfitter, Camp, Food, Guide, Equipment, Trophy care are all Excellent.   Highlights: experiencing the culture, the native skinners and trackers.

Marilyn’s Namibian Leopard

“Dear Butch, I am writing to let you know that I had the time of my life with Francois, Reino, Matthew, Saar and the entire family and his staff..  From start to finish (and what a finish it was), the entire experience was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time for me.  I was pleased a...

S. Africa # 256 Chris C.

True free range critters. Rebooked for 2016. Outfitter, Camp, Food, Guide, Equipment, Trophy care are all Excellent.   Highlights: experiencing the culture, the native skinners and trackers.

Argentina #39- Tom S.

Butch, Thanks for setting me up on a great red stag hunt! I was done hunting in 1 1/2 days. I killed a 7 point unicorn cull (had broken off the right antler flush/into the skull) on the first afternoon and killed a big 15 point the next morning. I've never seen so many trophy animals in all of my hu...

Mexico #12- Jay C.

Caught Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, and Sailfish.  Food, accommodations, guide and equipment all excellent. Trophy care: good.  Excellent fishing. Would recommend to a friend.

Namibia #47- Pete J.

I will say that he is without a doubt the most knowledgeable PH that I have ever hunted with on 6 hunts in Africa. He has the best eyes, even better than his trackers, and can track an animal better than any PH that I have ever been with. He also loves to hunt for the love of it!!!!!

Alberta #69- Anton J.

Just thought I’d send a quick e-mail to let you know I had a great hunt last week.  Took two good bears, and the guiding & accommodation / food were excellent.  My wife also really enjoyed herself – even got to tag along on a hunt, and watched me shoot a bear. Thanks for arranging such a g...

Wyoming #130- Gary G.

Pat and I had a great time. I hunted with a great guide, plenty of local knowledge, and a nice young man to be around. His staff all seemed to be best of friends and worked together like a well-oiled machine, making the trip a joy.  Thank you for the heads up on this operation. Without you this tri...

Australia #155- J.D.

One of my most memorable hunts ever, a real dream come true. The buff, banteng, sambar and rusa are great trophies, especially with muzzle-loader. Thanks to all the staff for making my stay pleasant, I will long remember this hunt.

Idaho #218- Kevin S.

Had a great hunt. He had lots of game, but this was not a canned hunt. We all hunted VERY hard and we killed 1 bull elk and 5 mulie bucks. The one my 12 year old son harvested scored 165 6/8. I would highly recommend this outfit for those willing to hunt hard and push themselves. It is a comfortable...

New Zealand #248- Kevin C.

Hi Joan& Butch. My hunt in New Zealand could not have been better and was a dream come true. Outfitter was simply awesome. Just fill out the trip report form for me, and give him an A+ in every category. Feel free to use me as a reference. Thanks again for all your help.


We had a great time and I would highly recommend it. Our guide was exceptional and very knowledgeable. The food was incredible and everything that we had to eat was wonderful. The lodge was very clean, comfortable, and was situated in a beautiful area. The rooms were not large but the bed was comfor...


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