Marco Polo and Mid-Asian Ibex Kyrgyzstan #367

Marco Polo and Mid-Asian Ibex Kyrgyzstan #367

This hunt takes place on a private concession of nearly 500,000 acres in size, and this massive area is not subleased to any other outfitter. With long-term control over so much land, this outfitter is consistently producing the largest rams we have found from the country of Kyrgyzstan, with success rates few other outfitters can match. In the 2023 season, trophy rams up to 57” were taken here, a number seldom achieved without hunting neighboring Tajikistan at a much higher price point. If you are looking for a true horseback hunting experience, this hunt is one of the most affordable sheep hunt you can find in Asia, and with a proven outfitter with decades of experience. Additionally, this hunt takes place in the Naryn region, one of the few areas of the country eligible by USFW for argali importation into the United States.

Kyrgyzstan Marco Polo are classified by USFW as ovis ammon polii, a CITES appendix II species at the time of this writing. Sub-classified as Hume argali by GSCO and SCI, these rams are typically smaller in size than rams found in Tajikistan. That said, this outfitter is consistently producing larger rams than any other outfitter we have found in Kyrgyzstan, with realistic opportunity to take a trophy in the 50” range. In 2023, the smallest ram was 48” with the largest trophy measuring an incredible 57”. Opportunity rates are near-perfect for rifle hunters, with long-term success rates around 98%.

Getting Here
Fly to Bishkek (airport code FRU) on Turkish Airlines via Istanbul. Your luggage and firearm will be checked all the way through to Kyrgyzstan. Once in Bishkek, clear customs through the VIP section of the airport. The cost is $100 per person arriving and another $100 when departing. Once you have cleared customs, expect a same-day (weather permitting) ground transfer of ten to 12-hours to reach the hunting camp.

People always ask, “is Kyrgyzstan safe?” At the time of this writing, Kyrgyzstan is listed as a Category 1 Travel Advisory by the US Department of State, the lowest and safest travel rating for any country in the world! Hunt Nation’s Derek Amadio has personally hunted this country multiple times since 2009 and has sent clients to this specific destination since 2015 without any issue. Additionally, clients are always with a member of the outfitter’s team and need not worry about any of their own hotels or ground transportation.

Entry Requirements
Currently, hunters from the United States must travel with a valid passport with a minimum of six-months validity beyond the trip dates. At present time there are no vaccine requirements for entry into Kyrgyzstan.

Marco polo-only hunts include seven (7) hunting days and a ten-day schedule (arrive day one and depart the morning of day 10). Marco polo + ibex combination hunts include ten (10) hunting days and a 13-day schedule.
Sample itinerary for a sheep + ibex combination hunt, with sample hunt dates October 1-10;
September 28th/29th; Departure from the United States
September 30th – Early morning arrival into Bishkek, ground transfer to camp
October 1st to October 10th; Ten (10) full hunting days
October 11th; Transfer back to Bishkek, overnight at hotel
October 12th; Morning departure back to the United States/Canada, with an evening same-day arrival

The Hunt
One of several camps within the concession, each accessed by 4wd vehicle, will be used for the hunt. Once in camp, hunters should expect to hunt each day by horseback, leaving camp early in the morning and returning in the evenings. A camp cook will be onsite, along with an English-speaking interpreter and additional staff members. Spiking out in tents may be necessary, depending on a variety of circumstances. Elevations average 10,000 to 11,500 for sheep hunts, and 11,000 to 12,000 for ibex in this region. This area has a healthy population of sheep and ibex and does not rely on migratory animals for success. For that reason, success rates are nearly the same regardless of season dates chosen from late August through the end of November. That said, the months of October and November typically offer the most favorable hunting conditions. Sheep hunting often takes place in lower, more gentle terrain. Although sheep numbers are quite high and the population is stable, the sheep in Kyrgyzstan tend to be spread out over larger areas. Hunters do not need to be in great physical shape to be successful, however you do need to be physically able to ride long hours on horseback and fit enough to hike into a shooting position. Ibex hunts often require a greater amount of physical effort, depending on where they are found, but the ibex too are plentiful and success rates are near perfect, with just about every hunter having opportunity on a mature trophy. Mid-Asian ibex trophies will average into the 40” range with the largest taken in 2023 measuring 53”.

Trophy Export
Sheep and ibex trophies will be prepped by the outfitter for trophy shipping to the client’s home country. Trophies will be stored in Bishkek until the client has procured the necessary import documents (if applicable) at which time the trophies will ship to the client’s preferred shipping/broker address. Trophy shipping, expediting and any import broker charges are not included in the hunt package.

Included in Hunt Package
Airport reception and all ground transfers in the country; five to ten fully-guided hunting days depending on hunt package; meals and camp accommodations during the hunt; trophy fee(s) for animals included in chosen package; field preparation of trophy; all necessary hunting licenses and rifle import permits.

Not Included in Hunt Package
Commercial fights to Bishkek; any additional trophies not already included in hunt package; any meals and hotels before or after hunt; airport VIP fees of $100 each way; alcoholic beverages; any gratuities to guides and camp staff; optional travel insurance; trophy shipping and expediting fees; optional early return to Bishkek @ $300 per car

Hunt Pricing 2024/2025
Marco Polo – $32,000
Marco Polo + Mid-Asian Ibex Combination – $36,900
Wolf – $3,000 trophy fee
Observer – $2,500