Spring or Fall Muskox and Caribou in Greenland #359

Spring or Fall Muskox and Caribou in Greenland #359

Greenland remains one of the world’s most pristine and unique destinations for adventurous travelers who truly enjoy the experience as much as they enjoy the hunt itself. Greenland is the world’s largest island, surrounded by ocean and ice, with plentiful wildlife and hosted by a generational outfitting family that has made a living from sustainable hunting. Best of all, they offer affordable opportunities for muskox and caribou in some of the most game rich areas of the island, reached by helicopter during the summer and fall months and by ATV/UTV during the winter months. Success rates are simply unbeatable, with 100% of muskox hunters filling this tags since 1996.

Hunters must get themselves to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (airport code SFJ). Direct flights from Canada are rumored to begin service in 2024. Until then, flying through Copenhagen on Air Greenland (airgreenland.com) remains the best option. This route is serviced several times per week via a 4.5 hr direct flight on an Airbus A330-800 aircraft. If direct flights are not available, connecting flights through other Greenland airports might be an alternative.

Once in Kangerlussuaq, March and April hunters will transfer directly to camp. Hunters arriving during the summer and fall months from July through September will typically spend the first night at one of the local hotels, all within walking distance from the airport. The following day, fly by helicopter to camp and remain in camp for the duration of the trip. At the end of the hunt, the helicopter will almost always return clients back to Kangerlussuaq early enough to catch a same-day commercial flight back to Copenhagen (or potentially Canada based on future travel options).

Hotel options in Kangerlussuaq include the following:
• Polar Lodge
• Old Camp
• Hotel Kangerlussuaq
• Albatros Arctic Circle
• Søndre Strømfjord

The Hunt
This outfitter operates in one of the highest game densities of Greenland. That is the advantage offered by the helicopter charter in the summer and fall months, or by ATV/UTV access during the early spring. Additionally, this outfitter is one of the very few in Greenland who control their own exclusive hunting concessions no other outfitters can hunt. This has enabled them to selectively manage their game, taking only old, mature muskox and enjoying a 100% past success rate on muskox bulls since 1996. Additionally, they intentionally only take 60% to 70% of their annual quota to maintain sustainable hunting on a long-term basis.

Hunt durations are relatively short due to the high success of the area, typically three days and three to four nights in camp, depending on season and schedule. Additional time is simply not needed, but depending on the circumstances, additional hunting days may be possible. Four to six hunters are normally booked at a time, and divided into two to three separate groups, with each group having two (2) guides. This way, when one hunter kills an animal, the second hunter can continue hunting with the second guide without waiting on the first animal to be packed out of the field. This maximizes the time in camp and the opportunities for anyone who would like to take additional animals.

Summer/Fall Hunts
Chartering to camp by helicopter adds expense to the overall cost of the hunt, but by doing so allows hunters to access some of the highest game densities available in Greenland, and enjoy some of the highest success rates possible. It is quite common for muskox to be hunted in sight of the cabin, however hunters should expect to walk for muskox and hike for caribou, with the aid of inflatable boats to help navigate lakes in the surrounding areas. Shot distances average 50 to 300 yards for rifle hunters and 20 to 40 yards for archery hunters. It is very common to shoot a muskox on the first day of the hunt, using the second and third days for additional game. Additional game may include caribou, a second muskox, or small game, including arctic fox, arctic hare or ptarmigan. There is not cost for small game, and small game rifles are provided for each group. Unfortunately, the glacial-fed lakes are sterile without any fishing opportunities in this immediate area.

Many hunters do not realize that muskox carry long hair, beautiful hair year-round, even during the summer months when temperatures are in the fifties and sixties. Caribou are fully grown by early August, and rutting by early September. Success on caribou bulls is quite good, but more often than not, quality is directly related to a hunter’s physical ability to hike and cover some distances away from camp. That said, some quality bulls are taken by lucky hunters close to camp, particularly later in the season when the bulls are moving during the rut. Caribou are best hunted on a trophy fee basis, that way, you only pay for a bull if you find one you are happy with. Additional muskox may also be taken for an additional trophy fee as long as the quota is available, which is almost always is.

Rifle Rental
Importing a weapon is possible, including archery equipment for bow hunters, but for most hunters, we recommend renting one of the outfitter’s premium rifles. The cost is $150 for the hunt, and this charge may actually be less than what may airlines are charging to check weapons as luggage. The rifles to choose from include the following:
– Sako s20 in .300 Win with Swarovski optic
– Sako s20 in .300 Win with Swarovski DS (Digital range finding riflescope)
– Schulz & Larsen in .300 Win with Kahles Optic
– Sauer Rifle in 6.5×55 with Kahles Optic (caribou only)

A remote, heated cabin, with four bedrooms, will serve as camp for the duration of each hunt. Each room has two single beds for single or double occupancy, and the camp can comfortably host up to six hunters at a time. For emergencies, a satellite phone is available in camp, however we encourage clients to take their own personal communicator in the form of a Garmin In-Reach, Zoleo, or similar.

March and April Muskox via ATV/UTV. This hunt can be cold, and it can be COLD! Hunting is primarily conducted via ATV or UTV, leaving camp in the mornings with a minimum of two guides per group for safety reasons. Hunting is quite good, but hunters do need to arrive with the appropriate cold weather gear to adequately enjoy this experience. The aurora borealis is prevalent during the winter and spring months, and those who are willing to brave the freezing temperatures can enjoy some of the lowest muskox pricing you can find anywhere in North America for a quality hunt. Caribou are not available during this period as the older, mature bulls have already cast their antlers, but small game hunting for arctic fox and arctic hare are included, and at no extra cost. Additional muskox trophies may be added for only $2,500.

Trophy Shipping
Until now, muskox and reindeer trophies from Greenland had to ship through Denmark, which was a time consuming and expensive process. Beginning in 2024, trophies will now ship from Greenland directly to New York. This will not only save a considerable amount of time, but the overall cost will be substantially less. Additionally, our muskox package pricing includes the cost of trophy shipping from Greenland to New York for the first trophy. Shipping costs for any additional trophies, including a caribou or a second muskox, are $800 each. Once the trophies arrive in New York, additional charges are likely as most hunters will need to hire the services of an import broker or taxidermist.

Winter Musk Ox via ATV/UTV: $7,700 (ATV/UTV transport and trophy shipping for 1st muskox included)
– A second muskox may be added for a $2,500 trophy fee

Available Dates: Call for Open dates March and April 2024 and 2025

Fall Muskox Ox via Helicopter: $9,500 (r/t helicopter charter and trophy shipping for 1st muskox included)

– Caribou or a second muskox may be added for only $2,500 trophy fee

Available Dates: Call for Open dates August and September 2024 and 2025

Included in hunt packages:
– Trophy fee for one muskox plus all guiding services
– Trophy shipping from Greenland to New York for first trophy animal
– Round trip helicopter charter (August/September hunts) or ATV/UTV transport (March/April Hunts)
– All meals and accommodations during the hunt (approx. three days and three nights)
– All necessary hunting licenses and export permits
– All necessary safety provisions, winter or fall

Not included in hunt packages:
– Second muskox trophy fee $2,500 (subject to availability)
– Caribou trophy fee $2,500
– Commercial flights to/from Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
– Trophy shipping from Greenland to New York for optional second or third animals @ $800 each, and from New York to final destination
– Any meals or hotel in Kangerlussuaq
– Travel insurance
– Optional rifle rental @ $150 per trip
– Any additional hunting days, if available
– Small game hunting is complimentary with purchase of license ($100)
– Gratuities to guide and staff
– Alcoholic beverages

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