We consider this to be one of our best values for mule deer. A lot of bang for your buck here (pun intended!). This outfitter offers fully guided horseback hunts near Yellowstone Park’s eastern boundary that are a real bargain. You stay at a lodge that sits only a few miles from Yellowstone. The classic western main lodge and a series of rustic cabins are comfortable, meticulously-clean and complete with baths. The nearest big town is historic Cody, Wyoming about an hour from the lodge. Here is a recent quote from a summer visitor to the facilities:

“This is a great lodge with internet access and a fabulous dining room with outstanding food – every meal we had was first class, from the tasty breakfasts to our superb evening meals.” (lodge pictures below)


You will hunt migrating mule deer in the late pre-rut. Horses take out much of the pain of accessing the back country to find those big old boys. Like any migration hunt, this one is weather dependent, but Mother Nature is usually obliging, and snow and weather make the deer move to lower elevations. With a little luck and perseverance, hunters are able to intercept some of these magnificent bucks as they get on the move from their summer range. A couple local hunters in the area recently took several muley bucks in excess of 200-inches and one 240-inch giant. Now no one can guarantee you giant deer, but the chance is there, and normally you can expect 100% opportunity on mature bucks in the 160-inch and up range. You can kill a monster here, but conservative estimates are that you should be able to harvest a mature buck in the 155- to 170-inch class, with a possibility of a giant. Snow helps, and by late September at this altitude a wintery mix is a common. The season starts in mid-October and runs into mid-November.

Accommodations are cozy, rustic cabins with meals served at the main lodge. Each morning you saddle up before daylight and travel by horseback, all the while glassing and searching. You will find deer feeding or migrating out of the park boundaries. You will also be hunting resident mulies. The horses are gentle and reliable. Good steeds for the inexperienced, usually they head off nose-to-tail at a slow walk. Getting in a bit of riding prior to the trip, though, is always a good idea. You will see some gorgeous country and have a true wilderness experience, while enjoying home cooking and a warm bed at night. Chances are good you’ll see wolves, coyotes, cougars and elk.

“This letter is my personal recommendation for this outfitter. My hunt was by far the least stressful and most rewarding hunt I have had in my 40+ years of hunting. Besides being a joy to hunt with, the outfitter is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the plan of attack for a successful hunt. He has a “can do” attitude and personally shoulders the associated burdens to make it happen. During the six days I hunted with him our party had a 100% success on good mule deer, saw seven different species of big game, experienced a level of professionalism unlike any seen before, and made life memories. Additionally, the hospitality provided by him and the staff of the Lodge was outstanding! Without reservation, my next “outfitter hunt” will be with him.”      Sincerely, Kevin Ray.

The outfitter knows the traditional deer migration corridors, and you can sit and glass for deer, and also do some spot and stalk. Assuming favorable weather in November (which means somewhat nasty), you can expect to see multiple bucks in the 20- to 26-inch class daily during the peak of migration. Impressive, yard-stick wide mulies are possible. If the migration is slow, then you will work harder, cover more ground and hunt the resident deer. Elk, moose, bear and wolves may be seen. Good binoculars are a must, along with very warm clothing, as temperatures can approach minus 20 degrees. We have an equipment list we can send you.

The lodge hunts are 4 days and are conducted in Region F. The wilderness hunts are 7 days in Area 117. The Region F tags can usually be drawn without any preference points, while Area 117 will take 7-9 points. You need to apply by May 31. We encourage everyone to purchase a Mule Deer Preference Point for only $40 online from Wyoming Game and Fish prior to the October 31 deadline, as it can really up your odds of drawing. We can assist you in the license application process. *IF YOU APPLY AND DO NOT DRAW, YOUR HUNT CAN BE ROLLED OVER TO THE NEXT YEAR*

This outfitter also offers some tremendous September archery and October rifle hunts for bull elk in Areas 61 and 62, as well as late-season hunts in November and early December in Areas 54, 56 and 61. These are horseback hunts from a wilderness tent camp (sometimes possible to stay at their lodge and day-hunt from there). All of these hunts are exceptional for big bulls, with high success most years. The late-season hunts can particularly offer a great chance at some of the larger bulls in the area as they migrate into lower wintering ranges. When the conditions are right (you need snow!), this can a great opportunity for a 350”-class bull. All of these hunts are limited quota and will take between 10 and max. preference points to draw. Application deadline is approx. January 31.

2022MULE DEER HUNT DATES October – November

• 7-day Wilderness Camp Hunt $7,500 per person 1×1
• 4-day Lodge Hunt $5,000 per person 2×1, $6,000 per person 1×1
• Non-hunters $500 per day per person

Early-season September-October, late-season November-December
7-day hunt – $10,000 per person 2×1, $11,000 per person 1×1

All hunts also will have a 3% Forest Service Fee added. A 50% deposit is required to book and hold a hunt.

The outfitter will provide transportation between Cody, WY airport and the lodge.

COW ELK HUNTS – These are late-season hunts, and his Unit 59 usually has left-over tags available right into December. Season closes 12/31. Price is a modest $3,500 for 3 days. You pay your own lodging and meals in Cody. These can be a tad strenuous, so it helps to be in shape. Usually need to cover lots of ground. This is a great hunt to fill your family’s freezer with delicious and healthy meat for the winter.

PHONE: 1-307-637-5495