South Africa East Cape Safari Hunt #6

South Africa East Cape Safari Hunt #6

The East Cape of South Africa has been a premiere safari destination for many years. A primary reason for that is the area has 5 of Africa’s 7 known biomes ( bio-geographic regions) –all in this one province! That means a tremendous habitat diversity, which translates into highly varied geography and plant life, and a huge variety of animals and birds. This Professional Hunter, besides his own ground– hunts  80 other concessions totaling hundreds of thousands of acres, virtually guaranteeing that you will find every specie of plains game your heart desires! In addition the area has much scenic beauty and many parks and other things to see and enjoy. It is a wonderful safari destination.  So you have a great area, a great diversity of game and terrain—and we have secured you some incredible pricing on top of that!!  The list of species is awesome! Be sure to look at the free animals we have negotiated on your behalf! They are added at no charge onto your package! The more animals in the package, the more free animals you get!!


Now add to that –some superb accommodations and a great deck overlooking a scenic African valley, throw in excellent cuisine; add a warm and caring staff, then top it off with a huge variety of African plains game at unbelievable prices and values. In fact, if you can put a group together, he will give you some free animals! More on that below in the pricing section. And if that is not enough—an observer is allowed to also harvest a free animal !!  This area is normally considered to be a malaria free area, yet another bonus. Here are a couple pictures of the ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL facilities:

You will stay at this safari-style Guest Lodge. The Lodge is situated on a private game reserve which boasts over 17 species of wild game animals roaming around the lodge, including Kudu, Giraffe, Impala, Nyala, Bushbuck, Waterbuck, Duiker, Grysbuck, Springbuck, Warthog, Bush pig, Mongoose, Jackal, Meerkat, Lynx and primates. Sip cocktails at the evening fire while watching a giraffe across the valley or for the other local critters to show up! We took great enjoyment over watching the giraffes across the valley- looking like pre-historic dinosaurs, towering over the trees! We’ll drink to that anytime! Great people and PH’s too!

Spoil yourself in the Jacuzzi while sipping on South African champagne and fine wines. The view from the deck around the Jacuzzi is out of this world. WE were there in June (their winter) and it was too cool for the Jacuzzi!) You can expect to spot wild antelope from all around the Lodge area.. You can not beat this experience. The Lodge has 5 double en-suite rooms which sleep two per room. Two more bigger rooms are nearly finished.  Each room is tastefully furnished in a safari style, with high quality linen and furniture to give you an African feel, with all the luxuries expected of a 4 star establishment including your own TV.

All the rooms are fitted with a well stocked mini bar / fridge with local South African beverage including water, pop and beer. Each unit is serviced daily and your laundry is done daily.

So.-Africa-6-blesbuck-17.5inch-2012-Scott-Mac-300x225 So.-AFrica-6-huge-kudu-Tyson-R.-2014-300x225

We had 3 clients join us here in June 2013; Jeff and his lovely wife Amy, and Ron, plus Joan and I. I did not hunt. Joan took a great kudu and executed one of the all time greatest off hand shots I have ever seen! She makes me proud! The clients took too much game to enumerate here, but big kudu, big waterbuck and a host of antelope species. All had a wonderful time and all enjoyed the visits to the cheetah facility and to Addo. Here is what Jeff had to say about the hunt:

“We had a great time and I would highly recommend it. My wife hunted also. There seems to be a lot to do for non-hunters. Our guide was exceptional and very knowledgeable. The food was incredible and everything that we had to eat was wonderful. The lodge was very clean, comfortable, and was situated in a beautiful area. The rooms were not large but the bed was comfortable, clean, and it had a private bath and shower. The daily laundry service was extremely nice and prevented the need to take a bunch of clothes. This is a huge plus! We had ample opportunity to take quality animals and never felt rushed or pressured to take a shot at an animal we weren’t happy with. We were able to take about 5 animals each — and that was cheaper than a good elk hunt where you can only take one animal. This was an exceptional hunt and I hope you are able to go. Jeff “


Getting here is very simple. You simply fly to Port Elizabeth, (normally via Johannesburg) and the PH will meet you and pick you up in PE!  About a 45 minute drive to the Lodge.

No pick up charge either! AND- if you bring along an observer, they will be allowed to take one animal free of charge! The observer’s animal is selected by the PH, of course. Now how about we also throw in daily free laundry service? So only bring two sets of clothing- that is all you need! With today’s excess luggage prices, that is important.

And plenty to see and do for non-hunters.  They can arrange a great time visiting game preserves; or do a visit to the Addo Elephant Park and to the resort towns of Jeffries Bay and Knysna. The lodge is close renowned reserves like Addo Elephant National Park, the world famous Shamwari Game Reserve, a Cheetah Breeding farm, and Elephant Back Safaris and the oldest Private Lion Game Reserve in the area. Lots to see and do. We (Butch and Joan and their clients) did the cheetah farm (Joan had a full grown female napping in her lap!), saw Chuck and Norris the lions! Addo Elephant park is huge, hundreds of thousands of acres, full of every animal including most of the big 5. We had elephants 5 feet from the car! Sundays are a favorite to take a day off hunting (some concession owners do not like Sunday hunting). We had a truly awesome day taking photos of all the calm game at point blank ranges – like elephant at literally 20 feet


He gun hunts many tens of thousands of acres, but he ALSO does many bow hunts.  He now has 6 bow hunting areas of 38,000 acres– where he allows ONLY  bow hunting. They had about 91 bow hunting clients in 2007— taking 411 animals!!  That is a great average of nearly 5 animals per hunter!! They have pit blinds at waterholes and their vegetation is excellent for walk & stalk hunts. Either blind or walking will work. Tree stands because of the vegetation are not used. This outfit knows bow hunting!!! And of course they handle just as many rifle hunters, if not more!


Here is a review from one client:

“This adventure was first class from the time we arrived in Port Elizabeth until we were dropped off to begin our journey home. Our Professional Hunters met us at the airport and took us to the lodge we would call home for the next 18 days. There were three of us hunting and each hunter had an observer. Each hunter was successful the first day. This success continued during the duration of the hunt. Our group got 27 very nice trophies. These trophies included Waterbuck, Nyala, Kudu, Gemsbok, Blue Wildebeest, Eland, Blesbuck and many, many more. My two friend’s wives even got into the act, taking a very nice Kudu and White Blesbuck. My White Blesbuck green measured very high in SCI.
We could not have been this successful without the knowledge and skill of our Professional Hunters. They were fantastic. Each was able to spot game and quickly evaluate the trophy quality at long distances. Their skill in stalking game was extraordinary. It was clear they liked what they were doing and wanted us to do well. My Professional Hunter brought out the very best in me. We became a team very quickly. He included my 20 year old daughter in all of our activities. She had a great time and wants to return with me.”

Here is a report from our client, Scott Mac W:

Hello Butch !  I wanted to send along a word of thanks for arranging this safari with Hunt # 6 and staff!   He runs a very good operation, and his staff and my PH were some of the best I have seen. The food is absolutely world class and his lodge was fantastic. Mario, my PH, was among the top guides I have had the pleasure to hunt with, and will remain a friend for a long time!  Please find some pictures of some of the animals I was able to harvest with my rifle.  Note: My Kudu (51″), Gemsbok (41″), and Blesbuck (17 1/8 “) will make Roland Ward Awards Book.  

Great trip!!!  Scott

In terms of game available, he has  32 species for you to choose from, ranging from eland to cape grysbuck, from klipspringer to Kudu, from Oribi to Lechwe.  We have negotiated a variety of packages, and you may add other animals to a package, you just need to ask! And one unique feature here: if you do not shoot one of your animals, you will be credited back with it on your bill! (Do be aware that packages have discounted animal pricing- typically you get about a 70% credit toward a different animal or toward your bill.)

So.-Africa-6-Nyala-2012-Scot-Mac-300x225 All the packages shown include all your lodging; all meals; your DAILY laundry service; your PH and his support team of trackers and skinners; field preparation of all trophies;  and round trip pickup and return from Port Elizabeth Airport (also usually an extra!!).  Those two items alone save your probably $500 to $900!!  You do pay for dipping, packing and shipping, for gratuities and for your alcoholic beverages. There is a delivery charge of about $80 to get your trophies to the taxidermist he suggests. We ca explain the trophy import process to you and advise you on what you need to do – as we have done it many times.

Hunting usually starts with an early breakfast (usually light) and then into the safari vehicles. You will drive in the vehicles spotting for game or tracks. You will get out to glass and do stalks. Or you may walk and stalk if that is a preference- but most success comes from using the vehicles to cover lots of ground. You are led on a stalk by a tracker and a PH- so you are normally 3rd in line. Practice shooting standing off of sticks– very important! Most shots are done that way. Lunch can be a major or minor affair, then hunt all day and a big dinner late, usually around the fire (lapa). Stories flow around the campfire! He has a fully stocked bar and evenings ended up by the fire with a drink in hand. Great stories and lies were told!!

2018 PRICING: Packages include trophy fees, all daily rates, all government taxes (Vat), accommodation, daily laundry service, food, beverages, transport to and from Port Elizabeth Airport, vehicle for transport in hunting areas, services of licensed professional hunter, trackers, skinners and field preparation of trophies. Observers $120/day.NOTICE: Alcoholic beverages are not included! We can arrange for liquor, but you must tell us.

Package Rates Exclude:

  • Air fares.
  • Value added tax only on daily rates & services (current 14%).
  • Taxidermy work and shipping of trophies to final destination.
  • Transport of raw trophies/skins to our taxidermist ($120 per client, per safari).
  • Dipping, packing and shipment of trophies if you prefer to do taxidermy work in your country.
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks from the bar.
  • Gratuities – The norm is 10% of your package price.
  • Trophy fees (bagged or wounded).
  • Touring costs outside hunting areas.
  • Vehicle hire for sightseeing.
  • Hotel accommodation.
  • Rifle hire and ammo.

NOTICE: The policy here is if you don’t see the animal or you don’t shoot one — then you don’t pay for it and you will be credited back the “package value” for the animal. His PH’s are good and will always tell you beforehand the size of the animal. Package value is always discounted, so do not apply the full trophy fee- usually about 70 to 80% of the trophy fee  is the Package value.



Cancellation: Less than 6 months before arrival date – no refunds will be made, unless re-booked for any period within the next twelve months.  More than 6 months before arrival date – 50% of the deposit will be refunded.

  • Balance of hunting package payable on arrival.
  • All payments must be made in either cash, traveler’s cheques. NO MONEY ORDERS please.

He does have credit card facilities and accepts all VISA & MasterCard’s. No debit cards please.

NOTE: He charges a 6% surcharge to use this convenience- gets expensive!. Check with your bank if the card can be used outside the USA and check your limit on the card that you have sufficient funds available.

Trophy fees are payable in respect of all extra animals bagged or wounded. You can review the trophy fee list.

All quotations issued are valid for 3 months from date of issue due to fluctuation in exchange rates.

“Howdy Butch,  I just returned from my wonderful hunting trip to Africa and couldn’t wait to tell You about it.  You will recall that You and I spoke about 9 months ago about booking a hunt in Africa.  I was trying to decide between a couple of outfitters including this operation.  I finally decided that this operation was the way to go and booked it.  The Lodge is first class and very impressive.  The meals were absolutely wonderful.  The hunting was on very large tracts of land and there were plentiful trophies to choose from  for each type of animal I was hunting (Kudu, Gemsbuck, bushbuck, impala, and springbuck).   The landscape was beautiful.  The Professional Hunter was both personable as well as very knowledgeable and helpful concerning animals, trophy size, hunting methods etc. and I was successful in bagging wonderful trophies of each type of animal hunted with his help.  The owner and his wife treated me like gold and made me feel comfortable, accepted and pampered.  These are wonderful people who are running a first class operation in all respects.  I can recommend them to You and Your clients without any hesitation whatsoever.  I could not have asked for a better experience.  If any of your clients want to talk to someone who has hunted with this operation feel free to have them e-mail or call me. Thank you.  Warm regards,  Ray Harding”. 


Butch and staff will help you arrange for gun permits and processing assistance.  The gun import process is best handled by one of several services who do that- costs average around $100-$120. Must be arranged for well in advance!

Ammunition must be separated from weapons and may be packed within checked luggage, but not in the rifle case! Ammo must be properly secured in an ammunition case or solid box with a lock on it. No ammunition may be packed loosely in checked baggage or within the same case as firearms.

So.-Africa-6-Barbecue-300x225 All luggage, domestic and international, is now being screened in South African airports. Screeners are finding ammunition in checked bags that is incorrectly packed and are forcing passengers to remove it from their bags, which is causing all kinds of havoc. All ammunition must now be packed and transported in a lockable ammo box placed within your checked luggage (NOT the rifle case!). A manufacturer’s carton is no longer sufficient. Remember that there is also a limit of five kilograms of ammo per passenger. That includes the weight of your ammo box. And don’t forget to declare your ammo at check-in.  

We strongly recommend that ammunition be packed in lockable cases, which can be handed in as loose items at the firearm counters to avoid possible delays during checked baggage screening.


The day trips are including all meals, personal guide, vehicle and all entrance fees at venues.


  • 1 day Elephant RIDE safari where they will ride elephants and interact with them like feeding them after the ride. This is a fantastic trip. All the clients enjoy this the most. $190 per person .
  • 1 day safari to a Lion reserve which include a night drive looking at 35 species of animals and Lions hunting & feeding. This is a must do. $150 per person.
  • 1 day Safari to the cheetah ranch where they can touch wild Cheetahs and handle baby Cheetah cubs and Lion cubs. This is a must for the kids. $70 per person.
  • 1 day Safari to Addo Elephant reserve where they can see Buffalo and much more wild animals in a different environment than the previous trips. $50 per person
  • 1 day tree Top Tour.  Enjoy the unequalled experience of traveling 30 meters above the forest floor through the tree top forest canopy gliding along on a steel cable. A view once only seen by the many exotic birds of the indigenous forest. At each platform spend a few minutes relaxing as your guide enthusiastically explains the ecology of the forest around you. Pointing out magnificent giant ferns and the many different exotic trees. About three hours later you emerge from the forest having undertaken a rare journey of a life time. An unusual experience which will never be forgotten! $150 per person.
  • 1 day Bungee jumping –  Bloukranz Bridge is in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest bungi jump in the world at 216 meters.   Even if it is not for you, it is well worth holding your breath and watching others take the plunge! The free fall takes 5 seconds, the stretching of the bungi rope takes another 2 seconds. The first rebound is higher than the Victoria Falls Bridge jump and the second rebound is higher then the Gouritz Bridge, which is 65 meters. Your body accelerates to around 120mph before decelerating – Awesome stuff!! – Day trip $190 per person.









1 x Impala
1 x Blesbuck or Mountain Reedbuck
1 x Duiker
5 days – 3 Animals
1×1 $2,480
2×1 $1,898
Observers $120 per day

1 x Blesbuck
1 x Grey Duiker
1 x Impala
1 x Springbuck
5 days – 4 Animals
1×1 $2,698
2×1 $2,120
Observers $120 per day

1 x Blue Wildebeest
1 x Impala
1 x Blesbuck
5 days – 3 Animals
1×1 $3,098
2×1 $2,698
Observers $120 per day

1 x Kudu
1 x Impala
1 x Blesbuck
1 x Blue Wildebeest
6 days – 4 Animals
1×1 $4,656
2×1 $3,898
Observers $120 per day
1 x Kudu or Blue Wildebeest
1 x Grey Duiker
1 x Warthog
1 x Impala
1 x Blesbuck
7 days – 5 Animals
1×1 $4,498
2×1 $3,698
Observers $120 per day

1 x Kudu
1 x Bushbuck
1 x Blue Wildebeest or Gemsbuck
1 x Impala
1 x Blesbuck
7 days – 5 Animals
1×1 $5,398
2×1 $4,598
Observers $120 per day

1 x Kudu
1 x Gemsbuck
1 x Red Hartebeest or Blue Wildebeest
1 x Impala
1 x Blesbuck
7 days – 5 Animals
1×1 $5,798
2×1 $4,898
Observers $120 per day

1 x Kudu
1 x Blue Wildebeest or Red Hartebeest
1 x Springbuck
1 x Warthog
1 x Impala or Blesbuck
1 x Black Springbuck
7 days – 6 Animals
1×1 $5,480
2×1 $4,558
Observers $120 per day

Choose 1- Nyala or Waterbuck or Eland
Choose 1- Kudu or Blue Wildebeest or Red Hartebeest
Choose 1-Blesbuck or Impala
Choose 1- Springbuck or Mountain Reedbuck or Duiker
Choose 1- Bushbuck or Black Springbuck
7 days – 5 Animals
1×1 $6,268
2×1 $5,198
Observers $120 per day

Other trips and choices can be added.

For Other days when the hunter(s) will join the observers:

We can repeat one of the above for mom and dad if they want. These trips include personal guide, air-conditioned vehicle, all entrance fees at venues we visit and drinks for the road. Trips do not include lunches at restaurants if clients wants to eat at steak ranches or restaurants.

  • 1 day to the beach at Jefferys bay which is the most beautiful in SA and a surfing hot spot of the world  – For the family $110
  • 1 day to Port Elizabeth for sight seeing, including a visit to the Casino. The Casino is perfect for shopping for curios because of all the small shops – For the whole family $70
  • We can do another day trip to a game reserve that we haven’t visited with the girls. Three reserves possible to visit. These are five star reserves and very upmarket – For the whole family $395
  • 1 day scenic tour down the garden route going as far as Knysna. For the family $190. This trip we can combine with a visit to Oudtshoorn where we can visit the biggest Ostrich farm or the world renowned Kango caves. For the family $198.

Trophy fees 2018:

Black Wildebeest $990
Blesbuck $378 $220
Blesbuck – White $598 $350
Blue Wildebeest $990 $749
Bushbuck $498
Cape Grysbuck ON REQUEST
Duiker – Blue ON REQUEST
Duiker – Grey $230
Eland $2,398 $998
Fallowdeer $698
Gemsbuck $1,100 $1,100
Hartebeest – Cape $990
Impala $378 $210 / $250
Klipspringer ON REQUEST
Kudu ( 55″ & ABOVE ) ON REQUEST
Kudu ( 50″ to 54″ ) $1,298
Between 40″ & 49.9″ $990
Nyala $1,998
Reedbuck – Mountain $358
Reedbuck – Vaal ON REQUEST
Springbuck $348 $180
Springbuck – Black $358
Springbuck – White ON REQUEST
Steenbuck $498
Warthog $290 $230
Waterbuck $2,100
Zebra – Burchells $1,100 $1,100
Ostrich $290
Baboon $140
Porcupine $198
Jackal $250
1 Hunter $360  
2 Hunters $250  
Observers $150

Rifle Hire: $30 per rifle per day, and $4 per cartridge.


Phone: 1-307-637-5495    E-mail: 

                          WE KNOW AFRICA- JUST ASK!!