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Alaska Moose, Bear, Goat, Sheep #194

Alaska Moose, Bear, Goat, Sheep #194

This is a trophy hunting guide service owned and by a husband and wife team. This outfitter seeks out exclusive federal concessions in Alaska that have very limited/controlled hunting. A quality hunt is more difficult to find when there is unrestrained competition from other hunters. That’s why his areas are chosen so carefully. He tries to hunt places that are still like Alaska was in the good old days. He makes every effort to put each client in an excellent spot with an excellent guide. The outfitter will tell you he flatly does not accept second rate performance when it comes to guiding hunts.  Much (but not all) of their hunting is boat based, off a 53’ hunting platform with 3 private staterooms, 2 full heads and room for up to 6. A full kitchen, fresh seafood including prawns and halibut and salmon- but also steaks on the barby! Hearty breakfasts too. They also have a 12.5KW diesel generator below deck allowing you to have an amazing heating system onboard and you can expect 70 degree inside temperatures after those long wet days of hunting. On top of that in the back is a “drying room” for clothes and for the 2 chest freezers to freeze your trophy hides and meat, plus boot dryers, and hanging racks for all your clothes. They also use a 30’ boat to do shorter runs and for some goat hunts where hunters use boat only for transport, then spike out on the mountains to avoid big daily climbs from sea level to 3,000 feet.



He operates on a federal special use permit for coastal Brown Bear in Unit 6. This area has been a consistent producer of 8.5′ – 9.5′ Bears, with the occasional 10′ bear available. This is an excellent guide use area, and he is one of only two operators allowed to hunt there. Spring hunts are conducted in mid May and focus on active Bears that have just come out of hibernation. Fall hunts are conducted in mid October and focus on bears that are concentrated along active salmon streams. Transportation & accommodations are aboard their 76′ and 34′ vessels. Combination hunt options can include Mountain Goat, Black Bear, Sitka Deer, Sea Ducks, & Fishing depending on the season.

Typically he will transport you from Cordova to the hunt area by boat, normally the day before the hunt. Most of these hunts are 10 days in length and you will live in comfort aboard the boat. You will enjoy good hot meals, a warm room and will hunt in style!

If you choose to add on other species, then he will adapt the chosen hunt area to fit your wishes. Mountain goat do require extensive climbing typically, so discuss your physical needs and condition with us before adding on goat. 

May 1-10 OR  May 13-22  PRICE: $18,500

Alaska-194-Bear-June-2012-09-300x225  Alaska-194-Bear-June-2012-03-300x225

Prince William Sound –Boat Based Black Bear

Hunts are conducted by boat, in Prince William Sound where the rugged Chugach Mountains meet the Saltwater. These big salmon-fed Bears are just coming out of hibernation & have long-thick hair. Cruising the coastal shorelines and glassing the tidal flats normally produce plenty of opportunities. This area has one of the highest Bear populations in the state. Bears typically range between 6′ – 7′ square, with some Record Book Bears available. Transportation is aboard his 34′ vessel with live-aboard facilities. This is how a Black Bear hunt should be!

Price includes
: 7 day hunt, 2×1 guide service, In-field meals, Lodging & Transportation, Initial trophy care, & Sportfishing

Black Bear May-June & Sept. $6000 per person


Talkeetna Grizzly Bear

Hunts are conducted in the remote drainages of the GMU 13 Suisitna River during the June, July, August Salmon Spawn.  His July-September hunts are concentrated along active Salmon streams, where Bears congregate to feed. Bears are usually seen at close quarters. Transportation is either by Jet-Boat, Raft, or Plane. These are very exciting hunts, as you will spot & stalk the worlds largest predators, all at close range! These Bears typically range between 7′ – 9′ square with some big SCI Grizzlies being taken. Get your Grizzly on a Guaranteed Non-Resident Tag!

Grizzly Bear May-Sept. $9,500

Price includes: 7 day hunt, 1×1 guide service, In-field meals, Lodging & Ground Transportation, Initial trophy care


Mountain Goat

 Their Alaska Mountain Goat Hunts are conducted in the glaciated alpine country of unit 6, upon our federal special use permit giving us access to 2.5 million acres, more terrain than we can hunt in a life time.

Alaska-194-Archery-client-with-his-2010-goat-300x240  Alaska-194-client-w.-2010-goat-300x231

Their Mountain Goats have hair quality that is unsurpassed anywhere in the country!  From Sept. 15 when the seasons starts their hair is high quality compared to other regions later in the year.  Why do we have such great early season fur?  Our coastal environment and glaciers, lots of glaciers.  An average day on top of the mountains in the summer time is still only 60 degrees during the heat of the day.  Our goats just don’t shed their fur like other warmer regions, giving us great long fur quality from start of the season to the end.

On top of that we have some great trophy quality, our Mountain Goats typically range between 9″-10″, with some record book Billies available.  We have a 95% success rate on these great billies, the last two season we have gone 100%.  Hunts are conducted in the Alpine & Glacier country of Prince William Sound. Basically what is done is they use their so-called “Fast Boat”- to catch the best weather window; and then they get you into their premier goat country in a hurry. They can run up to 50MPH in this craft so you get out to the hunting grounds quickly, insuring that bad weather has a minimal effect on your hunt.
Once you locate a goat by glassing from the vessel, its head to shore, make the steep climb to about 3500 feet, then spike out. This means you are on goats from the moment you wake up. In the past, if you stayed on their big boat, you spent many hours climbing up to the goats, while hoping they are still there. Then hike all the way, and then repeat that each and every day. They found it was too arduous for most clients to continually climg up and down. But with the fast boat, you get quickly into goat country, climb the mountain once, and normally take your goat in a day or two. Almost no-one goes past the 4th day. Once down off the mountain, a fast trip back to base and hot showers and maybe some fishing or bear or deer hunting for the rest of your trip. They let you add on black bear for a reasonable amount, usually about $3000.

The boat also means that if you connect early on your goat, they can arrange for you to fish salmon or halibut if the seasons are open, or else to try black bear or Sitka balck tails. The goat hunts are pack-in –then stay over-night style hunts. You use high quality gear to make this enjoyable, and a packer is included on every hunt to help with camp and getting your Billy off the mountain. Those packers are life savers, and greatly ease your burden. They plan your goat hunt for 7 days– to allow them to wait for a weather window that will make you successful once you are on the mountain. That beats sitting in a wet tent for several days, hoping for a weather break. Instead you are at the home base, warm and comfortable. There is no reason to sit in a tent waiting out a storm.
You typically glass Goats above treeline – spotting them from the Saltwater. You then formulate a stalk. Usually you will be setting up a spike camp when you get about 2/3rds of the way up the mountain. Then you are hunting your Billy from there. This is a 1X1X1 hunt (one hunter, one guide, and one packer. It is rugged and absolutely beautiful terrain. A 3,500’+ vertical climb is required in some situations, so physical fitness & leg/knee strength are requirements for success. But normally you only climb up all the way once. Goats typically range between 8″-10″ with some Record Book billies available. Transportation is aboard his 29′ vessel.. Come get your long-haired Billy while you can still buy a guaranteed Non-Resident Tag! Combo your hunt with Sea Ducks & Divers such as; Harlequin, Scoters, Old Squaw, Mergansers, & Goldeneye!

Mountain Goat  $9,300- Call or email us for dates.

Price includes: 7 day hunt, 1×1 guide service, In-field meals, Lodging & Transportation, Initial trophy care, Silver Salmon fishing, & Sea-Duck hunts

September, 2010: Butch, Wally and Adam:  “I wanted to thank you for an outstanding hunt! The outfitter and Pete were great and worked very hard to make it a great success. To book a Mtn. Goat hunt 3 days before a departure is something most people would not do as the fitness necessary for such a hunt is critical to success. Good thing I stay in good shape and I was pleasantly suppressed at how easy it was and the outfitter and Pete made it. I shot a 9″ plus Billy the first day of hunting! I couldn’t of asked for better. In fact there is not a single thing I could think of that they could of done to improve on the hunt. The only suggestion I would have for someone going on a Goat hunt in Alaska is to spend the money and have a full set of crampons Kahtoola makes a great one for $115. Well worth the extra safety and traction they provide! Luckily Outfitter provided a ½ crampon foot set which in my opinion saved my butt many times. Anyways thank you and I am looking for a Whitetail hunt for big heavy horned monsters for this year, so if you have something let me know. Troy N.

September 2011:  Great hunt BMOA! Guys did everything possible for me. We got weathered off the mountain, had to drop down and spend night; when we got up, plenty of goats and I tagged this one! Brett K.


Hunts are conducted in the Chugach Range.  You will hunt these Bulls while they are in Rut & gathering cows. Calling is very effective and also very exciting this time of the year. The interior tundra terrain generally allows for spot & stalk hunting also. Transportation is by Plane & Raft, and accommodations include Bombshelter type tented base camps. Bulls typically range from 50″-65″. Monster Bulls over 70″ have been taken in this area, so the genetics are there. Apply by December 31 for tag!!.

Moose  September  $15,000

Price includes: 10 day hunt, 1×1 guide service, In-field meals, Lodging, & Transportation, Initial trophy care, Wolf & Wolverine Trophy Fees


Dall Sheep

Hunts are conducted in the Chugach Mountains, depending on the season. You hunt from strategically placed spike camps where they find good Rams in the pre-season. This backpack hunt allows you to cover a lot of ground with only minimal weight on your back. Physical fitness & leg/knee strength are a must, as you should expect to put a lot of miles on your feet in rugged mountain terrain searching for full curl Rams. If you are in good physical condition, your chances for success are excellent. Rams typically range between 36″-39″, with top-end Rams going 40″+. Pre-season Aerial scouting ensures quality Ram areas. Accommodations include Hilleberg type expedition spike camps. This is a once in a lifetime hunt for one of the most prized trophies in the world. APPLY BY DECEMER 31ST!!

Dall Sheep  Aug. -Sept.  $15,000

Price includes: 10 day hunt, 1×1 guide service, In-field meals, Lodging, &  Initial trophy care, Wolf Trophy Fee

BOAT BASED:  Sitka Deer AND Sea Ducks– $4,000 (Nov. / Dec.)

This is a wonderful experience- lots of game and ducks, seafood and great scenery!



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