This is an outfitter who seems to do just about everything very well, in terms of client satisfaction and taking critters! His clients have taken many of the top grizzlies in the book; he averages over 60” plus on his moose; most years he has been 100% successful on his dall sheep hunts too! He does very well on caribou as well, and consistently put caribou into the record books. For many years he has averaged 85% to 95% success on his huge moose, with most going over 60″!



The grizzly bear population in Alaska’s Game Management #19 is at an all time high. All of Unit #19 bears are considered to be “grizzly bears” by the Safari Club International. Also a good portion are considered grizzly bears by Boone & Crockett, depending just where in his concession they are shot.  The further it is from a tidal area, the higher the chance it will be classed a griz.

54.2-300x225  Over the past ten years his clients have placed many grizzlies in top 10 SCI, and many have qualified for B&C. Several have qualified as brown bears in B&C – depending on location. Regardless of where they were shot, the average hides have squared well over eight feet with many over nine feet. Typically even the unsuccessful hunter will re-book for the following spring with him.



9′ 3″ Spring Grizzly Bear


Alaska’s Dall sheep are found ranging in areas of open alpine ridges, meadows, and steep slopes with extremely rugged “escape terrain”. They are high country animals and are one of the greatest trophy animals. The hunt, while not easy, will provide rewards and satisfaction to last a lifetime. This long time outfitter has for many years guided hunters successfully to good rams. If you are 20 lbs. or more overweight; or a heavy smoker; if you have bad legs, feet or knees; if you cannot day after day climb and descend thousands of feet in elevation in the Alaska Range – this is not your hunt. You should be able to climb and descend every day, rough and steep mountain terrain of 2,000 to 6,000 ft. in elevation, while carrying a 35 lb. pack and your rifle.
If you can do the climbing you should be able to get your ram!!

Here is what client had to say about his successful Dall sheep hunt:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful experience I had during my Dall sheep hunt. This sheep hunt is something that I have long dreamed of doing. I believe that I got a full mountain sheep hunt experience. It was hard; the mountains tested me perhaps getting close to my limits. The tent camp was, thankfully, comfortable even on the days that got rained and fogged out. I enjoyed the views of the Alaska Range Mountains surrounding camp. My guide, Bryce …. did an outstanding job. He worked very hard to get me a full curl sheep. I’m pleased to say that Bryce became more than a guide – a hunting companion. He also knew how to camp cook. The sheep meat was wonderful, but his camp coffee needs work. The day that we got the sheep was the toughest of my half century of hunting. Also one of the most satisfying. ……….
During the hunt I saw a trophy moose and several grizzly bears (before the Sept. 1st season) and the black bear that wanted to move in kept things interesting and exciting.
I must comment that the fishing for grayling and silver salmon with a fly rod was an outstanding bonus. I hope to get to do that again.
Much thanks to you and your staff.
Ned C.


Moose are easier on average then sheep hunts, and you need only be in reasonable condition to do a moose hunt. In recently this outfitter took 9 bulls for 10 hunters with an average spread of 61+”- best was 68”.  In past years they have taken moose as large as 70” and over the years he has maintained an average of over 60 inches with 80 % and better success. That is excellent for moose, these days.

68 inch moose

54.4-300x284  They have spent 4 years doing very intensive wolf management because the big wolves are among the worst predators of moose and moose calves. And it is paying off in terms of seeing more moose every year.  He also will tell you it is getting hard to find wolves in winter when the big moose are bogged down in snow that the wolves can run on top of. That means higher fawn survival and more moose! He takes moose well up into the 72” range! This guy produces big moose wit CONSISTENCY! Many clients have returned 3 to 5 times!


54.5-300x225  70 inch moose

All Moose trips are limited participation, one hunter with one guide per camp, unless the clients requests otherwise, or the hunt is booked as a 2×1. Their employee to client ratio is usually well over two employees per client with six clients per hunt. They take 12 hunters only – the total per year.

September 2019
A 9ft Grizzly in 2018, a beautiful sheep in 2019 and a booked Moose hunt in 2020. The entire lodge team of bush pilots, guides and cooks have created a lifetime of wonderful memories and stories! Without a doubt, you will not go wrong booking a hunt with this team!
G. Gonzalez

Guided Caribou Hunts-  BARREN GROUND CARIBOU
Massive antlers, flashing white mane, hunted in the remote tundra of western Alaska.
• Local herds are monitored thru August and September to give you the best possible chance at a quality trophy bull.
• The Alaska black bear and wolf can be taken on this hunt and usually some high quality silver salmon fishing can be done.
• Difference with our caribou hunts: Our lodge (base of operation for your hunt) is located within GMU#19–the heart of caribou range in August and early September!!
• When researching outfitters and/or flying services for your caribou hunt, ask for a list of their clients that hunted the same hunt last year.
• You can expect us to provide an honest effort, quality camp and gear, a qualified and knowledgeable guide as well as every effort to locate you in the right place at the right time for a chance at a good bull.








Hunters purchase license & tags @ lodge day prior to hunt and a personal check is accepted for these.

1. Spring Brown Bear or Grizzly . 1×1 – 10 Days 2020 -$21,000
2021- $21,500 
April & May – All time SCI world’s record taken April 2013. Second bear can be taken.
Record book Grizzlies taken 2014 & 2015 $21,000 $21,500
2. Black Bear & Pike Fishing. 2×1 – 7 Days 2020-  $14,500
2021- $14,500
May-Outstanding lodge based Black Bear hunt by boat and/ATV. Pike, Great man & wife
3. Fishing – 6 Days 2020- $7000
2021- $7500
Five Species Pacific Salmon, Sheefish, Northern Pike, Char, Grayling, Rainbow & Lake Trout.
Top-Quality, Daily fly-out fishing. Float & wheel aircraft, a dozen strategically located boats. Maximum group of 6 clients. Special rates on groups of 4. _________________________
4. Caribou – 7 Days 2021- $19,500 1×1

5. Moose 2021- 1×1 10 Days $30,500

6. Sheep  1×1 . 7 Days  2021- $21,500
August-Fly-In & back-pack. 20 lbs. or more overweight; heavy smoker; bad legs, feet or knees – this is not your hunt. Should be able to climb & descend steep mountain terrain @ 2,000 to 6,000 ft. above sea level, carrying a 35 lb. pack. 100% success 2017, 2018, and 2019
7. Grizzly/Moose/Caribou/Black Bear 1×1. 14 Days 2021 $35,000
August & October – The hunt if you plan to hunt Alaska only once and do it right! High overall success rate on this hunt.
8. Fall Grizzly Bear . 1×1 . 10 Days  2021- $21,000
August & October – Great hunt for Fall Grizzlies

Trophy Fees      2020      2021
Caribou               $2,000   $2,500
Moose                 $8,000   $8,500
Grizzly                 $6,000   $6,500
Black Bear        $1,500    $1,500
Wolf                     $500       $500
Non-Hunter at Lodge – a $1000.00 flight fee from & back to Anchorage AK plus —- $300 per day $350per day

Normally you can take extra animals for a trophy fee, assuming you have tags.