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Alberta Free Range Woods Bison, Waterfowl, Moose and Wolf #283

Alberta Free Range Woods Bison, Waterfowl, Moose and Wolf #283

This outfitter hunts free range Woods Bison, Waterfowl, Wolf and Moose. His area is about 4.5 hours north of Edmonton, Alberta in the famed Peace River region. He has a wealth of experience, is tuned in to Americans and welcomes them and works hard to send you home happy.

Expect to be up at 6:00 AM and enjoy a light meal. It is dark by approximately 6:00 PM in the evening. The wolf and coyote hunt is exhilarating and can be hard work. The outfitter indicates his wolf hunts run about 70% harvest. One problem he reports is that clients are not staying alert. He picks them up after dark and they say they did not see anything, yet when they check the game cameras they have wolves on the camera, meaning clients are resting their eyes or maybe sleeping. His coyote hunts run 100% harvest. Hunts are based at his main lodge. Wolves are generally hunted over pre-baited sites, while coyotes are mostly done by calling. For their wolf hunts they use bait piles, spot and stalk, and calling. At this time of the year, there will be snow, so you will travel by truck, snowmobile, or quads while hunting.

Blinds can vary. If you want a heater, then wooden or pop up blinds are used, and they must be further away from the baits due to the propane smell and the hissing sound of the heaters. You spend about 8 hours a day in the stands, so dress accordingly.

coyote-hunt-210x300  All wolf pelts require a CITES permit for export from Canada. The same permit allows legal import into the US. CITES permits are generally issued free of charge in Canada, but they are not issued at the border. Nor are they issued simply upon arrival at a Ministry office. Most Provincial hunting regulations inform hunters that they must “allow up to 10 days to obtain a permit”. In all likelihood, bringing your wolf trophy back as personal baggage may be impractical. It will need to be permitted and then shipped to you. There is no limit on either wolves or coyotes!

Alberta wolf hunts can be very exciting with an excellent opportunity to take more than one wolf. The wolf color variance is great, from salt and pepper to white and jet black. Mature wolves from this area have skulls that can measure in the 17”-18” range, and can weigh well over 100 lbs. The wolf is an ultimate trophy and predator. Currently, there is no limit on how many wolves and coyotes you can shoot in Alberta.

Imagine calling in a coyote from up to a mile out, watching him come in the whole way until he is within 50 yards or less, hair bristling, looking for supper – it’s a rush! The perfect break in a long winter! You may spend your day in a truck or out in fresh air, so layers are critical to ensure a comfortable hunt. The hides are thick and the fur is in perfect prime condition. The color this time of year is usually a light silver or pale beige color, and they are a good size. If you’re interested in making a set of coyote fur mitts, or fur trim on a jacket, or just hanging a pelt in the den, these are the skins you want. Take advantage of their coyote hunting expertise, as they are prepared to bring the coyote’s right into your lap. Whether it is fall or winter, they have techniques designed for the conditions.

2019 WOLF pricing:
December thru March 30th: $4950 US per hunter: BUT if two hunters book together then ONLY $3950 each!

Wolf & Coyote Hunts (November through March)
6 day hunts, 1×1 guiding $4,995 ; 2×1 GUIDING $3995 (MUST BOOK TWO HUNTERS TOGETHER)

Hunt includes:
• License tags and wildlife certificate for species hunted.
• Pick up at the Peace River airport (90% of hunters drive up from Edmonton 4.5 hours away).

• All vehicle transportation during hunt time.
• Guiding service for duration of hunt.
• Food and accommodation.
• Field dressing, skinning quartering, and caping of your trophy.
• Pre-purchasing of licenses and permits.

The following is “Not” included in the cost of the hunt:
• Air transportation to lodge
• Shipping, crating, and handling of trophy.
• Taxidermy (can provide taxidermy services at an additional cost. Excellent taxidermists available)
• 5% Goods & Services Tax is due on arrival

WOODS BISON: These hunts are world class Bison hunts – for totally wild and totally free range Woods Bison in Alberta. Woods Bison are the giants of the Bison clan. They can reach 2,600 pounds! These hunts take place along the Peace, Athabasca and Slave rivers of far Northern Alberta. They are done by traditional spot and stalk in a completely wilderness setting in the boreal forest. While not considered 100% pure blood Woods Bison, they are very close to pure. If pure you be unable to hunt or import them. But since they are not totally pure, you can legally do this hunt and import your trophy. Hunting these giants though is not easy- you will work to earn one.


If you have a love for the Great Outdoors, then you are sure to be blown away with this incredible traditional wood bison hunt! This is like no other bison hunt. This outfitter has an intimate knowledge of bison, their travel movements and territories, and is expert at putting you within range with gun or bow. Their average bison score SCI is over 62 with huge skulls. Shooting a trophy bison is not uncommon; in fact it may be the best opportunity on Earth to shoot a free range wild wood bison.

Their remote fly-in base camps offer an incredible view of the boreal forest, with large tented sleeping quarters and kitchen stocked with fresh produce. It is not uncommon to see black bears right from camp.

“For anyone looking for a different kind of adventure, I would highly recommend this outfitter’s wood buffalo hunt! You literally hunt the farthest northerly reaches of Alberta. My father and I hunted with Kevin in May. We found Kevin to a very hard-working guide. He was very familiar with the area and was honest (no BS to deal with!). Most bison hunts are quite easy; not this one – you actually have to hunt for them up here! These animals can disappear into the timber with a couple strides! Of course the animal’s size is a little overwhelming – larger than the bison in the lower 48. Both my father and I connected on our trophies! Another awesome opportunity that you have in this hunt is to kill a wolf! We saw lots of sign but left right after we harvested our bison. Something we both regret!!! The hunt is great for a couple buddies or a father & son like we did. This outfitter is the real deal!! We hope to hunt with Kevin again in the near future.” – D. Bahl

December to March Winter Bison Hunts
These hunts are not for the fair-weather hunter. In fact, the outfitter will want to speak with you in advance of booking to make sure that you understand what’s involved. Expect to be up early, as your days start at 6:00 AM, providing an opportunity to see the Northern Lights while enjoying a light breakfast. It is dark by approximately 6:00 PM in the evening. This bison hunt is tough, but very exhilarating, and it can be very hard work to find and close up on these animals. Expect temperatures to be EXTREMELY cold in February and March – expect -40F to +10F. These hunts will see many days with a bag lunch and beverages. You should expect to be out all day and you will earn your huge bison.

April/May and October Spring/Fall Bison Hunts
Please expect to be up early, with your day starting at 6:00 AM with a light meal. It is dark by approximately 11:00 PM in the evening. Just like the winter hunts, these bison hunts are often very exhilarating and they can be hard work. Expect temperatures in April and May to be from 45F to 70F. Please be sure to bring your bug spray, as the bugs will be plentiful and hungry. Depending on the hunt and the locale of the animals, you may be out with a bag lunch and beverages, or you may return to the lodgings to eat and leave again later in the day as the daylight hours are longer. You should expect to be out all day, and expect to work for and earn you bison. This very good outfitter is firmly committed to a policy of 100% fair chase and will stress principles and ethics above all else. When you hunt with him, you’ll know why we believe that his wild bison hunting is some of the best there is.

Wild Wood Bison Hunt Prices (subject to change without notice until deposit received)

Spring and Fall 2019 Winter 2019
April 29-May 4 – 2 spots available December to March (specific dates to be determined)
May 6-11 – 2 spots available $14,000 U.S. 9- day hunt (you stay in a B&B)
May 13-18 – 4 spots available
May 20-25 – 4 spots available
October 16-21 – 2 spots available
October 23-28 – 4 spots available
$11,500 U.S. 6-day hunt (Monday to Saturday)

All hunts are 2×1. Observers are welcome for $150 U.S. per person per day. A second bison can be harvested for an additional $3,000 U.S., to be paid before beginning the hunt for a second bison. Wolf can be hunted for FREE on any bison hunt.

Prices do not include 5% Goods & Services Tax to be charged on all items.

• Pick up at specified northern location
• All transportation during hunt
• 2×1 guiding service for duration of hunt

• Food
• Accommodations
• Field dressing, skinning, quartering, and capping of your trophy

• Transportation to/from specified northern location
• Shipping, crating, and handling of trophy
• Taxidermy (outfitter can provide names of local taxidermists)
• Meat cutting and freezing
• Costs associated with leaving earlier than scheduled hunt end date
• 5% Goods & Services Tax


MOOSE HUNTS: Moose here will run in average sizes. Typically 30 to 44”. Nice representative animals are the rule, although a big one can happen. Cost is very moderate. They normally have 4 moose tags and take 2-3 hunters a year. They average 35″ moose. They run about 65% success on killing or wounding a moose. It is a hunt in the boreal forest ( the bush). You will hunt from quads and trucks in November. Ask us for full details. All Inclusive Moose Rifle Hunts Nov 1 to 30:

Sold Out for 2019

2 on 1 guided hunts- 6 days $5000; 9 days $5500; 12 days $7000. 1 on 1 guided hunts 6 days $6000; 9 days $6500; 12 days $8000.
*There will be a 5% Goods & Services Tax added to the cost of the hunt

Cost of the hunt covers the following:
• License tags and wildlife certificate for species hunting.
 Pick up at the Peace River airport.

• All vehicle transportation during hunt time.
• Guiding service for duration of hunt.
• Food and accommodation.
• Field dressing, skinning quartering, and caping of your trophy.
• Pre-purchasing of licenses and permits.

The following is “Not” included in the cost of the hunt:
• Air Transportation to our lodge
• Shipping, crating, and handling of trophy.
• Taxidermy (We can provide taxidermy services at an additional cost. Excellent taxidermists available are Jim August, Portland, Oregon or Guy Bruneau, Peace River, Alberta.)
• 5% Goods & Services Tax

303-kevin_october_14_2009_035  49-waterfowl-hunt-november-2006_029

Goose Hunting for Canada Goose, Snow Goose & Speckled Goose; AND Duck Hunting for Mallards, Pintails & Widgeons
This outfitters area is where Canada geese, Snow geese and Speckled geese stop to fuel up for their long flight south and also where Mallards, Pintails and Widgeons stage in the thousands in the Peace River parklands. Outfitters’ hunting area in Alberta is indisputably one of the premier waterfowl hunting areas in North America! According to the Head Biologist of North Western Alberta, his area is the premier waterfowl location in the Peace Country. He likes to call it the Bird Capital of Canada. There have been recorded counts in excess of 26,000 migratory birds per day using his area lakes during migratory season.

He is committed to managing the number of waterfowl hunters to ensure that hunters will have excellent duck and goose hunting throughout their stay. You can expect a solid effort and a well organized, well run hunt. He is committed to a policy of 100% “fair chase” and stresses adherence to sound principles and ethics above all else.

ITINERARY: a typical hunt day …early to bed…early to rise
morning: expect to be up early, at 4:00 a.m. You might see the northern lights while enjoying a light meal. Often the morning goose and duck hunt will show you thousands of canada, speckled and snow geese and numerous varieties of ducks including mallards, pintails and widgeons. They fill the skies from early September to late October providing some awesome hunting opportunities. These waterfowl rarely shy from the decoys and blinds they set up. And their blinds are extremely comfortable and allow for a great line of sight.

afternoon: good food will have you over eating and sharing some hunting stories when you return from the morning hunt. After brunch you can relax, stretch your legs with a nature walk, grab a nap, or visit until it is time to head out for the evening shoot.

evening: If you haven’t already reached your daily limit, the evenings are spent field hunting and pass shooting ducks and geese. With a very wide variety of waterfowl species in this area, you may have quite a mixed bag. You will return to your accommodations for your evening meal and to wind down from an exhausting day of hunting.

PRICING: all- inclusive hunt:
Waterfowl Hunt Dates for September 5 to October 22.
Arrive Sunday afternoon hunt Monday -Wednesday morning or arrive Wednesday afternoon hunt Thursday to Saturday morning. These prices are in US funds. The 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST).

3 Days of Hunting – 5 shoots
$ 2,750.00 US per person plus 5% GST 

6 Days of Hunting – 11 shoots
$4,950.00 US per person plus 5% GST.

all inclusive hunt includes:
• accommodations at the lodge with overflow at a local bed and breakfast with double occupancy.
• self serve continental breakfast each morning, lunch and dinner at the lodge.
• airport transfer from Peace River to camp
• soft drinks, coffee and sandwiches in the field
• bird cleaning & shells
• hunting license and waterfowl stamps
*all pricing is in u.s. funds based on four or more persons in a party *non hunters are welcome there is a daily charge of $150.00 us. per person.

* number of shoots per day is dependent on whether or not you limit out each morning. on a 3 day hunt you will be allowed a maximum of 5 shoots and on a 6 day hunt a maximum of 11 sh

BLACK BEAR HUNTS: Outfitter is looking to expand his operations by doing spot and stalk black bear hunts in late May and the first week of June in northern Alberta, above the Peace River. This hunt would be during the black bear rut when bears are wandering widely. The clients would be housed in a hard trailer and wall tent accommodations in the hunting area. This would be a 6 day hunt and you will be walking up bears and driving and glassing, then stalking. Very exciting with great bear numbers.

SPRING HUNT – NOW BOOKING for 2019 Spring Black Bear hunts 6 day hunt
2 hunters and 1 guide $3,500 US 1 Hunter 1 Guide $4,650
2nd Black Bear $1,400.00 License $350 per bear GSTax is 5%

Entry to Canada:
It is your responsibility to make sure you will not be refused entry into Canada. Refusal of entry by Canadian customs and immigration is not sufficient reason for a refund. If you have ever had any criminal charges, even a d.u.i.; you WILL have difficulty-entering Canada and will need to clear it up months beforehand. Hunt-Nation can put you in contact with people who do this, but get started at least 4-6 months early, and 8 months is better! Call if you have questions about it.

248-s_mule_deer_november_13__2004_008  285-img_0713

You will need a firearms declaration form to clear your rifle through customs. Ask us for the form or the web site to obtain it from. There is a $30 payment at the border to process this form. if you have another hunt planned in Alberta in the same year, you can only shoot one animal of each species per year.

hotel accommodations upon arrival and departing in Grande Prairie or Edmonton, if necessary. (about $125 us). Outfitter can arrange accommodations upon request.

Meat processing and shipping or extra baggage (amount varies greatly depending on species of the animal and amount of meat, horns, cape you are taking home)

TIPS: It is common practice to tip for good service. your guide and cook work hard to provide you with a memorable trip. if you are satisfied, please recognize their efforts with a gratuity of 5-15% of total hunt costs.

CITES export permit
Persons exporting wolf to points outside Canada must obtain a federal export permit issued in accordance with the convention on international trade in endangered species of wild flora and fauna (CITES). In addition, provincial export permits must be obtained for exporting wolves, except for tanned wolf skin.

Outfitter does reserve to right to add a “fuel surcharge” to cover extreme rises in fuel prices between the time you book and the hunt date. They have never exercised it.

CARE OF BIRDS: bird cleaning is included in the cost of the “all inclusive” hunts. if you choose not to book the all inclusive hunt, there will be an additional charge for bird cleaning and all birds must be cleaned. you may clean your own birds however, if you prefer, birds can be breasted at a cost of $6.00 for geese $4.00 for ducks

IMPORT of BIRDS: U.S. migratory bird hunting regulations state that it is unlawful for a person to import into the united states migratory game birds belonging to another person. Evidence of sex and species must remain attached to the bird until the final US destination is reached. It is illegal to possess, a game bird which does not bear evidence of sex and species; unless you are at home processing it.. Evidence of sex and species consists of one completely feathered wing attached to the carcass of the game bird.

Inform the outfitter on your arrival if you are planning on taking birds home with you as the bird preparation includes leaving a wing for species identification. If you elect not to take your birds home after they have been prepared for you, there will be a $2.00 rework fee per bird, as we must remove the wings prior to giving the birds away.

TROPHY TRANSPORT OF hides, antlers, and cape and meat home:
The easiest way to get your antlers and cape back home is for the outfitter to put the items in a thick cardboard box and for you to take it with you on your flight home. (Not for wolves!) They put garden hose around the antler tips, clean, dry and then tape up the skull plate and freeze the cape. Frozen meat can also be taken home with you in a cooler. Generally, all the meat must be cut by a licensed butcher and you are responsible for paying for the processing. Shipping meat back to your home is another possibility but it is an expensive, complicated, and time consuming task.

Phone: 1-307-637-5495 email:

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