Colorado Elk Hunt #74

Colorado Elk Hunt #74

This outfitter is located 35 miles north from Glenwood Springs, Colorado. with easy access to Eagle County Airport.  Colorado and the Flat Top Wilderness are home to the largest herd of elk in North America. With 40,000 elk wandering in the area you can bet odds are good for tagging a nice mature bull. In addition to high-quality elk hunts the outfitter also has trophy-sized mule deer, predator hunting and black bear. This outfitter has access to over 100,000 acres of prime big game lands. If you are looking for a classic western, wilderness hunt, this is it. And, the outfitter himself is a nationally recognized competitive elk caller with many prizes to his credit!

In 2014 during archery season he has gotten into a lot of elk already, with a number of misses and close encounters by his bow hunters. Significantly, last year during the 2nd rifle season 3 out of 4 guy’s killed right at base camp.

And this from one of our premiere outfitters in Colorado concerning this new operation:
“Hey Butch, I met with him yesterday and am really impressed with his ideas and commitment…I think he will be a great source for cheaper horseback pack-in hunts and his area is amazing! Beautiful camps and country. Good luck with him”.

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The base camp is located high in the mountains nestled in a magnificent pristine landscape. This wilderness area has 110 lakes, 100 miles of streams at elevations that range from 7,000 to 13,000 feet. The beauty, solitude and impressive number of elk make this wilderness location a nirvana for the dedicated elk hunter.

The Triangle Base Camp set at nearly 10,000 feet. There are four additional camps, which can be used, weather permitting. The Shingle camp, which is used primary for archery and muzzleloader hunts, opens Aug. 30th thru Sept. 28th. The John Spring Camp and New Mexico Lake Camp are used primary for rifle hunts during October and November.

All hunts are for seven days with five days of quality hunting time. One day is added before and after the hunt for packing into camp and for breaking camp to pack out you and your trophy elk.

Guided Camp

A guided camp provides a cook for the group and one guide per two hunters. Horses may or may not be used depending on then camp. Game retrieval and transportation is provided. Camps typically have three tents, one for client accommodations, one for the staff and one for cooking and dining. Pit-type toilets are provided per USFS regulations. A shower tent can be provided at client’s request. The camp is a fully equipped with wood stoves, lanterns and sleeping cots in the sleeping tent. The cook tent has a full, portable kitchen with plenty of tables and chairs to host staff and guests. The cook tent is 16 x 20 feet and sleeping tents are 14 x 17 feet.

All the guides are experienced, expert callers and they know the area well. Several guides have won elk calling contests. The outfitter has won local and national competitions and currently is ranked about #8 nationally. The guides pride themselves with providing each and

every hunter an outstanding, memorable hunt and a experience they will never forget. Success rates are typically close to 85% with bulls that will average about 260-inches Boone &Crockett, but trophy bulls in the 300-inch class are harvested every year.

Semi-Guided Camps

These camps are typically assisted by a single staff person. The staff person will assist the group as they desire with duties such as cooking, camp jack or guide. Please be sure to tip him at the end for his help. The group must understand that the staff person will only be able to perform limited tasks, he is not a licensed guide. There may or may not be horses in the camp according to camp designation by USFS. Typically there are two tents of 14 x 17; one for cooking and one for sleeping. The tents are fully furnished with required necessities such as wood stoves, lanterns sleeping cots, etc.


Standard Semi-Guided Hunt (Rifle, m/ldr or Bow)  $2950 per person
(These details are regularly altered by groups of hunters)

Guides: 1 guide is provided for 4 clients or more. This person knows the area and typically helps hunters decide where to hunt. Often the guide goes out with one client each morning and evening. Rotating between clients as they see fit. The guide will share equally with the clients in all camp duties. Please do not expect the guide to do more than his share of cooking and wood cutting and other camp chores.

Accommodations: Usually 1 cook tent and 1 sleeping tent.
Stock: No stock left in camp.
Cook: There is no cook supplied.
Food: Food is included. There is a standard menu which may be upgraded if desired.
Harvested animal care: Client must assist in retrieving harvested animals back to camp. Guide may assist in caping for taxidermy if desired. The flat tops have only a 4 month window of semi snow free weather, and the nights are always cold. So you won’t have to worry about meat spoilage. We take all the meat and horns and capes out when the hunt is over.

  • Food is provided.
  • Firewood (one nights firewood is provided, the balance is the responsibility of the hunt group).
  • Horses not provided for hunting. Harvested meat packing is provided.
  • Extra animals hunted constitute additional fee’s.
  • Camp chores are shared among the group and guide.


Drop Camp (Rifle, Bow and Muzzleloader) Price varies with group size- see below.

Guides: Not provided
Accommodations: Usually 1 cook tent and one sleeping tent complete with wood stoves in each tent and a table and chairs in the cook tent and a complete kitchen. A cot and pad and wool blanket for each client. 1st night of firewood is provided.
Stock: No stock in camp. A wrangler will come by every other day at a designated time to pack game back to camp. Or use a spot communication system to communicate to base camp wranglers.
Cook: No cook provided
Harvested animal care: Client must assist in retrieving harvested animals back to camp. Wrangler will not assist in caping animals for taxidermy. The Flat Tops have only 4 months of snow free weather, and the nights are always cold. So you won’t have to worry about meat spoilage. We take all the meat and horns and capes out when the hunt is over.
Add a Camp Jack: This is a popular feature. The Camp Jack will provide labor services around camp. Cut firewood, cook, clean dishes, start fires, clean camp, etc. It is possible that he may not be able to do all he work necessary for clients and they may need to help some. But in general the Camp Jack takes the work out of camping and allows you to concentrate on hunting and enjoying life. This Camp Jack does not usually have the expertise that our cooks have, but they do a fine job as a rule. Pricing available per request for this additional camp jack service.


Economy Drop Camp

This camp is designed for economy. There is only one wall tent for both sleeping and cooking/dining. There is a limit of 3 hunters per economy drop camp. The tent comes complete with a cot and pad and wool blanket for each person. A complete kitchen and 2 burner propane stove. A lantern. A table and a chair for each client. Pricing is individually negotiated with every group.


For information on license applications go to .bg/regulations  . For leftover license info, including cow tags:


2016 Pricing

All 5 day hunts plus a day riding into camp, and a day coming out = 7 days

Guided Hunts
Rifle (2×1) $4,250- min. 4 hunters 1st Season Oct. 15 – 19 2nd Season Oct. 22 – 30
Muzzle Loader (2×1) $4,250 min. 4 hunters Sept. 10 – 18, any 7 days
Archery (1×2) $4,250 min. 4 hunters Aug. 27 – Sept. 25, any 7 days

Drop Camps
Rifle $2,250*
$1,800*** 1st Season Oct. 15 – 19 2nd Season Oct. 22 – 30

Muzzle Loader $2,250*
$1,800*** Sept. 10 – 18
Archery $2,250*
$1,800*** Aug. 27 – Sept. 25, any 7 days



Testimonials from previous clients:

Bill J.

“I’ve hunted with this guide for 6 years and I followed him to two different outfitters. I will again follow him to this new adventure as an outfitter.  He has helped me to get multiple bulls and cows  each time I  hunt.  Archery is the way to go because he is such an expert caller I always get a chance to put an arrow into a big bull.”



“I have been hunting with this guide for over 10 years. It still amazes me that hunters in the area know him from their hunting experience and met him at different calling competitions.  Hunters seek him out for information on equipment, archery and rifle. I have seen people stop him for information on elk hunting, and hunting in general. He is always willing to assist anybody as needed. I have never seen him turn down a question. This guide is a true professional in every sense of the word.”



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