Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt – #218

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt – #218

This outfitter lives for Mountain Lion hunting. He has a superb string of very experienced and well trained lion dogs, and is very knowledgeable on hound behavior and probable cat areas. His clients come from all over the world. He hunts in the southeast corner of Idaho and EXTENSIVELY in Utah and Nevada, and prefers to take trophy males, but will let you make the choice of state. We have worked with him and his predecessor for about 5 years and Butch and Joan bow hunted elk with his predecessor in 2010. We were 8 for 8 on cats in 2012 with him, and we did 100% in the two prior years too.  Several clients took cats on the first or second day! And big ones! Our early  hunters in his Utah hunts took several cats pushing 200 pounds each.

Hunting Mountain Lions is one of the most exciting hunts there is. Hunts can be quick or very, very long; they can have a little snow — or a lot — or none at all! They can be easy or very hard or in between. So a top notch outfit is important for success. What makes this guy special is his awesome dog training has developed some incredibly good dry ground hounds – they track well on dry earth!

This guy runs very high success – usually over 90% and often 100%. Weather plays a major factor, and once the dogs are on a trail, the race is on! Some snow or moisture is preferable for better scenting, but his dogs are dry ground capable. Be aware that cats can tree very quickly and very near the trail, while others can run for miles and tree in some miserable places.  But it does not matter- once they get a cat treed, ordinarily the dogs can hold the cat for several hours or more if need be. If the cat dives from the tree, he normally will be treed again by the time you reach the area. Sometimes the cat is never solidly treed, and your guide will get out of the woods in pitch black conditions, hours later — having chased down and caught the dogs. You however are not required to chase down those dogs, so you can just marvel at the hot, sweaty guys walking up in the dark!

This is a sport where tough is an every day word in these guide’s language. They work, and work hard! Fortunately, they do most of the hard work for you and anyone in reasonable condition can handle these hunts. We even had a 75 year old guy who could hardly walk take a good cat!

AND OUR  GUYS HAVE A VERY DIFFERENT AND SPECIAL PLAN FOR PRODUCING FOR YOU. Here is what they do: They use two guides for ONE hunter! You get twice the effort and double the chances of finding a hot track.

IF THERE ARE TWO HUNTERS- then once someone succeeds ALL the guides are now working for the one remaining hunter!

Hi Butch & Joan – 2 words only are needed, Beyond Awesome !! This outfitter knows what these Cats are going to do — before they do. Never had a harder working outfitter and crew. Very tough conditions but he made it work with sheer effort. All aspects were excellent from Stacey’s great meals and hospitality to the amazing hound work etc. etc. etc. We chased my Lion for over a day and a half and I loved every second of it. Can’t say enough. Thank You for helping my childhood dream hunt come true!  Vince Volz Jr. – Hap’s Taxidermy LLC

“Adam, Butch, and the gang, Thanks a lot for the congratulatory email regarding my lion hunt.  I was able to harvest a beautiful cat on the second day of my hunt with this outfitter. I wanted to let you now how impressed I was with him and his operation. He is an excellent houndsman as well as a very determined and seasoned lion hunter.  Every day of the hunt we were on the road by 3:00am trying to cut lion tracks on either snowmobile or horse. He felt it was necessary to get out early to try and cut tracks early – and it sure paid off.  Not only did he have all the equipment needed to cover ground no matter the conditions – but he also had great dogs once the tracks were cut.  I would recommend him and his wonderful family operation to anybody looking for a very enjoyable and high success rate lion hunt.  Thanks for BMOA’s faith in this great outfitter and for making my hunt a true success! I would definitely book a future hunt with BMOA as well as with your outfitter.   Best Regards and God Bless,   Jason E.

And here is another report from one of our over 70 years young clients:

“Hi Butch and everyone. On 4/8/12, I left on my hunt for a Mountain Lion in Utah. This hunt was an almost life-long hunting ambition–to see and hopefully kill a Mountain Lion. I have been in probably a million acres of Mt. Lion country in the last 50 years, have seen their tracks and scat etc, but have never seen a lion in the wild — until last Sunday, 4/15/12. Goal has been accomplished—it was probably the most exciting hunt I was ever on. Thank you Butch for another great hunt!  It was better than the Cape buffalo hunt in Africa. I would rank this lion hunt right at the top along with a grizzly bear hunt in Alaska in 1974. Those of you that are hunters—this was a great hunt and adventure—I encourage any and all to go on this lion hunt, using dogs, horses, etc. If my guide in Utah could get ME to a lion, then have me kill the lion, and then get ME back to the truck, I promise that he can get any of you there and back.” Pete J

This is a fully guided hound hunt!! Regardless of the State you hunt, all hunts are in good cat country, and hunts typically are close to 100% successful, although weather can affect things (such as snow too deep). But this guy spends more time in the woods than almost any other outfitter we know of! Outfitting is all he does! We like him a bunch. He was 100% successful for us in 2011/2012.  You may decline any treed cat and continue hunting, but if you do not take a cat later on, the hunt is still considered completed. No extra charge for continuing the hunt though.


And by the way- he has a good elk archery hunt in Idaho on public land at under $2000 fully guided, with horses! And he has a truly remote elk hunt in Wyoming at a camp that we suggested he buy – 23 miles deep- some of the wildest country in the Lower 48! Ask us for the info on either or both hunts!

FOR 2017: He has Two 1X1 lion hunts in Idaho.
DATES: Dec.1-6 (the opener) and Dec 8-13.
DETAILS: These are 6 day hunts @ $5000. Meals, and lodging not included. Stay in Montpelier Idaho. These should be slam dunk hunts for BIG Toms.

COLORADO CATS: He is also guiding with his hounds for an outfitter in Colorado in the Buena Vista area West of Colorado Springs.
PRICE: These hunts will be $4500
DETAILS: the hunts will be 5 days Monday-Friday, meals. and lodging not included.

• Meals and Lodging
• TRANSPORT: If flying, YOU WILL NEED TO Rent a car, or Outfitter can possibly pickup for R/T for $250.

Licenses and Hunter Ed

You must purchase your over counter Utah Cougar Tag and License at least 7 days in advance of hunting. Licenses are available online or over-the-counter at any regional office for $323.00. Hunters born after Jan 1, 1965 are required to have Hunter Ed to purchase a license and hunt.


  • Meals and Lodging
  • TIPS
  • TRANSPORT: If flying, Rent a car, or Outfitter can pickup for R/T for $250.


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