Minnesota Giant Whitetails, Elk & Red Stag- Hunt #312

Minnesota Giant Whitetails, Elk & Red Stag- Hunt #312

IMG_0812-1-300x225  This Minnesota operation lies within an easy drive for most of the Central USA. You can probably get here in a day’s drive. If you want the meat as well as a trophy, they offer full processing right there! Then just load it up and off you go! They also have in house taxidermy as well, making for complete coverage of all your hunting needs.

Big-whitetail-huge-eyeguards-300x225  What makes this operation unique in our opinion is the group of guys who just bought it. They will have upwards of $3M invested by the time they are done. One of the principals has extensive hotel experience, so the hospitality shown to clients is very unique and extremely well thought out. They have told us they have a goal, and by golly we think they just might achieve that goal – namely to be the #1 spot for hunters who want big whitetails, big elk and big red stag. They are currently expanding the size of their preserve to approximately 800 acres, and hope to have it up to 1,000 acres in the next 18 months. They have the money and the expertise to do just that, and they have asked us to help them by using our marketing expertise to assist them in reaching that goal.
The nice part of all of this is that Hunt Nation clients will get in on the ground floor, and we have set up some awesome pricing for our clients, to help jump start this operation which you can see later in this writeup.

20200103_071725-300x169  20200103_094937-300x169  Big-Whitetail-300x200  We are certain that beside these world-beating prices, you will also enjoy their 5-star lodging and chef-prepared meals. Extremely comfortable rooms, plus WIFI, big screen TV, a great deck to observe game, and in-house meat processing and taxidermy! All at wonderful prices.
Also, If you’re searching for a smaller venue for your wedding, rehearsal dinner, bachelor or bachelorette party, corporate event or family reunion, this Minnesota lodge is a beautiful option. They can accommodate groups of up to 40 at their five-star lodge, and will make sure your day is as special as you dreamed it to be.


The lodge is 10,00 square feet of comfort! Most rooms sleep 2 to 4 people, and several have Jacuzzi tubs and sliding doors leading to a walk-out patio. Sit in the lounge area around the fireplace and sip your favorite beverage. Enjoy a great chef prepared evening meal, then hit the bed and prepare for the hunt tomorrow.



ELK PRICES 2019/2020

300-319 $5,995
320-339 $6,995
340-379 $8,895
380-399 $9,995
400-429 $12,995
430-449 $14,995
450-474 $15,995
475-499 $16,995
500+ $24,995



140-159 $3,995
160-179 $5,995
180-199 $7,995
200-224 $9,995
225-249 $11,995
250-300 $14,995
300+ Price on Demand



300-319 $6,995
320-339 $7,995
340-379 $9,895
380-399 $14,995
400-429 $15,995
430-449 $18,995
450-474 $22,995
475-499 $25,995
500+ $29,995



20200103_084205-169x300  MOUFLON SHEEP
Some of the country’s best trophy rams. True blood mouflons with the signature coloring and horn curl common to the species. $3,995

Very limited. Please inquire.

• Hunts are 3 nights/4 hunting days. Arrive and hunt on first day, and depart after hunting on the 4th day
• No more than 6 hunters will ever be there at any one time
• Non-hunters are $250 per night (20% discount applies)
• MN State tax (7.375%) is applicable to 100% of the hunt price if you just take the trophy home, but only on 30% of the hunt price if you also take the meat home for consumption. EXAMPLE: $3,995 hunt price + $88.17 State Tax if meat taken home

Ph: 307 637 5495 email: info@hunt-nation.com
Website: www.hunt-nation.com