Russian Brown Bear, Moose, and Sheep Hunt #215

Russian Brown Bear, Moose, and Sheep Hunt #215

Russia has a variety of Mountain Sheep to hunt. In addition they have true Brown bear, some giant Moose and much more. We have hunted Russia three times and enjoy the rural people and their down to earth attitudes and culture. Here is some of what Russia has to offer.

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CHUKOTKA Snow Sheep – August – September 2017
ONLY 3 permits available!!

Chukotka snow sheep inhabit the mountains in the south-west of Anadir, the capital of Chukotka. This is new specie based on a recent re-classification by the Safari Club International.  The area has some extreme cold (temperatures reaching down to minus 30ºC for 3 – 4 months per year), resulting in a very low population density.

Accordingly the hunt consists mainly of making a great number of climbs to locate the animals. Once the animals have been located, the hunter tries closing in to shooting distance, a task rendered very hard by completely open terrain.
Lodging is in tents with no commodities and the hunters must bring along their own sleeping bags rated for truly extreme cold. The hunting area can be reached only by helicopter or hydroplane, which complicates the hunt further because the weather is often unsuitable for flying. Not for the faint of heart; but a true high adventure hunt.

Rates: 10 day tour with 7 hunting days, including one Chukotka snow sheep: $ 17.900

ADD a Bear or caribou for the trophy fee$ 3.500 Rate includes: Charter flight from Anadir to the hunting area; lodging in hunting camp with tents ( Spartan camp with no commodities); services of a professional local guide; initial field preparation of the trophy; visa invitation; paperwork for weapon import permit.
RATES DO NOT INCLUDE: Air fares to Anadir, hotels before and after the hunt, Russian visa, weapon import permit, veterinary certificates, rifle rent, taxidermy, trophy shipment, tips, drinks and personal extras. Hunters will have to book their flight from Moscow Domodedovo airport to Anadir.

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KAMCHATKA – Combo Hunts 2017/18
August – October

BROWN BEAR: This fall hunt for big brown bear is done on foot or on horseback along the streams full of salmon or in the fields with berries where bears feed themselves. Daily a hunter normally sees 3 to 10 bears, so please be picky and shoot a good one. Bears average 8 to 9.5 feet, but can reach 10’.

MOOSE: The Moose hunt, the largest Cervidae in the world, with a spectacular horn spread and mass, is considered one of the most exciting hunts that can be done in Russia. You will use horses or will walk and stalk. This is done in September and October during the roaring season, when the moose are very active and verbal. They put you up in the base camp (tents or small shelters of the professional hunters) and next day you are searching for Moose Bulls routinely reach well over 60” and some push 70”.

SHEEP: There is also the possibility of hunting for Kamchatka Snow sheep in the surrounding mountains. If that is done you will reach the top of the mountain by helicopter and after they harvest the sheep they will walk down along the rivers for the bear hunt.
Rates: 10 day tour with 8 hunting days, August 4-17, including license
Snow sheep: (min. 3. Hunters) $ 14.900

SHEEP AND BEAR: 10 day tour, 8 hunting days, August 15-28 and August 25 to September 7; including license for bear and snow sheep (min. 3. Hunters) $ 17.900 (one animal)

MOOSE AND BEAR: 10 DAY TOUR WITH 8 hunting days, August 25 to September 7, and from September 5-18, including license for bear and moose (min. 3. Hunters) $ 17.900 (one animal)
Trophy fee for second animal:
Second bear trophy fee $ 3.900
Moose trophy fee $ 5.800
Kamchatka snow sheep trophy fee $ 9.900

Rates Include:
Assistance at the airport in the arrival/departure in Petropavlovsk Kamchatskij, ground transfer to the heliport closest to the hunting area, helicopter transfer up to the base camp and back, services of game-scouts and professional guides in the hunting area, camp organization, first treatment of the trophy, government fees for the organization of the hunt.

Rates Don’t Include:
International and national air fares, eventual additional helicopter flights, (app. 3.500 € per hour, subject to change), luggage overweight, hotels before and after the hunt, visa, weapon import permits, veterinary certificate, CITES, trophy transport, tips, drinks and gratuities

RIVER OMOLON-Giant Moose Hunt
10-23. September – 21. September-3. October

This giant moose hunt takes place in the possibly the best area in the whole of Russia, on the river Omolon, between Chukotka, Kamchatka and Magadan. It is in the typical Siberian tundra. This area is traditionally considered one of the most remote in Russia and largely inaccessible without incurring very high costs and losing a lot of time. The outfitter that we are working with has solved this problem by organizing a charter flight with a large AN 26 plane departing from Magadan, (reachable by regular commercial flights), and landing directly in Omolon village after a two hour flight. The base camp of heated tents is reached by boat from Omolon village. The hunt is organized by having two hunter and two guides in one boat and moving along the river in a thirty kilometer radius from the base camp, or by mounting fly(spike) camps in predetermined areas for one or two days. The hunters search for moose with binoculars from the river or from surrounding hills, until an appropriate trophy has been located, when they close in on foot.

There are two fixed departures from Magadan, on September 1 and 15, with return to Magadan on September 16 and 30. Each group foresees 6 – 8 hunters. The possibility of hunting with the assistance of a helicopter exists, but related costs are very high. During the stay one may hunt a second moose, caribou, and bear or Magadan show sheep. Rates: 14 hunting days including one moose trophy fee US$ 18.900

Rates Include: Charter flight from Magadan to Omolon and return, hunting organization with local guides, one English speaking interpreter per group, lodging and full board in tented camps without services, boat transport during the hunt, hunting licenses, first preparation of the trophies, one moose trophy fee.

Rates Do Not Include: Air fares to Magadan, additional animals, visas, rifle import permits, hotels before and after the hunt, trophy transport to Magadan and to final destination, CITES permits, veterinary certificates and other export documentation, insurance, tips, drinks and personal extras.

Additional Trophy Fees:
Bear US$ 4.500
Second moose US$ 7.500
Caribou US$ 3.500
Magadan snow sheep US$ 9.900


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