Western Wyoming Trophy Deer and Elk – Hunt #152

Western Wyoming Trophy Deer and Elk – Hunt #152

This outfitter hunts western Wyoming’s famed Lincoln County. Lincoln has produced TWICE as many Boone and Crockett mulies as ANY other county in Wyoming!! These are the genes of the famed “Popeye” buck and others popularized in many magazines. This country every year produces eye popping mulies, many with mass like baseball bats and stickers galore! This outfitter regularly takes deer in the 180 to 230 class! He also produces some bull elk out of the same country, but this is better for big deer. Hunts often involve horses, ATV’s and on foot. Make no mistake about it, this is wild high mountain country. Those giant mulies living in the high country, live in steep, rugged, rocky and thickly timbered country, with high meadows and tough climbing on foot. The best deer come after you have left the horses, because they can no longer go where you want to go! The more your grit and determination, the better your physical condition, the greater your odds for dumping a monster. We have worked with this outfitter for years, it is fine, family run operation. They have two basic hunts, the high country horse back hunt, and the ranch hunt.

152.4-300x225  His HIGH COUNTRY pack-in camp (at approx. 8,500 ft) is in the heart of “trophy big game country”. Sleeping facilities are canvas wall tents with wood burning stoves and cots with foam pads. Home cooked all-u-can eat meals are served in the separate cook tent.

HOW DOES HE HUNT? You  hunt from daylight to dark.  Depending on your hunt, we may use horses, 4-Wheelers, or 4X4 to reach our hunting area. You  will hunt as hard and as long as you desire. There are areas where accessibility is difficult. If you can’t get into these areas, you are not forgotten. They will do everything within their power to get the game to you. You use  several different hunting methods including pushes, glassing, calling and stalking.

HE ALSO OFFERS  RANCH accommodation hunts for those desiring some additional amenities. The ranch offers hot showers a warm rustic atmosphere, family-style meals, and  rec-room with satellite television.  They  take you from the ranch to nearby hunting areas, hunt resident herds, and then return to your warm comfortable accommodations in the evening. 152-1

THE LAST HUNTING DAY.  The last day is a full hunting day.  Those hunters  who have not filled up, will hunt out separate of the pack string. We hunt an area that is farther from camp than what we can usually get to and back during a day. You will end up two canyons to the south of camp. You will be picked up by a four-wheel drive at the end of the day. At that time, they  will take you back to your vehicle or transport you to your motel. The following day they  will have you transported to the airport, if you are flying.

GUIDES.  Most of his  guides have been with him  for many years and have in excess of 30 years of guiding experience. They are genuinely interested in you as a hunter and will see to it that you have the type of hunt you desire. You  hunt one guide per two hunters. Generally, the first day or two, you  will hunt as a group. As hunters get filled up, you will most likely be hunting one on one.      152-169x300  152.1-300x169  152.2-300x226








THE BEST HUNTING? Over the years, the quality of game taken at the beginning of the season versus the middle or the end is insignificant.  The biggest factors in hunter success are the weather, physical condition, shooting ability, perseverance  and of course a little luck.

WHAT IS  PROVIDED?   He  provides  all horses, tack, including gun scabbards (but no  specialized scabbards for large scopes or bi-pods), guides, food (except antelope hunts), tents and all camp facilities. He will pack your meat from the harvest site to camp and to the meat processing plant.  They  field cape only.  The processing and skinning fees are your responsibility.  Transportation is provided to and from the airport for a $50.00 fee each way.  There will be no hidden costs or no trophy fees. One price covers your fully guided hunt.

HOW ARE HUNTS SCHEDULED? Hunting dates are established by the order of deposits received. Upon receiving confirmation of all hunters that have drawn licenses, he  will put the hunting date schedule together. All hunters will be notified of their actual hunting dates. He will do everything within his  power to accommodate everyone. This is a very time consuming and tedious process and to date, he has gotten every hunter that has drawn a license  -scheduled with satisfactory dates.

LATE FUN HUNTS These are designed for the not so serious hunter.  Generally, by this time of the year the elk have been pushed down out of the mountains into the foothills due to snow. You do a lot glassing out of four-wheel drives. Many times the elk are close enough to permit a short footstalk. He may also use horses, four-wheelers or snow machines to get  to the hunting area.   This is a very relaxed type of hunting and very successful. These are private land ranch accommodation hunts.

In the event that you do not draw, Hunt Nation has other mulie hunts we can still book you onto. But if you want a chance at giants, this is some of the best around. You have no guarantees, but those giants definitely are living in those same mountains you are hunting!

live here! . You are strongly urged to apply for the “Special” priced license with a preference point request.  By spending the $200 extra you more than double your odds of drawing! If you don’t draw the preference point will be awarded, and you get most of your application fee back, except for $40. You have about 54% odds of drawing. If you apply for the Regular license you have a 26% chance of drawing. Elk apps are due by Jan. 31st! Deer by May 31.! We help with your apps at no charge. Just send them to Hunt Nation.  
His deer hunt takes place in Region G, between the Salt River and Gray’s River- awesome mulies



2016 PRICES:


6-Day Deer Hunt – Rifle/fully-guided . .  . $5,200        

 6-Day Specialty 1 on 1 Archery/Mule Deer . . . $5,200



 6-Day Elk Hunt – Rifle/fully-guided . . . . $5,000

6-Day Specialty 1 on 1 Archery/Elk. . . . $5,000  

6-Day Combo Deer/Elk  . . . . . $5,500

 6-Day Mule Deer Hunt . . .  . . $4,300



6-Day Archery Bull Elk Hunt (Cody) . . .  $4,300

 6-Day Bull Elk Hunt (Cody) .  . $5,000

6-Day Bull Elk Hunt (Raymond) . . . $4,300

 6-Day Lion Hunt (one on one) (Cody) . . . . $5,000

6-Day Bull Moose Hunt . . . $5,000  

6-Day Spring Bear Hunt (semi-guided, food and lodging not included) (Star Valley) $2,500   

6-Day Migration Deer Hunt (Cody) . . . . $4,000

4-Day Antelope Hunt . . . $1,800       

4-Day Late Season Cow Elk Hunt . . . . . $1,300

AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION . . . . . $150 per trip


 1-307-637-5495 TO BOOK OR FOR INFO