Wyoming Elk, Mule Deer Horseback Hunt #126

Wyoming Elk, Mule Deer Horseback Hunt #126

Wyoming Elk, Mule Deer Horseback – Hunt#126

The Grey’s River, Little Grey’s River and Bridger-Teton wilderness areas have been written about hundreds of times in the hunting magazines. This outfitter has been featured many times in those articles.  The area produces some of the world’s best mule deer and exceptional elk. The area is home to all of the game species found in Wyoming. Combine that with an honest, highly experienced outfitter, with 40 years knowledge of the area and you have a winning combination. The outfitters hunts have been written about in Eastman’s magazines.

The outfitter offers a wide range of elk hunts, from the high country in western Wyoming in units 84 and 89, these units are the location of our Little Greys camp. Using horses to facilitate the hunt in a spot and stalk manner, we can offer clients a wide range of opportunities, from some of the most undisturbed archery hunting to a post rut rifle hunt, and even a hunt that usually takes place during the flash rut in mid October. Our archery season runs from September 1the September 25, and therifle season runs from September 26th to October 31st.

Trefren Outfitters also offers a late season migration hunt for the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park elk herds in units 79 and 75. This season runs from November 1st to the first week in December, if you are looking for a true trophy and cold is not a factor for you then this is a hunt worth hunting. We commonly take bull elk over 350” on this hunt, if this is the hunt for you then be prepared to spend some cold days looking at thousands of elk!

All hunts are on horseback, although you can drive to his base camp. You’ll ride out on your horse from camp to glass and hunt. Bring excellent optics as you glass for long periods. Hunts are from the classic wall tents on elevated wooden floors with propane heat and electric lights. There is a separate tented shower facility and separate cook tent. You will get plenty of chow from the camp cook, a happy, well-organized camp, and guys who really want to produce for you. No one promises you game, but they certainly expect to get you opportunities and work hard to make that happen.

The outfitter runs family pack trips into the wilderness all summer long, which let’s them observe game movements almost year round. Come hunting season, the outfitter knows exactly where to go.  This is truly gorgeous wilderness, with mountain vistas, snow-capped mountain tops, majestic valleys and mountainside meadows. All of it is classic elk and mulie country.

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Once you harvest an animal, the outfitter packs out your trophy, and takes it to the local processor.. All hunts are 2 x 1, although 1 x 1 can be arranged. They do five-, seven-, and 10-day hunts. Bring good optics as you will be doing a lot of glassing. The outfitter also has exciting early-season bugle hunts with a bow. If sticking a monster bull with stick and string sounds exciting, call us! Muleys here can be exceptional because of fantastic genetics. Bruisers often reach into the 190-inch class and beyond. Most deer will be solid, mature 160- to 190-inch class studs with excellent mass. The elk, due to the limited number of licenses available, have outstanding size and mass and, average in the 270- to 300-inch class. Most are solid 5 x 5’s and 6 x 6’s with some bigger monarchs.


Apply by January 31st for elk tags, March 15th for mule deer tags. You have excellent odds for Region H deer with a preference point, or if no points apply at the higher-priced special level license ($566). Odds are 70% or better. We can assist you in the application process. Fly into Jackson and the outfitter will  arrange transport for you.

  PRICING 2015: ROLLED BACK TO 2008 LEVELS!     $3495 , 1 ANIMAL, 5 DAYS

                                                                                     7 DAYS, ELK AND MULIE $4500

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e-mail: www.worldwide-hunts.com

 126.4-300x198  SOME REFERENCES:

Special thanks for the exceptional elk/deer hunt. I have to tell you it was one of the most enjoyable hunts I’ve been on in a long time and feel I left there with new friends. Your guides really like to have fun but really know their business, are hard working and the entertainment was endless. I have lots going on and am planning on promoting your operation on T.V. our DVD, both websites and just found out we are going to get a big spread in Sportsmans warehouse Newsletter (Christmas edition) and that goes out to over 100,000 hunters. I will send you each story and show as they are competed and would appreciate any feedback on representation. The story will run December 1st and will air in January on the Outdoor Channel. I have enclosed a photo for and also a testimonial, please feel free to do whatever you like with them. I hope your holidays are filled with laughter, family and friends.
Lennis Janzen, Owner, Crooked Horn Products

“I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you all how much I appreciated the opportunity to come hunt out of your tremendously wonderful camp. It was a real delight to get to meet you all. I look forward to another trip into your wonderful country soon. For deer this time! The thoughts of that big high country mule deer wake me up at night sometimes still! My wife thinks I need treatments? Thanks again and happy holidays.”  N. Guy Eastman

“I just wanted to thank you and your entire staff for a very enjoyable mule deer hunt this year. I don’t think I could have asked for any more of anyone. As you know this was my second year in a row coming to your camp and I will be coming again next year if I can sell my better on letting me go. The day I got my deer, we looked at 18 bucks before we decided on that one. Tim my guide did an outstanding job for me all the way. I will certainly be recommending you to any hunter
who takes hunting seriously.” Dave Sutter

”Thank you for allowing me to experience one of the greatest adventures of my life.” John, Tx.

“Thanks for organizing a good hunting experience. I really enjoyed myself and getting a nice buck on the last day was a bonus.”  Vernon, AK.

Just wanted to thank you and all your staff for a memorable experience.  Your operation is first-rate and lacks in no areas.  It seems that in most hunts there is always something that does not quite meet a hunters expectations, but you far exceeded mine…. I will reccomend you to all my associates and am in fact enclosing a deposit for next years hunt.  Hope that you have a spot for me.”               Mitch, TX.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the fantastic time I had last week when hunting in your Little Grey’s river camp for mule deer.  Jim, Steve, and I had one of the best, if not the best hunts, and more important, one of the best hunting experiences we have ever had. So much happened to each of us during our week there that we really didn’t know how good a time we all had until we had a chance to talk during the drive back to NY.  When we compared stories we realized what really happened and just how good it was for each of us.

One of the things that stands out that I must comment on is your staff.  The guides we had (Greg and Nick) were great.  They were so focused on us having a great experience.  And they were successful.  Please thank them.

Also Tia was super.  The time we spent in camp was full of good conversation, good coffee and very good food.  Please thank her. We did not get to spend much time with Bob, Tim Jr., or Steve but we had fun talking to them and sharing stories.

The hunt was a little more physical than we thought it would be, not too physical we all made it, but it was a little bit of a challenge which just added to our experience.  It was actually good to be challenged like that and come out on top.

The wildlife was more than we expected.  Seeing the two bull moose fighting, the bears, the BIG bull elk by the pond and hearing the elk bugling every day was great.  It all added to the experience.  The quantity and quality of the deer was amazing.  I saw more bucks there in a few days than I have in NY, and PA. over the last 5 years.

I will certainly give you a very good recommendation if anyone asks. We came back with great pictures and even better memories that will last as long as we do. Oh yeah, the deer that each of us brought back home are definitely trophies to us that we will proudly display.   Bert Stewart

       Call: 307-637-5495       email: www.worldwide-hunts.com