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Alaska Boat Based Brown & Black Bear Hunts #154

Alaska Boat Based Brown & Black Bear Hunts #154

Hunt Brown Bear, Black Bear, Mountain goat, & Sitka Deer of an a hugely comfortable 80’ private cruiser, specially built for its intended use as a floating lodge. You see magnificent coast lines, scenic mountains, wildlife and sea life galore, all in refined comfort. Depending on which hunt you choose, you will arrive in Petersburg, Juneau or Sitka. Indeed, you can even buy your licenses and tags directly from this outfitter, making life ever more simple. Enjoy 5 star meals, excellent guides, great hunting and good hide care.

Normally you will anchor in a secluded cove or bay, then jump into their seaworthy skiffs to tour the shores up close, all while glassing for your quarry. Seeing bears from the main cruiser is not unusual either. And whales, eagles, Orcas, otters seals and more!

Your Captain is a Master Guide and has been guiding Alaskan trips for over 30 years. He does everything he can to insure you are successful and have a wonderful adventure too. He limits group sizes to 6 to 12 persons. ON ALL


  • Please arrive at the earliest time available the day before your scheduled hunt date. You will fly out to the yacht the afternoon before your hunt starts on an air charter out to the yacht. The Outfitter will arrange for your flight and you pay the pilot directly with cash, debit, or credit card. Most clients arrive 2 days early, spend the night and fly to the boat the day before your hunt, AS YOU CANNOT HUNT THE SAME DAY YOU FLY!
  • The flight is not included in your hunt cost. Flight costs are based on a 185 Cessna, Dehaviland Beaver, and Otter. Prices will vary between $200 – $800 one way — depending upon on the number of passengers on board.
  • Fly between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM on the day before your hunt date.
  • You will fly in & out of Sitka (SIT) for all bear hunts, and Juneau (JNU) for the Mountain Goat hunt. Alaska Airlines is the only year-round carrier, either via Anchorage or Seattle, either way it is about a 2-hour flight. Delta flies May through September. We recommend that you protect your hunt investment with travel insurance. Alaska weather can cause cancellations and flight issues. Talk to us at Hunt Nation about the options.

Spring Brown Bear Hunts
Brown bears begin to emerge from their dens in the spring seeking food. The first thing to turn green in the spring in Southeast Alaska is the beach grass at the coastline so when the bears awaken they head straight to the beach to eat the fresh grass. This helps to know where to locate the bear for chances of a more successful hunt. Spring hunts can be enjoyed by hunters of almost any ability as they tend to be less physical than a fall hunt.

Fall Brown Bear Hunts
From August until late September, the brown bears will begin feasting on salmon in one of Southeastern Alaska’s thousands of salmon streams. This time of year, millions of salmon return to the springs to spawn. Brown bears feast on the high protein salmon to prepare for winter hibernation. You may need to walk the streams in waders if they are not on the beaches.

Brown Bear Hunting License and Tags
In order to hunt brown bear you must have an Alaskan hunting license, and the brown/grizzly bear tag. This outfitter operates on Tongass National U.S. Forest Service Land under an Authorized Special Use Permit. There is no need to put in for a draw. All hunts are allotted to him. Please note, however, that many of these hunts are reserved a year in advance so plan early. License fees are in addition to the cost of your hunt.You may purchase your license and tags through the outfitter, simplifying things.

Basic Resident/Nonresident Brown Bear Hunting Rules
Hunters who do not reside in Alaska have some more regulations to follow than those that are Alaskan residents. (When you book an Alaska brown bear hunt or Alaskan black bear hunt with this outfit, they take care of these requirements for you.)

BLACK BEAR HUNTS: 6 Day Hunts –Mid April/Mid-June. Or September.
On Black bear hunts this is basically the same boat and the same techniques as used for the brown bears. You will boat hunt for black bear in southeast Alaska. Stay on a luxury 80 foot yacht. Success rate is 85% for 6 foot boar or better. A large boar is 7.5ft. This hunt is always sold out at least a year in advance so book early!


LICENSES AND TAGS: As of 2018, you will need a non-resident hunt license for $160; plus your tags. Here are the tag fees: Brown/Grizzly $1000; black bear $450; Goat $600; Wolf $60; Sitka deer $300 ea.

PRICING 2018: (subject to change without notice)
BROWN BEAR: Spring or Fall hunts. 10 days, various dates from late April thru mid May in Spring; Sept in Fall. $29,000 per person; observers $6000

BLACK BEAR: Spring or Fall. 6 days. Mid April-mid June and September. $9,000 per person; observer $4750. In the fall it is possible to add Sitka deer for a $4000 trophy fee.

WOLF: $1000 trophy fee.

MOUNTAIN GOAT: Late Oct-Nov. 7 days $21,000. Observer $4750. Add a deer for $6000.

SITKA DEER: November. $8000 pp. Beach hunt by boat. High success.


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