This outfit was formerly owned by a Certified Alaskan Master Guide and he ran it for over 25 years. Many of the biggest names in hunting have hunted with the old outfitter, and his bear exploits have been written about countless times. He sold out this portion of his operation last year, (he was in his 70’s) and the new blood has improved the operation in a number of ways. Younger men meant improved efforts, but most importantly, the new outfitter has two planes, a float plane plus a wheeled Super Cub. The original outfitter had only a float plane, so vast areas of his concession never got hunted as there was no water nearby to land on. Now those unhunted areas are being reached on wheels.

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The new outfitter in 2012, went 5 for 5 on Dall Sheep (he tells us he knows there at least 7 more legal rams in just one area there); he went 6 for 6 on big moose ( you apply for the limited draw area- home run if you draw it- if not fly 6 minutes further and use an over the counter tag!). His bear hunts were also extremely successful   He hunts the Talkeetna Mountains/Susitna Drainage. With the new wheeled plane he is reaching bear areas seldom hunted in the past. And of course, the same thing with his sheep and moose hunts! Wolf and wolverine are FREE on all their hunts, provided you have the tags!



We worked with the original owner in this area for 14 years- so we know it well. Over the many years we have worked with the orignal outfitter, only a handful of our clients (probably less than 5%) ,were unsuccessful. Opportunity normally was close to 100%. This area has been producing high success on good bears for many years. BUT- the new owner is reaching areas previously largely unhunted– and is younger and is working harder – so we feel success will be as good even better then in the past. You will fly into a gravel bar for the bear and walk up to the cabin you will stay in, alongside the Susitna River drainage in the Talkeetnas. In fact, frequently the enormous bear population has decimated this cabin. They tear down doors and windows, raid the cabins, bite and chew everything remotely edible, and just raise hob. This is bear country, even when you are sleeping!

And he has some very big bears, primarily because even though he is well inland, — his river side location gets big king salmon runs, so these bears really eat well, and sometimes can exceed 9’!  One of our agents, Wally, was up to fish with him in July one year, and counted 14 bears in just a few miles of river as they over flew it!! Many clients have tagged their bear in 4 days or less! One father and son team, using bows, took 2 bears in one day! Another hunter was so tickled by the number of bears and reasonable cost that he wrote an article for a hunting publication praising us, the outfitter and the hunt, and then he again wrote us exclaiming how pleased he was. And some of these bears can exceed 9 feet!!

Normally all our clients have seen bears, but numbers and sizes seen will vary with weather, fish runs and other factors. However, over the last 8 to 10 years we have run about 100% on opportunity and around 90% or better on harvest. The few unsuccessful hunters usually miss at least one opportunity.  In July, as the kings work inland, the bears really pile onto the River, where the concentration of bears helps insure your success. But the area has a large bear population throughout the season. This bear hunt is probably within an area classified by B&C as BROWN BEARS, so if taking a B&C grizzly,  or a griz eligible for the North American slam is critical to you, then please talk to us about alternatives. For everyone else, be aware that the Alaskan Fish and Game regulations call them grizzlys.  Clients can choose to call them whatever they want to – they are big and they are reasonably plentiful.

If you just want a really big inland bear for a very moderate price, with extremely high success, then for sure you want to book this hunt! Either way, they are big and opportunity is very high -and since brownie hunts start at about 15 grand, they are a true bargain! A big bear in your trophy room is a big bear any way you look at him! We think for the money this is one of the few true bargains left in Alaska!! These hunts are usually in July thru September, a good time to get away and get a bear!

Mark M. filed this report on a July bear hunt booked thru us:

“Hunt was conducted during the summer as the bears were feeding on the salmon in a nearby river. The bugs were bad, but it was worth it to go to have the best opportunity for harvesting an interior grizzly. The outfitter is experienced, knows Alaska and has numerous repeat clients. I would not hesitate to recommend this outfitter to anyone. Bears in the area are healthy due to a diet of salmon. Excellent hide on the bear I took.”


On the bear and sheep hunts, wolf is available at no charge. High success on bears –and some great fishing for king salmon etc. too! One of our clients recently wrote this hunt up at length in the Hunt Report due to his success and the obvious quality of the area, the outfitter and the bears! A week or two later, we sent a 16 year old son and his bow hunting dad up there- both were successful in just a couple of days and raved about their hunt.


MOOSE  HUNTS: Fly into the wilderness and land. No hunting the first day by law though. Much of what was said above in terms of reaching previously unhunted areas, applies to both their sheep and their moose. Going back 12 or more years ago, the moose herd here had been decimated in prior years by the huge bear population and the wolves. It resulted in the moose season being closed for many years. Since then, the predation problem was eased due to culling out excessive bears and wolves, and the moose returned  and now are there in very good numbers. And pressure has been very low on them due to not having a wheeled plane to reach them. This new outfitter reaches them- and was 100% in 2012. He hunts two moose areas, Unit 13E (a draw unit) and Unit 14 (over the counter unit). If clients book early enough he tells them to apply for the 13E tag- moose all over. But if you do not draw it (maybe 30% odds)- you buy the Unit 14 tag, fly about 6 minutes further and go hunting. He was 6 for 6 on big moose in 2012. We expect that to continue, largely due to the wheeled plane reaching new areas. These bulls can reach up to almost 75 inches, but they want everyone to take 60 or better. The season is generally about the first 3.5 weeks in September.

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DALL SHEEP: Again, the new wheeled plane is reaching untouched areas. So their sheep have not been pressured. This means the sheep have age on them and a greater proportion of them are legal. And perhaps they are a tad less wary, which always helps. The outfitter in 2012, in the one area they hunted saw 12 legal rams. Obviously many others were never seen, and there are still areas left to explore. He went 100% on sheep — a perfect 5 for 5 on Dalls in 2012 on sheep 36”-40”. Spike out of course, and be in shape to climb the mountains. If you are a sheep hunter, you know what to expect. If you are trying for your slam, rather then fight the draws- here you can simply book- and go! They hunt an area on their concession which is an over the counter sheep area, no draw required.


2015 PRICES:




Bear hunts run both spring and fall.  The bears average 8.5 to 10+ feet.

$18,000 for a 1×1 brown bear hunt – 10 days

$12,500 for a 1×1 grizzly hunt -10 days

$6,000 for a 1×1 black bear hunt – 5 days

 2X1 hunts available call for details



Up to 80 inches of horn and weighing up to 1700 pounds.

$16.000 for a  1×1 moose hunt  10 days

 2X1 hunts available call for details



A backpack hunt.  Your physical ability plays a big role – be prepared. 

​$18,000 for a 1×1 sheep hunt – 10 days

2X1 hunts available call for details



Good shape and a positive mental outlook increases chances of a successful hunt.

$10,500 for a 1×1 mountain goat hunt

2X1 hunts available call for details




You fly in to Anchorage, than go by air taxi. Ask us for current pricing as it changes with fuel costs.  



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from Terry C: Sent: 7/16/2008 4:53:52 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time
Subj: i killed a grizzly with my bow!

hi guys! i did it! i killed a grizzly with my bow. it was a 36 hour hunt that was about as intense as they come. the bear was 23 yard away from me…looking at me from the salmon stream that i was lying in ambush over. i killed him with one arrow through the lungs…complete pass through. the time was 9:15 pm. i had been sitting motionless at the stream for 12 hours. arghh!!! he ran 70 yards. he squared 7′ 6″. his skull is over 23″ i’ve attached four pictures. Thanks for another great hunt! terry