Alberta Whitetails and Mule Deer #69

Alberta Whitetails and Mule Deer #69


This outfitter hunts in part of Alberta known as one of the best areas in North America for massive, white-tailed   bucks. The two largest  whitetails ever taken  in Canada (279 6/8 and 285) came from this area. The area they hunt is mainly farmland, but it is the large tracts of forest that gives the bucks escape cover where they can live long enough to reach trophy size. He also produces some huge mule deer that can reach into the 200 plus class. The information on the mule deer hunts is at the end of this writeup following the whitetail pricing.

Most of the whitetail hunting is done from stands, (ladder stands and some box blinds and even pop ups if its bitter) –but they also still hunt, spot and stalk and push bush
.This outfitter has averaged, over the last 3 years almost 93% success, with an average whitetail deer size of over 140 B&C. Almost every year they take deer in the 170 to190 class, and often others are seen but are missed, or the hunter is not ready and gets no shot.  In both 2000 and 2001 they took deer in the 170-185 class. He has regulars who have been coming for 10 to 15 years, and they like to hold out for 160 class whitetails – and can succeed quite often, but of course not always. While no one can promise you a deer, it is highly probable that so long as you are patient and let those 140’s go and you shoot straight when the time comes, that you will go home with a 150 class, and possibly much larger.

 The major reason their whitetail deer don’t average even higher, is that very few hunters can let a solid mid 140 class walk by. They would do even better if only more hunters could resist those heavy mid-140 class bucks, or could tell the difference between a mid 145 and a 160! These are big bucks and this is one of our truly excellent outfitters.

TRAVEL: In terms of getting there, you get to Grande Prairie and they will pick you up and drive you to camp. Stay in a nice lodge, 2 to a room, satellite TV and wireless.

Four very important factors to be aware of when comparing these deer hunts with other deals:

  • Realize that their pricing INCLUDES YOUR LICENSE! With some states charging $200 to $500 for tags, this is a big deal.
  • Free airport pickup- save $500 or more on a rental car!
  • Taxes are included- while some states charge 4 to 6% on hunts! Save another $200 to $400.
  •  And also realize THERE IS NO DRAW! Just book this hunt and go! Makes it much easier to book flights and make plans early.

 They will tell you that they have several areas that they think are among the world’s best locations for monster deer! They normally handle only a modest number of hunters, usually 16 or 18 spread over the 4 to 5 week season. Openings always fill rapidly, so we suggest you book early. There is a lot of repeat business so early bookings often get prime dates. Price is for 6 days, and PLEASE NOTE THAT the license and GST tax are included., along with a wolf tag and airport pickup.  Again, bear in mind this price covers everything, including airport pick-up. You can find less expensive hunts, but for averages like this, with a realistic chance for a book quality deer, and possibly even larger, you have to pay. We feel sure you will be pleased, and will want to return year after year! Please remember however to do your bookings thru us, and that includes your friends who might want to try the hunt. We appreciate and need this kind of loyalty from you. It is how we earn our living!

You will hunt both the forest and the farmland fringe areas, hunting both private and Crown lands. There are some excellent  mulies here too, and a two-specie deer hunt can be arranged. Mulies run in the 160 to 180-inch  class and sometimes larger!    A Wolf License is included in all their big game hunts!

The combo deer hunt also INCLUDES BOTH TAGS, ALL TAXES AND OF COURSE LODGING, MEALS , GUIDING, CAPING AND MEAT WRAPPING. Most whitetail hunting is from blinds, but they also do “pushes” (drives) and some spot and stalk. Mulie is spot and stalk.

EARLY BOW HUNTS: Six- day hunts
You bow hunt in the archery only season from late August to mid September. During this time they concentrate on the prime feeding areas, game trails, natural mineral “licks”, and other prime habitat showing fresh DEER activity. This is a time when deer are in their feeding patterns and a few may even be in velvet. The weather at this time is pleasant and the days are long. At this time of year moose and elk are not rutting very much if at all, but deer are patterned fairly easily and that makes for good bow targets.
The archery only season starts on August 25 and ends on Sept 16 for everything but moose – moose ends on Sept 23. The reason the bow only season is cheaper is that the allocations only can be used in that period and therefore have less value then the ones that can be used in the rifle season. The $550 fee is the fee for the licence and opportunity to have the tag. There are no kill fees. There is only the charge for every species that is added to the base archery season cost.


This is not a physically difficult hunt, although depending on the time of year,  you must go prepared for serious cold. We help you with clothing suggestions. Make sure to take enough rifle also. These deer can exceed 300 pounds, and this is no place for a .243, no matter how much you like it. With potential record trophies, you do not want to see your deer of a lifetime limp off into the bush! We like 30-06 as a minimum, and 7 mag and 300 mag are excellent also.

You must get yourself to Grande Prairie, Alberta, (use Air Canada or Canadian Air) where they pick you up and drive you to their comfortable lodge. Please also note, that if the season and bookings allow, you can also purchase additional hunting days for only $450/day, booked and paid for in advance. This outfitter also has a world class bear hunt, and our clients have always been pleased with it. They average 1.6 bears per hunter on their two bear hunt, with plenty of color phase. The Peace River is famous for its monster bears!                 

 IMPORTANT NOTE:  Included in the cost of the hunt are: Meals, Accommodations, Licenses, Wolf tag, Field Dressing, Trophy Care, pick up and drop off at designated airport, and guide

ATTENTION GUN HUNTERSBOWS AND GUNS: You are allowed to bring your personal firearms with you. This includes your rifles and/or shotguns. For your firearms, a simple one-page form is required to be filled out to obtain a temporary Canadian Firearms permit. This form is called a CAFC 909. It can be down-loaded or mailed to you well in advance from THE CANADIAN FIREARMS CENTRE at click on the link on the left hand side for visitors/non residents, then download the NON RESIDENT FIREARM DECLARATION (form CAFC 909). Completing this in advance should reduce your time clearing customs. WE at BMOA  can help you complete it. Do not sign it until you appear in front of Customs- but fill it out. A confirmed declaration costs a flat fee of $25, regardless of the number of firearms listed on it. It is only valid for the person who signs it and for those firearms listed on the declaration. It is a simple form to fill out.

IF YOU HAVE A DUI OR A CRIMINAL RECORD- CALL US! You may be denied admittance with a firearm

Rifle Hunts Dates Base Cost Licenses

2018 Rifle Hunts Dates Base Cost Licenses
Spring Black Bear* May 4 – June 15 $4,995.00 Included
Fall Bear* Sept/Oct. $4,995.00 Included
Bull Elk Sept. 17-Nov. 30 $6,250.00 Included
Bull Moose (Rut) Sept. 24 – Oct. 31 $6,250.00 Included
Bull Moose (Post Rut) Nov. 1 – Nov. 30 $5,750.00 Included
Moose/Black Bear ** Sept. 24 – Oct. 20 $7,250.00 Included
Moose/Elk Sept. 17 – Nov. 30 $8,750.00 Included
Moose/Elk/Black Bear ** Sept. 17 – Oct. 20 $9,750.00 Included
Whitetail Deer Sept. 17 – Nov. 30 $5,995.00 Included
Whitetail Deer (9 day special) Sept. 17 – Nov. 30 $7,500.00 Included
Mule Deer Sept. 17 – Nov. 30 $6,250.00 Included
Whitetail Deer/Mule Deer Sept. 17 – Nov. 30 $8,750.00 Included
Whitetail Deer/Moose Sept. 24 – Nov. 30 $8,500.00 Included
Wolf/Coyote Dec.1 – March 15 $4,500.00 Included
Goose/Duck (3 days for 1 hunter) Sept. 1 – Oct. 15 $2,750.00 ea. Included
Goose/Duck (Group Discount – 3 days for 3 hunters) Sept. 1 – Oct. 15 $2,500.00 ea. Included
Goose/Duck (Group Discount – 3 days for 4+ hunters) Sept. 1 – Oct. 15 $2,250.00 ea. Included
* 2nd bear is included in cost on spring & fall bear hunts only
** 2nd bear trophy fee $600.00 on black bear combo huntsArchery Only Season Single Species or Combos:
Base Price: $4,500.00 + Chosen Species:
Bear: $500.00 + $750.00 for 2nd bear
Moose: $500.00
Whitetail Deer: $500.00
Mule Deer: $1000.00
Elk: $1,000.00
Combo Hunts:
We can combine any species to create a custom hunt for you
Combo Hunts:
We can combine any species to create a custom hunt for you. Please call us at 1-307-637-5495
All prices in US $ and subject to change without notice. Hunt prices are based on a 6 day hunt.
Non-Hunters Accompanying Hunters: $150.00 per day
Extra Days : $500.00 per day (2 on 1); $700.00 (1 on 1)
One on One Hunts: $500.00 per day
50% Deposit Required to Book ANY Hunt
Wolf License is included in all of our big game huntsIncluded in the cost of the hunt are:  All Taxes and Tax Rebates, Meals, Accommodations, Licenses, Field Dressing, Trophy Care, pick up and drop off at designated airport, and guide services.


The Peace River Country has become known as the destination of choice for trophy Mule deer. With a healthy population and unbelievable genetics, hunters have had excellent success hunting in Alberta’s Peace River Country.

Trophy Mule Deer Hunts:
Their hunting areas in WMU 360 & 351 are farmland and boreal forest areas. The hunting is good from the start of the Archery season in late August right through to the start of the rifle season in mid September and on until the end of November. They regularly take spectacular 180+ Mule Deer each year in this hunting area.


CALL HUNT NATION       1-307-637-5495  OR