SD-298-nice-buffalo-bull-225x300 When this outfitter was recommended to us and we started doing our research to investigate their track record, we were extremely impressed by the overwhelming positive feedback from previous clients. Considering he has many years of experience, we were not surprised, and our clients have also been impressed.  When our Senior Consultant Brian Stecklein did a bison hunt with them in January 2022, he reported:
“This is a real hunt. We were out of the truck at sunup, and put on a good three miles before locating the bison. Then another hour and half of cutting down canyons, and crawling across low places before climbing up a canyon wall to close the deal with a 95-yard shot. I have guided many free range elk hunts and I would say this is how I imagine a good morning of elk hunting would go. One that ended with a successful harvest.”
He also said the trophy bison are some of the biggest he has seen. Some standing 6-foot-tall at the shoulders.

SD-298-nice-bison-225x300 The outfitter operates on 3,500-acres that includes the preserve in southwest South Dakota. Hunts are for bison, whitetail deer and elk hunts. The terrain is a mixture of prairie, timber-covered ridges, and rocky canyons – you will EARN your trophy here. You will be hunting out of 4WD vehicles in most cases. The most common hunting method will be spot and stalk, but they may also use ground blinds or natural cover stands. You will hunt the entire day, if you wish, and they attend to all of the field care of your trophy.

The bison meat market has gone through the roof recently due to growing demand for this delicious, nutritious, healthy, organic and lean meat. As a result, buffalo hunts, and particularly trophy bull hunts, are getting harder to find as older age buffalo are now fewer and farther between, and command premium prices. They also make for a magnificent trophy, making this hunt a true “win-win”.

Bison hunts are 3 days, and are conducted November 1 to March 31, when the hides are at their best.

High-quality elk hunts, with a realistic chance of a trophy 6×6 bull scoring better than 300” are getting harder – and more expensive – to come by. When you also factor in our increasingly busy schedules and the growing time demands of work, family, etc., the reality is that many of us just can’t afford the time or money to gamble on an elk hunt that may not even produce a sighting of a trophy bull, never mind a high probability of putting one on the ground.


They hunt elk on 1,000 acres of mixed terrain, including 9 miles of canyons, so there’s plenty of places for elk to hide. Nonetheless, we realize that preserve hunts are not for everyone, but if you’re tired of fruitless hunts, or maybe you’ve taken some nice bulls but now are after that true “bull of a lifetime” and just don’t have a lot of time to make it happen, consider this hunt. It’s also great for young hunters, and also those who have perhaps seen a lot of elk seasons but just can’t climb those mountains anymore the way they used to.

Bulls from 280”-370” are available, and even a few MEGA bulls that will make even the most seasoned elk hunter drool with envy. Archery hunts can be conducted anytime, but late August to early September is best, while rifle hunts are early September to December 31.

If you’ve long dreamed of a finally bagging a true monster whitetail – a true once-in-several lifetimes type of buck, then this operation can fulfill that dream for you. Or perhaps time constraints or health issues just don’t allow you to hunt the way you need to in order to have a realistic chance at a trophy buck, and you need a hunt with high success in a short amount of time. Trophy whitetails starting in the 150”-class on up to giants taping 260”. Whitetail hunts are 3 days/3 nights.

Trophy mule deer are getting extremely rare in the Western United States. If you happen to find a place that still has good deer, you will likely need a large number of preference points to draw. This operation’s goal is to preserve the absolute best mule deer genetics and use them to populate their ranch. Their mule deer hunts are for mature bucks. They have terrific habitat that provides excellent nutrition and allows their deer to grow to their genetic potential. All of this allows a terrific opportunity for the hunter to harvest a true trophy mule deer. The hunting area consists of great natural mule deer habitat, including over 9 miles of pinyon canyons and drainages, separated by wheatgrass and sagebrush flats.


2024 PRICES (Subject to change without notice until deposit received. 6% South Dakota sales tax applicable on all hunts.)

Mature Cow Meat Hunt – $3,995
Caramel Colored Cow – $4,500 (limited availability)
Meat Bull Hunt – $5,995
Trophy Bull Hunt (4-8 years old) – $7,995
Hunt Dates: November 1-March 31 (this is when the coats are prime!)

NO LICENSE REQUIRED. Guiding is 1 guide for 1-2 hunters. Hunts are 3 days (usually Monday-Wednesday or Friday-Sunday). Meals and accommodations at a beautiful lodge are included; meat processing is not included (expect approx. $250-$500). 6% South Dakota sales tax applicable on all hunts.


300”-320” Bull $8,495
321”-340” Bull $9,695
341”-360” Bull $10,795
361”-380” Bull $11,995
381”-400” Bull $13,495
401”-415” Bull $14,995
Over 415” Call for pricing
Cow elk $3,495 ($2,995 for groups of 4 or more)

WY-298-350-inch-elk-2017-225x300 Hunt Dates: Archery hunts can be conducted anytime, but late August to early September is best, while rifle hunts are early September to December 31.

NO LICENSE REQUIRED. Guiding is 1 guide for 1-2 hunters. Hunts are 3 days (usually Monday-Wednesday or Friday-Sunday). Meals and accommodations at a beautiful lodge are included.

Meat processing, taxidermy, travel to/from home, gratuities. 6% South Dakota sales tax applicable on all hunts.

up to 170” $5,995
171”-180” $6,995
181”-190” $7,995
191”-200” $8,995
Over 200” Call for pricing

Mule Deer 
Bronze (up to 160”) $6,995
Silver (161”-170”) $8995
Silver Plus (171”-180”)  $11,995
Gold (181”-190”)  $18,495
Gold Plus (191”-200”)  $20,000
Platinum (200+”)  Starting at $20,000 (max. one or two available per year)

Meat processing, taxidermy, travel to/from home, gratuities. 6% South Dakota sales tax applicable on all hunts.

A 50% deposit is required upon booking, payable to Hunt Nation. The balance is due upon arrival (no personal checks). THERE IS NO REFUND OR PRICE ADJUSTMENT FOR LATE ARRIVALS, EARLY DEPARTURES, CANCELLATIONS, OR “NO SHOWS” FOR ANY TRIP.

The beautiful lodge can accommodate up to 16 guests overnight, and feed up to 40 people.  Each morning of the hunt a ranch breakfast will be available with coffee, tea and juice. They will also provide a great lunch with sandwiches, fruit, candy, chips, soda pop, tea, water and other snacks and drinks. No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the field! You will have lunch in the field overlooking great scenery or in a gathering room down at the hunting location. In the evening when you arrive back at the lodge, the evening meals will consist of steaks, chops, roasts, etc., with veggies, salads and dessert items. You won’t go hungry and you will be pleased with the quality of the food.

When you harvest your elk, buffalo or other animal, the outfitter will be attending to the field care of your trophy. There is a walk-in cooler to hang your carcass for cooling overnight for your trip home. There are also butchering tables to work on if you want to break down your quarters into smaller pieces. There are commercial meat processors within 75 miles in any direction, but they can be busy at times and it might take several days for your carcass to be processed. Most hunters bring several larger coolers or a smaller 5-8 cubic foot freezer (with extension cord) to transport their meat home. If you choose to use a commercial processor, plan on approximately $250-$500 for cutting and packaging of the meat.

With regard to the trophies, these are large animals and their capes won’t fit in a 48 quart cooler, so come properly equipped to transport these parts home as well, including the bison skull, which also makes a very impressive trophy.