Argentina Red Stag Hunt #37

Argentina Red Stag Hunt #37

Argentina-37-Big-Stag-Pic-2-624x416-150x150  We have worked with this very fine outfitter for 15 years; Butch has hunted personally with him, and we have had our clients hunting with him, all with good results and happy smiles!! This operation prides itself on being personable, on giving superb service, and on keeping clients happy. Success is normally 100% on Red Stag and most other species. They took what was Argentina’s biggest stag – over 500 SCI!! They hunt a variety of different properties in several areas from La Pampa to areas near Buenos Aires and all the way to Patagonia. (If you want to consider Patagonia, ask for the separate write-up.)

This red stag program (bush hunting) takes place in the province of La Pampa, 500 miles from Buenos Aires city. The environment is flat and brushy, very similar to South Texas. Most of the hunts are conducted in Calden forests – (native tree of La Pampa) and are the favorite area for the roaring stags. However, you will also hunt areas with sand dunes, thick bush, salt lakes and grasslands. The lodge is on the 57,000 acres. You will hunt there for free ranging stags and other big game. The Estancia has native salt lakes and Calden forests and is one of the wildest regions of Argentina. The lodge itself features nine double bedrooms with private bathrooms in a 10,000 square foot building. The lodge provides Wi-Fi Internet, satellite TV, cell phone service, a SPA, a Gym, and all the comforts required by our high international standards. Meals are prepared by professional chefs, often based around the finest Argentinean beef and game meat. Quality wine from the cellar of the ranch is another highlight of the place.

Hi Butch,
The total size of La Pampa’s ranch is 57,000 acres but remember that we rent two neighbor’s properties of similar size next to it — so the area available for hunting is really big and almost all of it is free range.
The fenced area for giant stag etc- is about of 7,000 acres totally covered by bush — but once in the field it is really big and ensures a fair chase hunt.”

The ranch has an international chef responsible for preparing their gourmet cuisine. Dine on a great variety of exquisite meals based in game meat (deer, wild boar and so on) and the world famous Argentinean beef. The guests will also enjoy the traditional Argentinean dishes, specially the “asado” (barbecue)! Normally you will sample a variety of the famous Argentine wines, all of which we have greatly enjoyed! These are wonderful and caring people we like a bunch. Non-hunters can enjoy horseback riding, game watching in special vehicles for that purpose, touring, local shopping and more, or just kick back and enjoy the game and the facilities. You set the pace!

This outfit has many different stag areas for you to hunt. They have unfenced free range hunting areas with terrain that is easy. Low elevations, high grass, small trees and brush. Easy terrain. Spot and stalk is the method. If you prefer, there are also separate High fenced areas for monster trophies. See the trophy list below for the many species that can be taken. In addition free range trophies include, water buffalo, Puma, blackbuck and others. The home ranch, which is unfenced, has about 57,000 acres. As stated above, they always added even more lands since they lease two neighbor properties. At present they hunt over 137,000 acres. They will use all areas to help ensure you take your animal! In terms of physical effort, we rate these as easy hunts, perhaps averaging 3 to 4 on a scale of 10.

It is possible to take medal-class stags on the free range hunt. Indeed, here is a picture of one of our Wyoming outfitter friends (our WY # 38 hunt) — that we booked into this hunt for 2019. Look at that free range stag! AWESOME!

However, if you want super gold, then you will need to hunt the high fence area. If you want any of the more exotic game such as fallow, axis, blackbuck, or any of the sheep such as mouflon or 4-horn sheep or feral sheep, then the hunting is normally high fence. Some other programs may require a move such as blackbuck and axis deer near BA, water buffalo, horseback hog hunts with gun or spear, special blackbuck ranch hunts, and more. The list is extensive and this outfitter’s contacts reach all across Argentina and even into Patagonia, where we personally did horseback stag hunting and some trout fishing with him. Simply tell Hunt Nation your wishes – then we can make it happen!

This outfit also has the ability to offer excellent high volume doves! Shooting over a thousand rounds per day is common! So we can make many different packages; virtually every species found in Argentina can be arranged – just ask! And if you hanker for giant Argentina Super Gold Stags, this is the place. Even if you do not hunt them, you are likely to see them at the main lodge – a treat in itself! Many high book animals in SCI have been taken here, INCLUDING what was the NEW 500+ STAG – BIGGEST EVER TAKEN IN ARGENTINA!

HUNTING SEASONS: In terms of best dates, we like March through May for stag (seasons are reversed – our September is their March) though hunting is good up to late June. Stags, like their elk cousins, are roaring in early fall (mid-March through April). You can hunt later, but these are prime times. Some of the animals are better hunted at other times, but the typical hunt for stag blackbuck, and perhaps sheep and water buffalo, can all be done in that time frame.


TROPHY STAG : Was $6,995  NOW THE SPECIAL: $5950- SAVE $1,045!!
The usual cost is $ 6,995 including 6 night/5 days + free range stag– no score limit –but FOR YOU AND YOUR CLIENTS – I currently have a special deal at $ 5,950 plus the usual expenses (license, tag, gun rental, airfares and so on). Accommodations are first class.

Excluded: hunting license, trophy tags, tips, gun entry fee into Argentina or gun rental, ground transfers, exportation costs and airfares, lodging before and after the hunt and sight-seeing trips and any observers.


TROPHY FEES on additional items beyond the package: :
You can hunt all of these animals, If you hunt the free range Red Stag and do not see a stag you want you can switch to the estate hunt and they will allow you a substantial credit toward the cost inside the estate fence. But if you just go ala carte inside the estate these prices apply:
Estate hunt:
up to 320 $5000
Up to 340 $5600
Up to 360 $7000
Up to 380 $10,000
up to 400 $14,000

Axis deer (up to 119 7/8 SCI points) $ 2850
Blackbuck (up to 52 7/8 SCI points) $ 1250
Fallow deer (up to 194 7/8 SCI points) $ 2700
Feral goat (up to 66 7/8 SCI points) $ 1300
Juan Fernandez goat (up to 49 7/8 SCI pts.) $ 2400
Hybrid sheep(up to 108 7/8 SCI points) $ 1300
Hybrid Mouflon (up to 109 7/8 SCI points) $ 2000
Mouflon (up to 109 7/8 SCI points) $ 3600
Multihorn ram (up to 73 7/8 SCI points) $ 1300
Pere David deer (up to Silver medal) $15000
Pere David deer (gold medal) $20000
Puma (up to Silver medal) * $11500 * Puma is subject to exportation restrictions
Water buffalo (up to 79 7/8 SCI points) $ 4000
Wild boar (up to 6 15/16 SCI tusks) ** $ 1000 ** Wild boar are measured by the longest tusk.

• Big Game license ……………………………………… $ 305
• Big Game & wingshooting……………………………$385
• Bird shooting and small game license …………….. $ 200
• Other species (Blackbuck, Rams, Axis, Fallow …… $ 150
Trophy Tags

• Red stag tag, mouflon & waterbuck ……….. $ 120
• Puma Tag …………………………………………. $ 220
• Management stags and other species tag (Blackbuck, Rams, Axis, Fallow) $ 50
• Buffalo & mouflon tag ………………………………. $ 120

Trophy declaration form ………………………………… $ 40
Trophy shipment to Buenos Aires ……………………… $ 50


Dove shooting also available in the same area, or you can move to their high volume bird area near Buenos Aires. The shooting quality in La Pampa is not the same as their bird hunting area near Buenos Aires but if you just want the experience oft one day it should be enough. The extra cost to shoot doves in the big game hunting area is: Dove shooting day $ 500; Shotgun rental $ 75/day; Shells $ 14/day; Bird hunting license $200 .

To get the real stuff of high volume dove shooting they should go near Buenos Aires for at least two days, not one. The cost at that lodge (high volume dove roosts near Buenos Aires) is $ 550/day/pp.
Hunting license $ 200; Gun rental $ 75/day (Berettas and Benellis); Shells $ 13/box; Ground transfers in/out $ 200/pp
Tips (we recommend no less than $ 50/day for the bird boy and $ 30/day for the house staff)


Daily rate for hunters:
Double bedroom: one guest, and 1×1 guiding – $400; single room requirement $50 extra per day
Non-hunting companions: $250

gallery_bighunting5-700x420-300x180  Payment Policy of the Outfitter:
Dates will be confirmed after a 50% deposit of the total amount of the hunt is received by Hunt Nation. Your final balance must be paid at least 45 days prior of the hunting date. Escrows towards extra trophies are arranged wth Hunt Nation.
Final balance due must be paid in cash before leaving the field. American personal checks will be allowed with an extra charge of 5% to cover bank processing in Argentina. Sorry, at the ranch they don’t accept credit cards or traveler checks. So an advance deposit with Hunt Nation simplifies things.


gimmy-23-pounder-2-300x200  TRAVEL: YYour outfitter will do a meet and greet at the international airport on your arrival (EZE). They will also do your ground transfer to your hotel or cross town to the domestic airport for you next flight leg (often takes 90 minutes due to traffic). The domestic airport is called Aeroparque Jorge Newberry (AEP). Hunters booking into the main ranch have to take a domestic flight into Santa Rosa city, capital city of La Pampa. Aerolineas Argentinas usually (!) offers every day service from Buenos Aires domestic airport (AEP) to Santa Rosa airport (RSA) except on Saturdays. Flights usually depart from BA on late evening which allow to the hunters to take a combination flight upon arrival to Argentina. The flight back to BA departs from Santa Rosa very early in the morning which is also perfect if the hunters like to fly out of Argentina in the same day.
Red stag hunters also booked to La Pampa but for the outfitters second ranch (10,000 acres), have to fly to Bahia Blanca airport with various daily flights from BA.
If you like to book your flights on line, check Aerolineas Argentinas website Cost is around $270-$375 r/t -depending on ticket purchased. Check their flights against you international flight times to insure you do not miss a flight. Expect 90 minutes to 2.5 hours between airports depending on the traffic. Plus time to retrieve luggage and pass thru customs.

If you wish to hunt in the mountains of the Patagonia for stag, we also have very good programs for that. Just request our separate write up. Patagonia is much more physical, being mountainous. It is also more expensive, but they have some huge stags and half of the huge ranch is free range. The other half is fenced and has some huge stags. It is very scenic and it is possible to add trout fishing. Just ask for our Patagonia packages.

If you are an avid bird shooter, our wing-shooting area near BA don’t need any domestic flight due its proximity with the city of Buenos Aires. Just two hours by car is what you need to shoot the “four feathers” legally huntable in Argentina: duck, perdiz, pigeon and dove. Don’t miss this “life time experience” and try the true high volume dove shooting that made of Argentina one of the most famous wing-shooting destinations of the world.

For those hunters eager to shoot thousands of rounds in a day and experience the thrill to see millions of birds flying above them we have an unbeatable program for high volume dove shooting near Buenos Aires with luxury lodging in the world class Santa Adela lodge (ten rooms with private bathroom).
We are proud to manage the nearest high volume doves roosts from the capital city of Argentina. It takes just two hours driving North from BA to reach this shooting paradise. No domestic flights needed for this program, so no flight delays, no flight cancelations, no overweight costs, no hassles with guns. They pick you up and drive you.

• HIGH VOLUME DOVE SHOOTING SPECIAL: (4 days/3 nights) $1,250 (September to February, 3 hunters minimum).
Not included: hunting license $150, shotgun rental $75 per day or pay a gun entry fee of $100 per gun, shotgun shells $13 per box of 25, tips (we guess $70 per day between bird boys and house staff), ground transfers in/out $ 200, hotels before/after the hunt, sightseeing trips, ground transfers in BA.


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