Australia Buffalo & Banteng Safaris #155

Australia Buffalo & Banteng Safaris #155

This Australian Outfitter has almost 30 years experience and has put dozens of bulls into the SCI record book. He has access to huge hunting areas including Tasmania, Northern Territories, NSW, Queensland and more. In all somewhere around FIVE MILLION acres!

He has hunts for Water Buffalo, Banteng, Hog Deer, Rusa Deer, Fallow Deer, Sambar Deer, Red Deer, Chital (Axis deer), Scrub bulls (very dangerous feral cattle), Wild boar and even Camels. That is far too much to cover in this Writeup, but just ask for what you want and we will put together a firm quotation for you.

155.1-300x252  ARNHEM LAND HUNTS:
Arnhem Land is one of the five regions of the Northern Territory of Australia. It is located in the north-eastern corner of the territory and is around 500 km (310 mi) from the territory capital Darwin. It is a remote hard to access area populated by the indigenous aborigine people for tens of thousands of years. This outfitter normally prefers to hunt here from June through Sept for the giant water buffalo the area is so well known for. Buff here routinely exceed 100”. Not included in his Buffalo price: accommodations in Darwin before/after hunt and your flights from Darwin to camp/return (approx. $1500).

As an alternative for a quicker hunt — he hunts the Cattle Station discussed below. The station is accessible year-round, with the cooler months being May through July. You can drive there. Although buffalo is available at the Cattle Station, his Northern Territory buffalo concession in Arnhem Land at Buckingham Bay, which is four hours from Nhulunbuy, offers a more traditional buffalo hunting experience in the remote bush. He has operated that area for 16 years. One of the big draws for Arnhem Land is the possibility of cull buffalo hunts, which focus on thinning older females from the herd. Culling is conducted in accordance with his agreement for operating the area. It is possible to do a northern territory Arnhem Land buff hunt, then shift to the cattle station for Banteng.

“We are offering a combination hunt with four days of banteng hunting at the Cattle Station and five days of water buffalo hunting at our camp in Arnhem Land. Another alternative is that some clients on a tighter time schedule might prefer to take both buffalo and banteng the Cattle Station on a shorter hunt. “Easy access from Darwin makes a four-day banteng hunt ideal as a stopover for hunters heading to or from New Zealand, as well.”
His Cattle Station banteng hunts are quite affordable. Hunters will have the option of staying in cabins on the property or in a nearby hotel.

The giant Cattle station he is hunting in northern Australia is largely uninhabited and sits at the top of Australia. It has huge tidal rivers, estuaries, many coastal islands and vast flood plains. These areas have become home to the magnificent Water Buffalo, the wary Banteng, huge wild boars, and some world class sport fishing. You well may see the mighty Salt Water Crocodile. And 10 more species. Here he operates a privately owned giant 344,000 acre outback station that was previously also the center of the huge feral Buffalo industry that flourished before the Government commenced eradication of them. It the many years since then the buffalo have returned and flourished and they roam throughout the station coming and going as they please, but destroying many of the cattle fences at the same time. They roam freely.

The former owner passed on in 2016- and for the next two years the Stations’ grounds were virtually un-hunted, leading us to believe that 2018 and beyond should produce some true ancient giants!!
It has huge flood plains and vast scenic rivers that swell and flood during each wet season. In the dry season, the upper reaches of many of these river systems form land locked fresh water ponds or lakes called Billabongs. These create a home for the huge Buffalo, Boar and Banteng. Since these Buffalo have no respect for fences; and with the whole ranch therefore containing free ranging Buffs, one can expect at all times during these hunts to have Trophy Bulls everywhere!

Huge areas and distance are covered in a days hunting and you can expect to see 20-30 Trophy Bulls per day. Hunting is by 4WD to locate trophies, than you stalk and hunt on foot. During the heat of the day Buffalo will wallow in mud and swampy areas to keep cool and reduce the attaches by flies and ticks.

Hunting these semi sub-merged hulks during the day is very exciting and the stalk can often last for hours. Sometimes it is difficult to see these huge beasts due to the height of the grass and lack of elevation. Because Buffalo have a keen sense of smell, you and the guide must calculate the direction of the wind before stalking any mature Buffalo Bull. Then, once you glass a decent specimen it’s a mater of putting your stalking skills to the test.
The station is located about a 3 hour drive south of Darwin well into the Northern Territory. They pick you up at the airport. The station comprises 344,000 acres of wilderness (530 square miles!). The Ranch has a major river along its 90km border with a National Park. The river has resident populations of Salt and Fresh Water Crocodiles as well as huge Barramundi to fish for. It has large populations of Buffalo, Boar, Scrub Bulls, Dingo, Donkeys, Wild Horses and a host of other wild life.

Besides the free ranging Buffalo, this outfitter can also offer you trophy hunting in a natural environment for ten other species of game. While buff, banteng, boar etc are free ranging in the Territory and on the Ranch, they can also arrange for you to hunt Banteng, Sambar Deer, Hog Deer, Rusa Deer, North Island Rusa Deer, Axis Deer and Blackbuck Antelope on private fenced grounds or estates. They can also arrange to hunt Wapiti, Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Hog Deer, Sambar Deer and Wild Goats on their own Hunting Ranch. They also can offer a unique private herd of Banteng– the only private herd of Banteng in Australia and currently there is a wide selection of huge bulls for hunting. Or- if you prefer to concentrate on free ranging buff, boar, banteng, etc- that too is easily arranged.

Australia has the only huntable population of Banteng in the world and this outfitter has the only privately owned and managed herd of Banteng in Australia. His Banteng hunts are legal! Their Banteng originate from the Coburg Peninsula and have been widely released into large areas of tropical country on the ranch. Here they offer the same exciting and quality hunting as on the Coburg Peninsula.

Banteng, like buffalo, are best located in the evening or early morning. During this time they can be spotted feeding freely in the grasslands and less timbered areas. During the heat of the day they rest and head for more shaded and heavily timbered areas. Trophy Bulls stand out from the rest of the herd due to their dark chestnut color, body size and length of horn. Trophy Bulls can make up a fair percentage of a typical herd and you can come across bachelor groups of three to five or more trophy bulls. The horns of a mature Bull Trophy measure around 17 to 18 inches in length, with some exceptional bulls taping out at 22 plus inches. The average circumference of horn bases is around 12 inches. The style of horn can vary greatly from straight up to curving around. Banteng move around a lot during our dry season. It is not uncommon to cross paths with Wild Boar, Feral Buffalo and Wild Cattle as well as fresh and saltwater Crocodiles in a day of Banteng or Buffalo Hunting.

With either buff or banteng we recommend .375 Mag as a minimum. If you wish you can use their rifles at no extra charge– saving the hassle of import permits. Banteng are very large and command a lot of respect. Their alert and suspicious behavior combined with the size and strength make them a superb trophy.

AUSTRALIAN WEATHER: Basically their season, like Africa are the reverse of our- our winter is their summer. November thru April is the “wet season” and is usually avoided. May thru October is the “dry season” and while hot is often the better hunting. July is a prime month. Hunting Buffalo in general is similar to hunting the Banteng, except that during the heat of the day Buffalo will wallow in mud and swampy areas to keep cool. Banteng do not. These hunts usually provide you an “in your face experience” — that the true hunter will really savor! Bigger than a Cape Buffalo — they deserve respect!

OTHER GAME AVAILABLE: Fallow deer; Hog Deer, sambar, rusa, axis, blackbuck, boar and more.

The very rare Hog Deer is one of Australia’s toughest trophies to take. They offer great hunting and a small and difficult target. During the day this wary deer lies up in thick cover where they are difficult to approach. Most Hog deer hunted in Australia are in private hunting preservers and this outfitter owns and manage the largest Hog Deer herds in Australia. They can offer you the best chance of a Record Class Hog Deer in Australia.

CATTLE STATION TRAVEL: Arrival and departure is DARWIN Airport where you will be met by their friendly and professional guides for transfer to the hunting area.
Water Buffalo are their most sought after big game animal and for the past several years they continue to kill the highest scoring average of all bulls taken in the NT of Australia . NO DAY RATES on Buffalo and Banteng Hunts. Feel free to ask for an extra day or two. We believe this outfit offers the best hunting and lodge accommodation available in Australia for these specie, plus they have a friendly environment to enjoy your Down under adventure in.
AUSTRALIAN 2019 PRICE LIST (All prices in US dollars)
ARNHEM LAND: flood plains, Northern Territory, Wild and Free. Bulls average 104 SCI — 100% success.
5 Day BUFFALO HUNT 1×1 $8,500 2×1 $7,500
5 Day TROPHY BULL HUNT with 10 Management Buffalo cows $12,500

Price includes Trophy Fees, guide, meals and accommodation (a comfortable remote bush camp solar powered with cabins, hot shower, flushing toilet, washing facilities).
Not included in this price accommodation in Darwin before/after hunt or flights from Darwin to camp/return (approx. $1500).
Season: The best time to hunt Buffalo in Arnhem Land is the Dry Season June-September.
A Northern Territory International Visitor Permit is required to hunt in the NT.

CATTLE STATION. These Hunts are pick up/return by vehicle from Darwin Airport @ $250 each way per vehicle. Trophy Fee, guides, meals and accommodation included in the price.
Season: The best time to Hunt: April – October
5 Day BANTENG HUNT $13,500
6 Day 1×1 BANTENG/BUFFALO combination hunt $18,500 2X1 $17,500
5 Day BUFFALO HUNT $9,000 1X1.

Javan Rusa $3,000 Moluccan Rusa $3,000 Hog Deer $5,500 Elk $5,000 Fallow $3,000 Axis Deer $3,000 Sambar $5,000 Red Stag $4,500

DAILY RATE: $500 per day per hunter
2×1 $450 per day per hunter
$200 per day per non-hunter

5 Day Outback Camel Safari hunt in Alice Springs, with 3 days hunting, includes 2 animals $8000. Extra animals CAN be taken at extra costs.



Bookings: We typically require a 50% deposit on confirming bookings. Balance payable 60 days prior to hunt. If paying by cheque OR Cash and travelers cheque accepted on arrival and start of hunt
Sport Fishing and Sightseeing
For clients interested in including a few days sports fishing or sightseeing around the Northern Territory or other parts of Australia before or after a hunt, we have other excellent operators of charter boats, specialized fishing for the mighty Barramundi “exclusive bush camps and resorts available.


SAMBAR: One of Australia’s most difficult and toughest deer trophies, and Australia and New Zealand have the only legal hunting of Sambar in the world. Sambar are 350 TO 500 pound big tough critters, and they inhabit the rugged mountain ranges in Victoria and the hunter needs to be reasonably fit especially if taking on a free range or hound hunt. In most of the Coburg Peninsula, sambar are few in numbers and genetically inferior and chances of a trophy animal are remote. Instead this outfitter offers two types of free range hunts in the Southern Alps of Victoria. Both pickup at Melbourne Airport. These hunts are very exciting, but only for the very fit hunter as they are conducted in rough mountain country plus you are hunting for a very elusive and cunning trophy animal. Great trophies available with around 60% success rate on a trophy stag and 90% on non trophy animals. These hunts are all inclusive, No trophy fees No bag limit. They also offer a second alternative, namely great fair chase hunting in their Northern Territory and Victorian Game Ranches. These are huge areas and still offer tough challenging hunts that can be enjoyed by hunters of all ages and differing physical fitness. These are usually a 2-3 day hunt and offered on a basis of No Trophy / No Pay. Best hunting is after late April to get hard horns.

You can also do a Sambar hunt in combination with Buffalo, Banteng, Hog Deer, Axis Deer, Rusa Deer, Moluccan Rusa Deer, Fallow Deer, Red Deer, Blackbuck Antelope or Wild Boar. Then top it up with a few days Barramundi fishing or visiting the many great tourist locations in the Northern Territory.

RUSA DEER:  S.C.I recognizes two subspecies of Rusa Deer in the South Pacific. They are Javan Rusa and the Molluccan or North Island Rusa Deer. Both offer very limited free range hunting in Australia and are usually hunted on a game ranch. This outfitters huge grounds are unique in being able to offer both these species in Northern Territory and Queensland hunting areas. Both subspecies thrive in the local climate and world class trophies are present. Hunts are late May to November, and the rut in July/August can be exciting as they are very vocal and aggressive.
Rusa Deer are a relaxing and fun hunt, with large numbers of these deer are seen each hunting day, however the big guys aren’t big because they are stupid!! They can actually lay down and hide like a whitetail when being hunted. Hard horns are after end of April.


A Selection of Client comments
Great accommodation, super staff,, great hosts and hunters! To be so far from home and to be made so welcome is wonderful. The hunting was superb, two buff with a bow. I look forward to returning and seeing everything Kevin has planned come to reality. Thanks for a truly wonderful time. D.R-Michigan USA

Great place, great staff, fun time. I learned a lot of things, staff very knowledgeable, D.G-Michigan USA

Thank you for making us feel at home, you are great friends. We had a great experience and hunt (Javan Rusa, Axis deer, Sambar deer and the No-3 Blackbuck antelope). Barry knows his stuff, Scott and Camille were a fun couple. Nan’s helicopter ride was fun and the mustering group was a really fun time. thank you for everything. D.R-Michigan USA

One of my most memorable hunts ever, A real dream come true. The buff, banteng, sambar and rusa are great trophies, especially with muzzle-loader. Thanks to all the staff for making my stay pleasant, I will long remember this hunt. Be blessed by God. J.D-Mt Prospect USA

What a great place and people, we had a great hunt and we will be back. G.N-Utah USA

Beyond my expectations, great hunt with a great bunch of mates! Excellent trophies with plenty of food and drinks. Super accommodation, thanks so much. M.P-Pewaukee USA

Our visit was wondermus! It was a great pleasure and a great hunt, all great animals, great guide, delicious meals and super friendship! Can’t wait for your visit to Louisiana next year! Thanks for all the memories! B.D-Louisiana USA

We had a great time on our first trip ‘Down Under’. This ‘winter’ is warmer than Calgary’s summer. We took four trophies in one day. The buffalo bulls we associated with were Kings of the Outback. Thank you A.N-Calgary Canada

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